Save My Queen

I am trying to raise money to help my beautiful mum Bev who is terminally ill and has been given only weeks to live!

In May of 2016 after moving in to her lovely Bungalow, her forever home where she has never been happier, she became quite poorly and I knew straight away that something wasn't right.

After several tests we soon found out that my mum had a rare bone marrow disorder which had been developing over a number of years unbeknown to her. 

Due to the overlap in mixed symptoms my mum had, she has was eventually diagnosed with Myelodosplaysia/Myelofibrosis.

These conditions cause scarring to the bone marrow preventing it from working properly and producing blood cells correctly. This meant that my mum's red cells were very low causing chronic anemia and a very enlarged spleen.

We were told from the off that there is no known cure for this rare condition but there were ways to manage it, although there is a high risk that the condition could transform at any time in to 'Acute Myeloid Lukemia' which is a very aggressive cancer of the blood and has a short prognosis!

The possibility of a bone marrow transplant was not an option due to my mums age and the huge risks involved. The consultant said theu she probably wouldn't survive it as it was too intensive.

The news hit us hard and my mum who has always been really active and well, had to make immediate changes to her lifestyle. She had to take a slower pace and give up lots of the things which she really enjoyed including her job in a local care home.

For the 24 months that followed my mum took chemotherapy medication daily and was given regular blood transfusions which she responded to really well and this gave her a reasonable quality of life and hope for us as a family.

On 23rd December 2017 my prayers were answered and my mum saw me walk down the isle to marry my wonderful husband Kyle. To see her face and how proud she was meant everything to me. She always tells me it was without a doubt one of the happiest days of her life and the best Christmas ever. 

However just weeks later things took a turn... our fear became reality and my mums condition started to transform much sooner than we had anticipated!

In June this year her consultant decided to try a different course of chemotherapy to see if he could try and control/manage the the pace in which things were developing.
Within just a few days mum became very ill and spent 2 weeks in hospital fighting Sepsis but luckily she came through it. 

Since then the last few weeks have seen my mum deteriorating further and requiring blood transfusions several times a week! The consultant has advised that the chemotherapy is not working and there is nothing further that they can do for her. To say my heart is shattered is an understatement. 

Those of you that know us will know how close we are. She is my very best friend and there is no way I am letting go of her yet!!

At just 63 years old she still has so much to live for, grandchildren she is yet to meet, and so much of the world still to see!

Due to her deterioration, my husband and I have moved in with her to care for her 24/7 and i have had to take time off work to do so.

Due to the financial impact this is having, I hope that by raising money it will enable us to obtain further medical opinions privately and explore/pursue alternative treatment options which will hopefully extend her life and allow us the time to fulfill some of her wishes and make more wondeful memories whilst she is still with us.

You only get one mum and I am so lucky I get to call her mine. There will never be enough time.... but hopefully this will be able to buy us some more.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Kelly xxx
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Kelly Watkinson 
Somercotes, East Midlands, United Kingdom