Running Into A New Earth

Hello! We are Brandon and Fiona and we've made the conscious decision to leave it all behind. Trading in the house for the tent, cement for the dirt, societal rules to live wild and free, and we're bringing our 2 year old son and our dog along with us.

Running into a New Earth is a purposeful journey into the unknown, powered by our hearts, and rediscovering our oneness with all living things. Setting out on a series of extended physical challenges around Turtle Island (North America) to awaken our spirits to the human experience and give back to indigenous causes. From this place, we can heal, embody a new way of being and carve the way for a new earth. 
Series 1: First Strides North
On October 1st, 2021, we will begin Series 1 of Running Into a New Earth, running a combined 227 miles of the North Country Trail from Michigan to the Stop Line 3 Resistance in Northern Minnesota.
"Line 3 is a pipeline that would carry nearly a million barrels a day of crude oil - the dirtiest oil to extract and burn - from Alberta, Canada through Minnesota to Superior, Wisconsin.
The proposed route of the pipeline crosses 227 bodies of freshwater, including the Mississippi River TWICE, and rivers that feed directly into Lake Superior! When it spills, as all pipelines do, millions of people downstream will feel the effects, and wild rice beds sacred to the Anishinaabe in Minnesota will be destroyed " (For more information about Line 3, and why it's so important to prevent this project from being completed, please visit Stop Line 3 )
Our run of 227 miles represents the 227 sacred waters Line 3 could cross through. Once we are there, we will be living amongst the land protectors and documenting our experiences along the way.
100% of money raised will be donated in the following manner:
  • 70% of all money raised will be donated to the Stop Line 3 resistance.
  • 30% of all money raised will be donated to the Mohawk Immersion School at the Six Nations of the Grand River Reservation. This school is dedicated to revitalizing the culture and languages of the Mohawk people.
What is Running Into a New Earth?
This is a journey to give the energy of our dream the space to blossom and grow. For life is meant to be lived purposefully and we as humans are meant to be impactful. Living a life enriched by our connections with nature, serve the greater good, and protect life for future generations. Incorporating the ancient wisdom of our indigenous ancestors into a powerful modern way of living. This is the life of the Change Maker.
The current Earth is dominated by the structures of society which have limited us to an extractive state of being and allowed complacency to rule over us. In order to hold up the concepts of continuous economic growth, consumerism, and individualism, we have to continue to extract every resource until there is nothing left. Living like this is a direct contradiction to the meaning of our life here on Mother Earth. We as people are suffering because we are not fully engaged in the human experience.
Reciprocity is one of our core values. Running Into a New Earth is set up to give back. To raise awareness to the hard truth we face today as human beings, to show that we have the power to heal and to transcend beyond the current structures of society into a place based on respect, love, and kindness. All money raised will be donated to Indigenous causes here on Turtle Island.
Join us in carving the way to a New Earth!
Much Love,
Brandon and Fiona

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About Brandon
I was born and raised in the traditional territory of the Potawatomi People. Known today as Detroit, Michigan. Since I was a child I had a strong interest in getting to know my Indigenous roots. My father is 100% Mohawk, my mother is white. Raised in an all white suburban neighborhood, and discouraged by my father to explore my indigeneity, I never had a chance to understand who I was.
Now as an adult, it has been of utmost importance to understand my heritage and retrace the steps of my ancestors here on Turtle Island. To understand the true meaning of being an indigenous person and how to embody it in a modern way. My personal mission is to learn the wisdom of life through indigenous teachings and share it through my experience as I understand it, in order to bring about a better way of living now and for future generations. Giving back to indigenous communities in order to help revitalize our important cultures.
About Fiona
I grew up in the affluent suburbs of South County Dublin, Ireland. Attending an all girl Catholic School and later going to UCD where I graduated with a BSc in Landscape Architecture. In my teen years and into my 20's, a series of personal traumatic events, along with living under the suppressive rules of catholicism, I was left completely lost within the confines of my mind, body, and spirit.
In May 2015, I left Ireland for a soul searching adventure which took me around the time capsule of Cuba, down the coast of Mexico, and through the forests of Guatemala, before I flew to the U.S. Over 8 months, I traveled solo and with old and new friends alike and finding pieces of myself along the way. I then spent 8 weeks Couchsurfing across America to my final destination, Detroit Michigan. I met Brandon 5 weeks after I arrived.

In the recent years of my life, I have awoken my spirit from a deep disconnected slumber. Realizing that I have no idea what it means to be an indigenous person of Eire (Ireland). Our ancient beliefs and wisdom have been buried beneath layers of deceit and manipulation by the rule of the Crown and the Church. I have set out to find the truth of my ancestors and bring their wisdom to life in our modern world. 

About Us
Over the past year, we have experienced profound shifts in our lives. Exploring ourselves spiritually has led us to a place of deep knowingness and trust. Until then, we were completely caught in the structures of society. Measuring our success and happiness by the barometers of our social status.
Both of us always had a desire to be impactful with our work. To serve the greater good. We had a Real Estate company based on this idea. Serving the most vulnerable population by solving complex problems for senior homeowners. We learned that real change cannot come from operating within the structures of the current system. This caused enormous frustration.
During a time of deep reflection, we came to the conclusion that things weren't working out the way we had hoped because we were not in alignment with who we are, our inner purpose. Real Estate is an old, profit-driven industry. The very people we had set out to help, in a sense, we were taking advantage of their situation in order to make money. This is because we were forced to play by the same rules set out by the industry.
After coming to this realization, a deep soul-searching journey ensued. Who are we? We "thought" we were doing everything we were supposed to, but here we were, left unfulfilled and unhappy. This is when we came face to face with deeply rooted beliefs, thought structures, and traumas that have shaped the way we view life. It was time for us to do the hard work. It was time to heal and to let go of everything we thought we knew.
And that's where we are now, ready to strip ourselves and our life down to the essentials.
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