No place like home.

I told my story to Mark and he posted it on Invisible people .com. I was working for Habitat for Humanity and fell off a roof.Both of my wrists were broken,Isuffered a compound fracture of my right ankle,infections in the ankle led to amputation on 3/2/17. I have been homeless since a week after getting out of the Hospital,I had rented a room with my savings,paid six months rent.....and my roommate died.I was given 5 days to get out.I ended up on the streets.Went to a shelter.....and was beaten up and robbed.I have been trying to get SSI,or Disability,but keep hearing about how long it takes,and it has ONLY been a year.It is going to get cold soon,I am trying to find help getting an apartment or room,it is so hard out here,trying to keep Drs appointments,anything I own I have to carry with me everywhere I go.Having to sit with a sign and beg for enough to eat,or train/bus fare. I know that some day SSI or Disability will come through for me,If I can just make it until then. I estimate that $2000.00 will get me into a cheap room and through most of the winter,please....and thank you,anything helps.Praise God! Thanks to a recently met friend finally some progress with social security,, I recieved a phone call and now have not one but two appointments with Social security Dr's in the next two weeks.  So I am turning my goals for this go fund me account in a new direction. It has been over ten years since my family has been together. In the last year my brother in law and best friend lost his battle with diabetes. My wife passed from an accidental overdose, and my mother just recently told us that her kidneys are failing and she has refused dialysis, she has been in and out of the hospital and didn't want to worry us, the fact that she told us about this means that the prognosis is very bad indeed. It would mean so much to my family to be able to get together one last time, my sister and her five kids are in Ohio, Mom is in Kentucky, my three kids are in Bucks county p.a,. All of us are struggling in one way or another and could never afford to make this happen...... Please. Help me to bring my family together. Because home is where the heart is, and there truly is..... No place like home.check out the video interview my good friend Mark shared on his site Invisible people. Com. Robert Hicks. 
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Rob Hicks 
Philadelphia, PA