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Save Tay from a Life of Abuse (saveliltay.com)

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Lil Tay will be fighting for her life, future and freedom starting April 23, 2021. Tay is in desperate need of funds to support her fight against her abusive father, as a result of this situation she has been in a state of depression. ALL FUNDS raised through this GoFundMe will go towards Tay’s legal fees to give her the fighting chance in court to save her from a life of abuse.. Towards her future, and freedom.

Starting April 23, 2021, Tay will be on trial in the BC Supreme Court of Canada up against her absentee father Chris Hope, who along with his wife Hanee Hope (previously known as Richanee Alcover), had physically and mentally abused her. Chris Hope is fighting to permanently gain control of her career as well as custody over her. 

(picture of abuse Tay endured at Chris Hope's home)

My sister Tay has been silent on social media for the past 3 years because her absentee father (Chris Hope) served my mother a court order demanding control over Tay’s money, career, and custody, and as a result it was court ordered that my sister had to return to Vancouver, Canada. He also requested through a court order to prevent her from speaking out about the truth. Since then he has stolen millions of dollars from my sister and has taken control of all her funds. He has signed million dollar deals and taken all of Tay’s money for himself, he has spent millions buying himself and his wife (Hanee Hope) a new mansion, speed boat, nice cars, trips to spas, salons, fancy restaurants, trips to Egypt, Dubai, Mexico, Philippines, Hawaii, the UK, Paris, designer clothing and jewelry/watches from head to toe, they have been living a lavish lifestyle for the past 3 years off of Tay's money. 

Picture of them in a new speedboat and designer clothing from the money he stole from Tay: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?vanity=saveliltay2021&set=a.101233258779974

link to their vacation pictures from the money he stole from Tay: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?vanity=saveliltay2021&set=a.101161608787139

Chris Hope had not seen Tay in over 5 years and currently owes $400,000+ in child support that he has refused to pay since 2013.

My sister has no money left, every last dollar of hers has been taken from her by Chris Hope. My mother has completely exhausted all of her life savings after spending $750,000+ on legal fees in fighting for Tay’s freedom in the entire court process as well as supporting her financially since Chris Hope is not paying child support. 

With your help Tay can be saved from a life of abuse, this is about her future, freedom, and human rights. 

Background Story

Since Tay’s birth Chris Hope had been an absentee father, she lived with my mom and I full time until Tay turned 5, then he applied to court for parenting time. He did this to get a reduction in child support that he legally was obligated to pay. 

The judge granted him 50/50 parenting time (one week on, one week off) and a discount in child support for taking responsibility as a parent. Tay was forced by the legal system to live with him, she hated this but she had no choice. Since she started living with him, the problems started. Chris Hope had a dysfunctional home and would bring many types of Asian women, he brought all types of women to the home. They were not in relationships, they were strictly sexual partners, they got naked and slept in the same bed with Tay, they engaged in intercourse while Tay was right beside them. Tay did not understand what they were doing, but she tried her best to explain to my mom what she had seen, so my mom’s lawyer wrote a letter to his lawyer and brought this to the courts. Judge Davies stated what he was doing was a bad influence on the child, he then asked Judge Davies  “May I have any friends?”. He also claimed they all had “pajamas on”.  The judge told him that this behavior was inappropriate and it should stop, but Chris Hope did not stop. 

It was brought to the attention of the elementary school teachers by Tay’s classmates that Chris Hope was giving her things like moldy bread, moldy chicken with little maggots and parasites coming out of it, one month old pizza, leftover soggy white bread with ketchup, cold burnt toast hard as a rock, and sometimes only crackers for lunch. The teachers had a talk with my mom and let her know about the situation, my mom told Chris Hope that this was not okay and she needed proper lunches. He ignored her, so my mom started to bring Tay lunches herself. Chris Hope found out about this and threatened to make deductions on child support for everytime my mom brought Tay a real lunch.

(Tay previously known as Tay)
Picture of lunches given to Tay; https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?vanity=saveliltay2021&set=a.101179665452000

Students also found out that Tay was wearing broken and ripped shoes and socks every other week, some students started bullying Tay, making fun of her and telling her she dressed homeless. Tay started to develop bad social anxiety, she hid in the bathroom stalls during recess and lunch. Other students told the teachers and they told my mom. Chris Hope didn’t allow Tay to wear clothing brought over from my mom’s house, he only allowed clothing and shoes he bought for Tay to be worn during the times he had parenting time. He purposely got her old and beat up clothing.

