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Hi To My Paw Loving Community!

My name is Owi Savedra.
My first name is pronounced Oh-Wee.

To help you remember the pronunciation of my first name just sing the Wizard of Oz castle wicked witch chant “Oh-Wee-Oh-Wee-Oh-Oh” or just call me “O” for short.

And as for my last name just remember the word SAVED.

Awhile back my adoptive mom, Daphne Dawn Savedra, received a bone shaped magnet that read: Who SAVED Who?

I believe I’ve touched many peoples lives and they’ve touched giving me a fighting chance to live a good life in the United States. Even all the people who aborted ship a few days in or a few weeks in after agreeing to adopt me and then gave me right back to the rescue organization (Puppy Rescue Mission, PRM) who brought me from Afghanistan to the United States...from my Navy Seal dad to PRM and all the these people who gave me back to PRM played a major role to get me to where I am today.

The repetitive abandonment that I endured and came across was soul crushing and humiliating with a vast amount of uncertainty of fate; however, I have an underlying keen sense of perseverance and I knew I’d eventually find a permanent loving adoptive pet parent....well I hoped there would be someone who'd pick me and keep me forever and ever. Daphne Dawn Savedra resonated with me when she saw my pic before she even read my bio story and even more so when she did read my story is how she tells my this story!

Right now, I’m 5yrs and 11mo old, 160-pound male Afghanistan Kuchi Shepherd born in Afghanistan. My breed is also known as a “guardian” dog. Once I attach to you...I will guard you and my territory with my life at ALL costs (literally at all costs) and I will remember each of the people whom I’ve attached to and have guarded at any one point in my life. I will remember you....I will never forget you and your love you gave me.

My mom says (something called “google”) describes my breed as one of the most aggressive dog breeds in the world. I continually try to defend that statement with...”mom, it’s in my genes to be aggressive!! I can’t just shut off my genes!!” 

Totally not to sound conceited but...gosh darn it....I AM A VERY BEAUTIFUL HANDSOME CREATURE! Oh and I got skills too! ;)  

I can lure you in with my handsome features and emotional eye vibes and then attack before you even have a chance to save yourself. On the other hand I will attract you to me and totally decide to tolerate you giving me a pat on my head and let you love on me.  

I am all heart and strength in all that I do...whether it’s saving and protecting my owner with my loyal guardianship duties and/or protecting my house and whole neighborhood or just being my silly goofy self....and this week when I fight for my life!

I’m super smart and have sharp observant skills like no other dog breed that I know.  I can map out the whole neighborhood as we drive once around it whether we walk it or not and trust me my territory protection expands vast and wide beyond just the property lines of our all I'm saying is to beware of my committed protective passion and dedication that I give to my master and my territory.

My recent 3-week board and train boot camp this summer with SitMeansSit in Austin, TX taught me boundary commands and to be obedient with good manners to restrain my “impulsive genes of aggression” with strangers, friends, and family and with other dogs and to be obedient no matter the handler/trainer. I understood and picked up the training quickly...even though my underlying impulsiveness and guarding still remained (it was at a much less and manageable intensity for my mom...for real, I promise!!) Some people will still be shaking their head in non-agreement...oh those non-believers! ;P  

I love all my dog trainers and they are so kind and generous even with their personal time to come help me and my mom load me into the car when I can’t move very well so my mom could take me back to Dallas for more medical treatment.

I am a very emotionally expressive dog and will tell you my pleasure or displeasure regarding ALL issues/situations vocally and/or non-vocally. I also possess an unwavering character of courage and strength along with a strong sense of pride. I am extremely intelligent, trustworthy, and an independent dog!

I swear I’m not trying to sound like Superman but I know I am to my mom. Now I can be stubborn and do things on/in my own time which is at times inconvenient to others’ schedules. But I am honest and tell you like it how I be!! ;D

Now once I relax into and trust our deeply developed bond then I’ll show you my extremely silly playful friendly nature and lovey dovey affectionate side (yes I do have this’s just only a select few who will experience this special treasure part of me)

My life has been quite interesting right from birth...actually even before my birth!!! My very pregnant mother was saved by a platoon of Navy Seals who were stationed in Afghanistan. When my mom gave birth to me and my brothers and sisters one of the Navy Seals adopted me. My Navy Seal father named me “Owi” after a small village in Afghanistan and he took care of me for my first 6-7months of my life in Afghanistan.

