Dear lovely people,

We offer you a Beginner sMove! Training.
First time we invite you to a  free trial. Let us know and write us: [email modificata]. Than you will recieve the link and the time for the Beginner Training we offer for you.

When you liked it, and you want to go on, would be nice you donate here in the gofundme account. We appreciate very much.

We offer several sMove! ONLINE trainings. The sMove! ONLINE Trainings are open to anyone, from anywhere in the world. The classes will be given by diverent sMove! - Trainers in Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, Latvia and France.

Here is the link to our website: www.sMoveTraining .com.
And her is the link to our GooleCalendar 

The Trainings are given on a simple online platform: Zoom. It is accessible from your phone or computer. *Download the free app for easy access. Zoom 

In the midst of the current situation, when millions around the world have been isolated from each other, we started  to invite you to stay connected and experience sMove! ONLINE classes, in the comfort of your own home, garden, atelier or office. We train to be free in our bodies whilst being limited in a multitude of ways. This will enable you to experience freedom in life, regardless of all restrictions you are currently facing.  

Classes are donation based, give what you can, if you can. The money will support the work of our association, the IAGMP (International Association of Grinberg Method practitioners)

Suggested donation is 10 Euros per class. All donations directly go to the IAGMP .

What is "sMove!", based on the Stopping Movement Concept?

It’s a playful and interesting way to connect to your body. This unique training teaches your body, mind and soul to break free of patterns that limit your live.

Furthermore, it improves your strength and it’s just fun!

The training concept was developed by Avi Grinberg, the founder of the Grinberg Method®. Learn more about this training here: 

Stopping Movement 

Why Now?

sMove!-classes were only done in person, in a shared space. Due to these very special times and in the spirit of continuous research, we are since Mai 2020  sharing sMove!@HOME classes online.  As we loved it all so much, the participants and the trainers, we go on with it and we call it now sMove! ONLINE.

Let's go on and strengthen our body awareness together and connect to faraway places.

How Can You Help?

All the sMove! ONLINE trainers around the world are independent freelancers.  With this project we aim to make our work more popular and present it to as many people as possible to reach a larger audience.


We are here and excited to move, sweat and enjoy the pleasure of moving together with you wherever you are. 

Movement can bring vitality and freedom to your daily routine.

Join us in our sMove! ONLINE classes and invite your friends and family to join as well. We are a team of experienced trainers and each trainer teaches with his/her individual spirit. 

What we offer:

sMove! ONLINE classes, live-streamed. Classes are entirely donation based and open to anyone.

Here is the link for your GoogleKalender 
Here is the link to our website:

sMove! Trainers are all Stopping Movement Trainers of the Grinberg Method®:

Bärbel Singer
Barbara Spagnolo
Esther Cohen
Giulia Carlone
Jessica Sartorius
Linde Knapp
Mirjam Köglsperger
Paola Giraudo
Roberta Massei
Roberto Espinagosa
Valentina Ragno
Yael Shatzman

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