Save Baby - Surgery for Ruptured Mammary Gland

My name is Alex & I recently started taking care of a neighborhood kitty, who I named Baby. I felt a lump on her belly and noticed her licking it. When I caught a glimpse, I saw an abscess with puss, but didn't know the full extent of the situation until I took her to Banfield Pet Hospital in Salisbury on Thursday, June 16. The prognosis is not good. They told me she has a ruptured mammary gland and her whole mammary chain is infected with a high potential of cancer. The ruptured mammary is an infected, open abscess. Poor kitty. She is still so cuddly and full of life, I do not want to euthanize her unless her quality of life decreases. The estimate for surgery is $2,500, but first they will need to do bloodwork & an x-ray to determine if she is even a good candidate for surgery. First, I would like to raise money for her bloodwork and x-ray, which will cost $577.97. If she is approved for surgery, the anesthesia, histopathology, and mastectomy will cost $1,840.40. I will use any excess money raised to help the other neighborhood cats (one has an infected eye that needs treatment). For now, they injected her with antibiotics and gave her Gabapentin (pain meds) to take at home until I am able to raise funds.
Thank you so much if you are able to contribute to save Baby, she is a special kitty and I am so attached to her.

xo Alex