Give Greg A Fighting Chance

It has taken me quite some time to work up the courage to post this as it causes me great sadness to read and share with friends and family. I will be adding more information relating to his health status and hopefully progress toward finding a solution suitable for his needs whether it be more chemotherapy, radiation, immunotherapy (which most likely will not be an option, unfortunately) or simply palliative care. Right now our biggest concern is affording the nutrients to help him gain weight as hes lost over 100 lbs. and has become very weak. We have exhausted all our own savings when we were given the news that he was unable to receive his weekly chemo treatment, costing $7k per treatment every week and thats not including the cost of nurses, staff, and facility charges. Due to his inability to work (or even walk) all insurance funding through his previous employer ceases. He made a choice to not receive chemotherapy until disability and other funding sources kick in, but we all know that this could take a few months to a few years. Many times he feels like giving up. We all realize that he can't fight alone. Its physically and mentally (due to something called "chemo brain") impossible. "Whats yours is mine", I would tell him and he would smile from ear to ear showing his radiation/ chemo damaged grin. Hes always been one to take such good care of himself and to see him now.. balding, thin and barely any teeth in his mouth is crippling to say the least. It hits me hard thinking how such a young guy, who seemed so healthy is just withering away right before our eyes! His life, his role in this family, here with us day to day is so important to say the least. His biggest fear when he does contemplate giving up is that he would never have the chance to watch his grandchildren grow up.  We as a family decided to come together financially and fight as a whole. Any money saved needed to be cashed in. The day he decided to go back to treatment was the day he put his pride to the side and accepted our help. Unfortunately he was unable to get chemotherapy due to a port infection which landed him in the emergency room soon prepped for surgery ready for a port removal. Now instead of worrying about his weekly treatment costs we are now trying to scramble for funds to help with a bigger heap of debt then we could ever imagine. We are and will continue doing everything we can to keep this man here with us. We are not ready to let him go. We have exhausted most all financial options/funds that we've gathered within our immediate family. Now that he has made it clear that the time has come to not be ashamed and to make this unfortunate event known I took it upon myself to write this page asking for any help that is able to be graciously given for this humble, amazing man and father! It pains me watching front row center while his entire world has been flipped upside down having been diagnosed with terminal stage 4 malignant head, neck, & throat cancer, and all I can do is pray and be there for him. As a daughter I feel like I should and could be doing so much more for him..but can't.
As you read this entry when I am through please understand that there is no doubt that every single one of us have been affected by this horrible disease whether it be a friend or a family member. In taking the time today to ask you, not for your sympathy, but for your support for one amazing incredible man, I call dad. 
Sometimes one of the most difficult things in life is allowing yourself to set aside your prideful ways and  reach out for help, especially to those who want and wish to help.
This page will be updated on the many tribulations and unfortunate circumstances that my father is facing day to day. Please allow me to take some time to care for him and keep focused on his needs due to him being in the hospital at this time. I thank you for your patience and concern. Your support and generosity will help this very special man in many of our lives attend the treatment he needs to go on with life...not having the finances for chemo, hydration, tube feedings/nutrients, IV supplements and medications can be detrimental to his health so please help in spreading awareness and share!

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