Link to pictures of the broken shoes he forced her to wear: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?vanity=saveliltay2021&set=a.101218255448141

Things got worse when Chris Hope and his current wife (Hanee Hope previously known as Richanee Vega Alcover, girlfriend at the time) moved into a house together. Hanee Hope was jealous of Tay, she wanted all of Chris Hope’s money and attention, she immediately started to physically and mentally abuse Tay. She forced Tay to watch explicit horror movies like “Bride of Chucky” with them including Chris Hope and her son (which was from her previous marriage with a Filipino man), Hanee Hope then locked her in a dark closet many times. Tay cried for Chris Hope’s help in the dark closet but he did not do anything to help, as a kid this traumatized her. She became very scared of the dark and being alone, to this day she cannot sleep alone because of the abuse and trauma. 

Chris Hope witnessed all of this, Tay even begged him to help but he didn’t do anything to save her, he allowed this to continue and  progress. Hanee Hope became an enabler for him to eventually start hitting and locking her in the dark closet as well, they started abusing her together. 

Hanee Hope spoke terribly of Tay to Chris Hope, they would purposefully keep all the doors open at night and Hanee would say vile things about Tay and my mother to him. They spoke and shared their hate towards Tay and my mom, they also started to refer to Tay as a ch*nk, b*tch and motherf*cker. They referred to my mom as "Chinese b*tch". Tay remembers them speaking and fantasizing about killing my mom and her and starting a new family. Tay had many sleepless nights, she became very paranoid and became depressed and developed bad anxiety, she always fell asleep in class. 

Chris Hope and Hanee Hope (aka Richanee Vega Alcover) went out for dinner very frequently and they would lock Tay in the dark closet every time they went out. They went to concerts and also threw big parties hosting 50 - 200 people, instead of bringing Tay they locked her in the closet. If it was a long duration they would get Hanee Hope's sister Cheska Alcover to come over and check up on Tay every few hours while she was in the closet. 

pictures of their outings, concerts and parties while Tay is in the closet: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?vanity=saveliltay2021&set=a.101284685441498

Chris Hope and Hanee Hope were also inappropriate, they always walked around the house naked, Tay was very young, she described their bodies specifically and detailed all the body hair. My mom told Chris this needed to stop but Hanee Hope (Richanee Alcover) and Chris Hope told my mom to "f**k off". 

(screenshot from 2013)

On one occasion, Chris and Hanee Hope instructed Tay to stand between the closet door where she then slammed the door on her foot, she was left with a broken and bloody toenail, Tay fell to the ground and Chris Hope and his woman dragged and locked her in the dark closet, they did this while she was only 5 years old.

Chris Hope and his woman threatened Tay and told her if she told any of the teachers at school or my mother, they would punish her and lock her in the closet and force her to watch other horror movies while she was in the closet. They said if anybody asked about her injuries, she needed to tell them she fell down on the playground.

My mom ended up finding out about her broken toe while bathing her, Tay told her that she fell on the playground while playing tag with her friends. My mom didn’t believe her and asked Chris Hope what had happened to Tay’s foot and why she had so many scratches on her body, but he always ignored her texts and calls. Chris Hope and his woman Hanee Hope scratched, pinched and beat her, they locked Tay in the closet and they also did not let Tay shower, the scratches became infected and she developed bad rashes. When she came back to my mom's house she could not sleep.

My mom took Tay to the Vancouver police station and they started investigating Chris and his wife Hanee. The police asked them if Tay was locked in a dark closet, and he and his wife told the police that Hanee Hope’s son (who was from her previous marriage with a Filipino man) and Tay were playing “hide and seek” and they “hid in the closet together”. They told the police they had no idea Tay’s toe was broken.
Police Report (FILE #14-35347)

The abuse did not stop, they were extremely angered that the police got involved, as punishment they beat Tay on her face and body. The following week when my mother came to pick her up from school, her face was purple, bruised, and she had many scratches on her body. My mom again took Tay to the Vancouver police station and they started investigating Chris and his wife Hanee, this time they told the police Tay fell on the playground. 

Shortly after this incident, Tay stopped living with Chris Hope and he stopped paying child support, he currently owes $400,000+ in child support. He never saw her again until she became famous in May 2018, which is when he applied to the court for custody and control over Tay’s career. She was court-ordered to be brought back to Vancouver from LA. He notified every company waiting to work with Tay that he had “court-ordered signing authority” and ended up signing millions of dollars in deals. Tay had received multiple multi-million dollar offers.. All of it has been taken away by him. Now, she has no money left... everything she has ever worked for has been taken by him. 

Tay is very passionate about music, dance, and all kinds of art. She has not been given the opportunity to show her talents to the world. 

Please help save Tay, your donation will give her the opportunity to fight for her future and freedom, freedom from a life of exploitation and abuse. Tay needs you.

Other ways you can help: share this gofundme, post and advocate using #SAVELILTAY, post saveliltay.com in your bio and posts.

Join our facebook page, I will be posting updates, pictures will be on this facebook page.



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