Save David Catoe

I am a salesman for a South Tampa car wash. I've worked there 18 years and have made a lot of friends and acquaintances. Some great relationships.
June 1st I came down with an illness I thought was a stomach bug. You don't go to the doctor for a stomach bug. The fever came and went over the next week. I tried going to work, to tough it out, but I kept getting worse.
I had no $ for insurance copays until that Friday, June 9, payday. June 8, the fever hit 104. But on Friday I was feeling better again. That night I took to the bed. Saturday morning I called out sick; throwing up, couldn't get out of the bed.
My partner finally got me toTGH around 2:30. I was admitted around 8pm. I was in ICU the next morning.
I had meningitis, septicemia, and I was hours away from septic shock and complete organ failure. They saved me.
I am undergoing a 6 week IV antibiotics infusion. I haven't worked for 5 weeks. 3 to 5 weeks to go. Co. disability pays next to nothing, enough to cover insurance withholding.
2 of my customers helped pay part of my rent. My part of medical is about $6,000 so far. But I have NO MONEY TO LIVE ON. People at work are trying to help, but they have a job to do, little time for me.
Please help me.

People want to know about the dog. Adam is my 14 year old Boston Terrier. He's dying of heart failure. His breathing gets very difficult.
On the morning of May 22nd or 23rd,  Adam was having trouble breathing and wanted to go under the covers with me. Because of his difficulty breathing, I tried to stop him. He reacted in pain by biting me. That bite carried a bacteria, Pasteurella Mutocida, common in most dogs and cats saliva. That's how I got sick.
Obviously we put this all together after the doctors and wonderful nurses at Tampa General saved me.
Adam is still my little boy. You can't blame anyone in pain for reacting. I'll love him till I lose him.
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David Catoe 
Tampa, FL