I am not scared of gun fire nor fireworks or loud noises. I’m not really afraid of anything with the exception of one aspect of life: abandonment. With the help and dedication of Puppy Rescue Mission (PRM) my Navy Seal dad was able to send me to the U.S. to stay with his parents until he returned from duty. I love my Navy Seal dad for giving me the gift of life by sending me to the U.S..  I lived with my pet grandparents for a few years but  my trip to the U.S. was extremely dangerous and very very long as animals have to be smuggled out of the country and then the difficult journey almost killed me.

My mom tells me it’s important to acknowledge that soldiers choose to put their lives at risk every day to serve our country for every American and our freedom.  I tell my mom when soldiers find pieces of joy by sharing a deep loving bond with a dog (like me)  and they choose to SAVE us and we SAVE them right back unconditionally with our love.

When I arrived to the U.S. I needed immediate medical care and was put in ICU and had to fight for my life. When I get sick...I get real sick!!!

My original pet grandparents (the parents of my Navy Seal dad) kept me as long as they could because my dad kept being redeployed and his wife was pregnant and couldn’t handle me while pregnant. Around this time is when I impulsively decided to bite a kid in my pet grandparents neighborhood. 

My pet grandparents feared I would be put down. So they rushed me back into the arms of PRM. My heart and spirit was crushed that I had to leave them as I loved them all very much. I am very thankful to my Navy Seal dad for sending me to the U.S. for a better chance at a life and I am thankful for his love and his family’s care and love.

From this point, PRM kept trying to find me a permanent home but I kept being adopted out and then immediately returned to PRM either after a few days or after a few weeks due to my aggression and or size and difficult to handle or I just didn’t get along with their other pets or them.

I became broken hearted with abandonment and uncomfortable, upset, and crushed of being sent to so many different homes who didn’t know how or couldn’t give me the love and care that I was desperately seeking.

My adoptive mom, Daphne, was initially denied to adopt me because she already had 3 other pets. So I have no idea how they ended up going back and choosing her but I'd say they made the right choice for me and this is my permanent home and way much more than I could ever wish for.  

My adoptive mom always tells me the story of why she adopted me and why she was soooo persistent with PRM’s adoptive coordinator to adopt me. 

She says as soon as she saw my picture she felt in her heart: "He needs me and I need him!"  I roll my eyes every time she tells me...but then I'm like oookay tell me again! But tell me the whole story!! LOL! 

My mom informed me she repetitively told PRM she would NEVER EVER give up on me nor return me like all the other applicants did and would slowly integrate me with her other animals.  My bond with my mom is like no other.  I dunno why she gets so worked up and weepy over me along with many other things but I am strong for her and I don't mind her hugs and her anguished tears.

Last year after my mom’s back surgery she couldn’t handle me due to my aggression issues and me pulling 3-4x my weight and by no means could anyone enter the house...even if you were a friend or family member.   My mom met Krystal at SitMeansSit in Austin and explained my whole story and I finally got some amazing training!! Now I’m not perfectly obedient 110% of the time but I do listen and obey the commands even if I protest while obeying (this is in the house with guests).

I don’t bite anymore nor act as aggressive as I did but I wear a muzzle just in case I have an irresistible impulse to nip your butt! 

I was pretty much the rock star pet client to all the trainers and when I returned home from camp my mom had to take me to beginner classes (the beginner classes were really for her so she could learn their program) I would yawn with boredom in those beginner classes. Urgh! Then finally, my mom got the hang of it and we started the advanced classes!! And I was super excited and had so much fun!! Especially at the park sessions!

Oh and at summer training camp, I learned how to jump into my mom’s SUV because I was super afraid to get into any car for fear of being dropped off and abandoned (again). I was just getting use to the idea of getting excited to get in the SUV by myself and go to advanced training sessions.

I can be intimidating to people because I’m one huge ass dog!  Well before I got sick I weighed 160pounds. Now I’ve lost about 20pounds. I’m built like and run like a horse!!! Well I use to run but these days...I can barely move due to severe arthritic pain and need assistance to stand up and walk.  Once I get moving I can walk slowly and if on pain meds I can walk a little faster with some gimps. 

Right now, I need help getting into and out of the car but I don't fight it...I just know I'm going to the doctor again and again...because I don’t feel good and I know I can’t go to training classes because I just don’t feel good and my mom says with my auto immune disorder I can easily catch a virus/bacterial infections from other dogs which is too risky. Especially since I’m currently trying to fight a bacterial infection living in all my joints secondary to my IMPA diagnosis. 

I have several awesome specialist doctors at the Center for Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Care in Lewisville, TX.   The main internist assigned to my case is Dr. Stikeman and she diagnosed me with IMPA-immune mediated poly arthritis.

