Running from South Pole to North Pole从地球一极跑到另一极

My name is Bai Bin, an extreme ultra-marathoner, I launched an epic journey in 2018 to set the world record to become the first person to run from the Antarctic to the arctic within 300 days. I kicked off this adventure at the Great Wall Science Station at the South Pole in March 2018, and so far, have already strode through 13 countries in South, Central and North America: Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, United States!!  Thus far, from running roughly two marathons/day, I have accomplished over 83% of my goal to end up in Tuktoyaktuk, NWT by running 20,000 km of the 24,000 km expedition.  During this journey, I was infected by bacteria in Columbia, hospitalized twice in Panama, and kidnapped in Mexico, which significantly interrupted my original plan reaching the Arctic by November in 2018, but I did not give up and continued my adventure through whatever elements I encountered!
Now my destination is within reach as I embark on the final stretch from Canada where the end goal is only ~4000 km away. I can almost see the Arctic opening its arms to welcome me and cheer me on to fulfill my big dream!   Unfortunately, I ran out of my original sponsorship funding due to delays resulting from slowing my running pace to recover from the bacterial infection in Central American. Making it worse, my volunteer support team leader lost his passport near the end of our journey in the United States and was therefore not able to enter Canada.  In addition, as planned, some of my volunteer team members had to return to their normal lives after accompanying me since the beginning when I took my first step on the south tip of South America. I am so grateful and cannot thank them enough for their dedication, selflessness and heartful support.  They would have entered the Arctic with me if those delays had not occurred. 
However, I am so fortunate to be embraced by fellow outdoor enthusiasts in Vancouver, they have been so friendly and are motivated to help me finish my pole-to-pole pursuit. Facing the toughest stretch yet ahead of me with the time-sensitive risk of the ice bridges melting across the Peel River and Mackenzie River on the Dempster Highway, I have to pick up my journey pace and move faster.  I sincerely invite you to please become part of this history-making undertaking by sponsoring me and my team to accomplish this multi-continental quest. By helping me achieve my ultimate goal, I believe my success will inspire and empower others to achieve their goals!
If you have any question or are interested in sponsoring my last leg of this adventure, please contact us. To appreciate the magnitude of this momentous feat, please look at the diagrams below.

我在2018年3月从中国南极长城科考站出发,计划创造一个新的世界纪录,成为第一个在300天内从南极跑到北极的人。 到目前为止,我已经跑完了2万公里, 跨越南美洲,中美洲和北美洲的13个国家:阿根廷,智利,秘鲁,厄瓜多尔,哥伦比亚,巴拿马,哥斯达黎加,尼加拉瓜,洪都拉斯,萨尔瓦多,危地马拉,墨西哥,美国, 完成了超过83%的目标。我本该在2018年11月到达加拿大西北地区的 Tuktoyaktuk(Tuk), 完成这个总计2万4千公里,横跨南北美洲大陆的千古穿越。然而再周密的计划也难免意外。我先在哥伦比亚细菌感染,在巴拿马两次住院,为了在病后恢复体力,我不得不放慢速度,在运动中慢慢恢复到最佳状态。 之后我又在墨西哥被绑架几个小时,虽然最后安然脱身,但虚惊难免。毫无疑问这些意外严重延误了我的计划,但是我从未想过中途放弃。
现在我已经进入加拿大境内,距离最后的终点只有4000公里。我几乎可以看到北极在张开双臂欢迎我,也为我即将实现的梦想而欢呼!不幸的是,由于中美洲细菌感染住院的费用过大,以及延后的行程导致我的赞助资金消耗过多,已经不足以支撑我走到最后的终点。 更糟糕的是,我的志愿者支持团队负责人在我们美国旅程结束时丢失了护照,无法进入加拿大。而我的其他志愿者团队成员,从我踏上南美的那一刻便陪伴我一路北上,也不得不逐个按原计划返回各自的工作与生活。我衷心感谢他们一路的奉献精神和无私支持。如果没有发生那些意外,他们一定会跟我一起进入了北极,拥抱梦想实现的那一刻。
然而天无绝人之路,我很幸运在我进入加拿大后受到了广大户外爱好者的热欢迎和贴心陪伴,使我在温哥华短短几天的休整,成为整个征程中最难忘的经历。他们热情友好,并且竭尽全力帮助我完成我的梦想。但是由于身处冬季,极度寒冷,接下来进入北极圈的这一段是整个行程中最大的挑战。加上我预计到达北极圈的时候,正好是Dempster高速公路上Peel河和Mackenzie河上冰桥消融的时候,时不我待,我必须加快奔跑速度,赶在两河解冻之前通过,以最终到达梦想的终点。 在这里,我诚挚地邀请您成为这个历史性壮举的一部分,伸出援助之手,帮助我和我的团队一起完成这项横跨多个洲的极限挑战,实现最终目标。我相信我的成功将激励更多人去追逐并实现他们的梦想!只要我们在前进的路上,就终有一天会到达终点。 如果您有兴趣赞助我这次冒险的最后一站,请联系我们。任何疑问,也欢迎垂询。

 The full route ( 24,000 km)原计划完整路线:
What I have accomplished thus far( 20,000 km)已跑完 : 
 What still remains (4000 km)即将完成 : 
Update on March 8, 2019, 3月8日更新 :  

On March 7, 2019, after a short break and restocking necessary supplies for the next 2 months, I resumed my trek in companion with awesome supporters from Vancouver. It is such a great honor to have their warm support and caring。
3月7日, 在经过短暂的休整,并备好了未来2个月的用品补济之后,在广大的温哥华支持者的热心陪伴下,我重踏征途。有如此热心的支持和关切,我复何求?唯有奋勇向前,直达北极! 


Some photos from my journey thus far 征途上的部分照片  
update to March 19,2019 3月19日更新 

My volunteer support team has purchased 2 sets of Midland Radios for daily use between my and my en-route support person, and a  Garmin Inreach Explore+ for emergency  search and rescue purpose.

我的后援团志愿者利用募捐款项为我购办了对讲机以及全球最先进的卫星双向定位仪,以便途中紧急情况下救援使用。以下是这两种仪器的图片及说明 。

1,Midland 对讲机 Midland Radios 
37412778_1553066298718970_r.jpegReal time satellite tracking  实时卫星定位

Garmin InReach Explore+  2, Garmin 卫星双向通讯定位仪 

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