Sarah's Mission Trip to Idonsesia

I have been given the amazing opportunity to travel to Indonesia on a Mission Trip with Influencers Bible College where I am currently a student studying my Cerificate IV in Christian Leadership. This is the last year they will be doing this trip and I am really pumped to go and share what I have learnt so far with students at the Solo Bible College. 
A little bit about me

God made me one of his Miracles on July 22nd 2011, when I suffered a cardiac arrest and multiple organ failure. That night my family were told that I only had a 50% chance of making it through the night and IF I did I would have multiple organ failure and brain damage. The Miracle began while I was in cardiac arrest and the resuscitation team at the Royal Adelaide Hosptial kept going for 45 mins, very unusual they normally stop trying after 30 mins.
I opened my eyes 2 days later to realise I couldn’t move any of my body and I was attached to life support machines, including on a  kidney dialysis as I was in full renal failure. I spent the first 6 weeks in the Intensive Care Unit. They did numerous procedures for the ports going into my body for the dialysis machine. I then had the procedure to put the permanent ports into my chest and was put onto  the Kidney Transplant list.
A few days later the renal specialist doctor came in to see me and he couldn’t believe what had happened.
My kidneys had  kicked back in and started working on their own, the port was then removed in my hospital bed.
I spent 5 months in hospital all up, I had to learn to use my body all over again, including walking. I had a tracheostomy in my throat to help me breathe,  I had all my personal needs tendered to as I couldnt do any of it myself.
I prayed every day for my lungs to start functioning properly on their own, so the doctors  could remove the tracheostemy tube. Eventually it did come out and there were baby steps to introducing food back into my throat. When I first represented with having had a cardiac arrest, the doctors had no answers as to what had happened to me I was poked and prodded and tested until they came up with a diagnosis called Polymyositis, a very rare condition 1-8 people in 1 million are diagnosed with it. it is a auto immune illness, there is no cure for it but they can supress the symptoms  with medication.  I have been living my life as close to normal as possible, and celebrated every achievement along the way. Especially celebrating the small things like being able to put a spoon in my mouth, or the day I was able to hold 3 bags of shopping.
The doctors kept saying I was a very sick woman and did not know the outcome or even if I would walk again. They had never seen a medical case like this before in a person that was young. I had 2 visions of Jesus while I was in my hospital bed. Both times he was standing behind my bed 10ft tall in his white robe and arms spread out over me. I knew I was going to be ok and I would get through this.
I knew God had brought me back for a PURPOSE, his Purpose. I also knew it would be to help people. After months of Medical Intervention , Physiotehrapy I walked out of hospital in December.
I never gave  up and my survival has come through FAITH, LOVE , and HOPE and belief in God .
I have no organ damage or brain damage the only explanation to being alive and a full recovery is a Miracle

The reason I am telling you this story is I now can step out and start sharing my testimony with the world. I have always had it in the back of my mind to go on a Mission Trip and when this opportunity presented itself I prayed to God for revelation to go or not go. The revelation was strong and now begins the  financial steps to get there. Which I also know is in the hands of God, where there is his Will there is His Way

Where am I going?
The Mission Trip will see me head to Solo, Indonesia.

We  fly into Bali on Thursday 10th August, stay overnight and fly into Solo on Friday 11th August.  
We will arrive at the Solo Bible College and will stay there for 2 weeks. We will be given the amazing opportunity to put everything we have been studying into practice! How exciting!!
We will minister in churches, serve, preach and teach at the bible college.

The second week we will be running what’s known as “Spirituality Week” – which is a four day conference put on by the Bible College. During this time we will have the opportunity to preach and teach with the assistance of an interpreter to the Bible College students.
I am excited to see excited  what God is going to do in and through me!!

Dates of Travel
Thursday 10th August - Tuesday 29th Ausgust
Cost for Go Trip 
$1500 which includes flights, accomadation, and meals while staying at the College
Travel Health Insurance $300
Total needed $1800
I have already paid $300 towards this trip, unfortunately I have been waiting on being paid for a job I did in September last year face painting and it doest look like payment will happen any time soon. I will continue to keep funding the trip as much as I can, any help wll be greatly appreciated with lots of gratitude to be able to help others.

Being able to go on this trip means alot to me.
 It will be a life changing experience.
Thank you so much for your kindness and love! Any donation is truly a blessing and  will bring me one step closer to being able to go
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