Save Donkeys from being slaughtered for medicine!

Save 30 American Donkeys from being slaughtered for traditional medicine!
Did you know?
Every day, American donkeys are shipped out of the country in horrifying conditions to be slaughtered in factories abroad. The reason? So that their dead hides can be processed for a traditional medicine.
That’s why on GoFundMe you and us are on a mission to rescue 30 donkeys from a kill pen auction, where they are abused and sold to be slaughtered so that their body parts can be used. We want to continue saving and rehabilitating donkeys destined for slaughter, just like we’ve done before. We are here, because we need your help!
"Half the world’s donkey population could be wiped out in the next five years, as millions are slaughtered for their hides to meet rising demand for a traditional Chinese medicine."
Source: The Guardian
In their natural environment not packed in pre-auction pends - donkeys are playful, gentle animals who form faithful bonds and express an eagerness to learn. Exceptionally intelligent, they have phenomenal memories (and can recall complex routes and recognize animals they haven’t seen for years) and also have a logical, flexible approach to problem-solving.
People who know donkeys report that they are smart, personable, and affectionate. They understand dozens of voice commands, come running when they are called, and are fiercely loyal to those they trust.
As social animals, donkeys enjoy company and develop strong emotional bonds with other animals. Donkeys often pick a best friend, with whom they spend most of their time, and pairs are frequently observed grooming one another by softly scratching and nibbling their partner’s neck and shoulders. When separated from their companions, donkeys become noticeably anxious and distressed, often vocalizing, pacing, and even falling into a depression.
Source: Animal Rahat
Here’s who we are:
When an animal suffers because humans are unkind, Oscar’s Place steps in. While we’re just a team of everyday individuals, we deeply care for and are committed to providing a safe haven for farm animals in need. Oscar’s Place is a 501c3 non-profit donkey rescue, rehabilitation and adoption center.
We are starting to see more and more volunteers and visitors who come out to our animal sanctuary here in Hopland, California. Most of them are humbled by the soothing and faithful nature of our donkeys when they first meet them. We believe these calm and giant creatures have more to give than just their hides for slaughter. They have donkey friends and are incredibly curious about what humans are up to. They are not easily started and bravely venture out to new visitors in our sanctuary.
We started Oscar’s Place to show donkeys that we have more to offer than just death to these creatures. This is your chance to stand up with us for these helpless loving creatures.
Here is what you can do to support us:
As these 30 helpless donkeys are in the process of being sold off to slaughterhouses, you have the power to impact their lives in the most fundamental way possible. If you choose to help, you will be instrumental in carrying out our mission to save donkeys from the upcoming kill pen auction.
You are the key to our success!
Your gift of any size, small or big, whether it’s $5, $50, $500 or $5,000 – will make a difference because it determines how many donkeys we can save. And if you believe that more people should be aware of this horrendous animal abuse and the unique chance to save a donkey, please share this campaign with those you care about.
Here is how your funds are distributed:
We take donkeys in via groups of 30. Each save costs approximately $82,500.
  • Transport & fees: $24,000
  • 3-months initial healthcare: $28,000
Includes urgent care for 4, castrations for 15, vaccinations
  • Farrier care for 3 months: $4,500
  • 2 of our 6 laborers for 3 months: $24,000
  • Feed, supplements, medications: $2,000
Our goal is to raise $50,000 to support the costs involved with this rescue, but you would make us incredibly grateful and happy if we can hit our flex goal of $82,500 and cover all the expenses with your support.
Thank you for joining us in saving these innocent donkeys from slaughter. Every little bit literally means the world to them.
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