Save Jethro's Face

Update 10/18/17:  After removing the wire from his bottom jaw yesterday, the staff at UC Davis expressed concern about Jethro's paralyzed leg.  As is common, he has scraped his leg and the wound is struggling to heal.  They are concerned about infection and feel that due to the nature of his injury that he will not likely regain use of the leg anyway.  They also feel that it is "dead weight" and will continue to make it more difficult for him to get around.  

He is getting around very well currently by keeping his leg in a sling.  He even keeps up with Trigger when running at a pretty good clip.  But, the modified stance has created friction in his armpit that has caused some irritation and they think removing the leg will help alleviate this.  We are considering their recommendations and would appreciate any input others have based on their experience and knowledge.  

Original Story:  Yesterday (8/23) was one of the worst days ever.  Stu was running errands and took the boys with him as he often does.  They have custom made tethers with high quality carabiners to secure them in the back of the pickup.  They are checked on often and were secure.  Somehow Jethro was ejected from the truck and was seriously injured.  By no small miracle, he has no internal organ or brain damage.  But, a dental specialist identified multiple fractures to his jaw.  Apparently his face took the brunt of the fall.  If he is ever going to be able to eat again, he requires surgery. His front leg is also of concern, but will not interfere with his quality of life overall.  Eating (as all Huismans know) is a priority.  

In order for the UC Davis Vet Hospital to perform this needed surgery, they need money.  $6-8,000 up front.  The total could cost anywhere from $8-12,000.  Donations through this fundraiser are best, but I'm sure UC Davis can accept direct payments as well. 

We have exhausted all of our available funds.  Our generous family has fronted the money for treatment thus far.  And we put up one of our cars as collateral.  We continue to try to raise/earn money in other ways as well.  Now we are asking for help.  

Anyone who knows us knows that we wouldn't ask if we had any other option left.  Jethro is our fur kid and baby brother to Cassie and Trigger.   He is strong and otherwise healthy and so very loved.  We (and the vets) are amazed that he was not hurt far worse.  

The price tag is high.  We realize this, but he is our family and we would do the same for our children, brothers, sisters, cousins, etc.  

Even the smallest contribution helps!  If you can't help monetarily we will still need some warm loving hearts and hands to help us care for him after surgery.  We both work full time in SF and will need some excellent cuddlers to be with him so he is not alone.  If you can't help with either of those...please pray!!!  (and share with those who may be able to help)

Stu is offering his services as mechanic of 13+ years.  (resume available upon request).  Angie is happy to make/bake anything your heart desires.  

Time is critical.  The surgery needs to happen ASAP.  The surgeons are pushing us for a decision by the end of tomorrow (8/25).  He is hurting and so are our hearts.  This is our Hail Mary!  

I'll start a blog to keep everyone updated on his progress.  (please try to limit phone calls as we are a bit overwhelmed... texts are fine, but be patient with us)  

Everyone that donates will receive personal updates from us as well as random gifts made by Angie and sold in her Etsy shop.

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