My primary veterinarian is Dr. Shelley Michalk in Plano, TX and is the one who knew exactly where to refer me after her thourgh examination. 

Without pain meds, I cry and yelp like a dying donkey due to severe arthritic pain in all my lower extremity joints and spine that are severely swollen and hot due to a secondary bacterial infection. It’s not fun to be in pain.

I’ve been in and out of veterinarian  ER clinic the last 3 weeks and this past week I’ve been in ER vet hospital for a week now. I am in critical condition and fighting for my life.  I need your help.  My mom and I need your help.

I can tell you my mom, Daphne, still hasn’t given up on me (even though she’s come close). She keeps her promises and repetitively told PRM she would never ever give up on me.

So for this very reason...I can’t ever give up on her. I know my mom truly needs me to continue to be her guardian and I need her to be mine...she’s never abandoned me and loves me so much! I am a fighter and I’m fighting so hard right now.

We are both fighting for me to get better but right now we need financial help from our paw loving community.

Thus far, since I got sick my medical bills have totaled to just over $20K for all the specialized ER vet care that I’ve desperately needed.  Yes you read that correctly...over twenty thousand dollars.

My internist veterinarian and all the other additional emergency trauma veterinarians are confident if they can kill this bacterial infection living in all my joint capsules while my body is in an immuno-compromised state then they can focus on and manage my IMPA.

Yesterday I had a lengthy procedure of flushing out each swollen bacterial filled joint which hopefully pushed out the bacterial infection in my joints.

I’m on strong IV methadone pain medications and IV fluids and two different antibiotics. I won’t eat or drink with my nurses. I just like to eat when my mom comes to feed me at lunch and dinner. She brings me good yummy food everyday while I’ve been in the hospital. I love her.

After she feeds me I’ll drink lots of small bowls of water if she holds the bowl for me. Then she massages me to sleep. I miss her laying on me each night giving me her hugs. Sometimes I’d push her away with my strong paws because I’m so very independent and need my space...but she’d still would give me her love hugs then she’d tell me stories.

Sometimes her stories made her cry and I’d comfort her by just settling into a deeper slower breathing snoring sleep and then she’d relax and stop crying.

While in the hospital I’ve also been on large doses of prednisone as an immunosuppressive medication to treat my IMPA so my body will stop attacking itself but the prednisone sent my liver into danger ranger damage!  So my vet has been stair stepping down my prednisone as you just can’t stop it immediately. They are slowly starting the cellcept medication which is another immunosuppressive med (typically use for transplant organ recipients so they won’t reject their new organ).

My vet has me on two different IV antibiotics to kill the bacterial infection as shel slowly starts to lower my immune system to zero with cellcept med. We are waiting for cultures to return from pathology lab to see if the antibiotics I’m on are the right ones or if they are resistant to the bacteria in my joints.

Once my immune system is gone to address my primary problem of my IMPA....I won’t be able to soley fight off any bacterial or viral infections. If my vet finds out that the antibiotics that I am currently on are resistant to the bacterial infection then  she will have to pull out the big gun antibiotics. My mom thought $300 antibiotics for 60 pills were expensive...these big gun antibiotics are IV and $1500 per day and I’d have to receive them for 5days and a longer hospital stay as these antibiotics can cause severe kidney damage so I have to be closely watched in the 24-7 ER hospital as I already have liver damage from prednisone immunosuppressant medication.  Each hospital stay runs between $1,400-$1,600. 

The word is if this pesky secondary  bacterial infection is killed  then we can focus on treating my IMPA. 

I have so many great doctors and nurses helping me every day and my mom comes everyday to see me and sits and lays with me along with somehow driving  me from Austin to Dallas and then back to Austin and then back to Dallas.  We both are VERY tired but neither of us have given up just quite yet.

I share my story with you and I hope you are able to donate to my ongoing medical care that I need to continue to my fight for my life!

This specialized ER vet clinic requires payment up front for any medical care performed. The prevoius $20K has already been taken care of...what I’m kindly asking for:  are donations to help continue my necessary medical care.

Any amount donated will help and if you can’t donate funds then please pray and/or send positive vibes to me and my doctors to get me on the right path to healing and living. Thank you!

In the end....Who SAVED Who?

All I know is that my Navy Seal dad SAVED me and I SAVED him.  And Puppy Rescue Mission SAVED me & I SAVED them knowing they found me a great home. My original pet grandparents SAVED me and I SAVED them with my love and silliness. And I know for sure my permanent adoptive mom SAVED me (many times over) and I know I’ve SAVED her (many times over)

We all SAVED each other in one way or thank you for your help to SAVE me!

Paw Love Always,


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