Rudy Vasquez's Cancer Fund

Late last year, my husband was diagnosed with B-cell lymphoma.  It definitely came as a surprise to me and my family.  No one ever expects to hear the words "you have cancer" but it was especially puzzling since he has always been relatively healthy.

After the initial shock of the news wore off, there were so many thoughts running through our minds.  Was the cancer terminal?  If not, what type of treatments would he need?

Thankfully, the lymphoma is treatable.  The doctor recommended 6 chemotherapy treatments to start with and possibly more depending on the effectiveness of the treatments.  At this time he is approaching treatment number 5 and so far things are progressing in a positive direction.  God willing, things will continue to go well and my husband can win this battle.  Our faith in the Lord has helped us to this point and will continue to guide us through this difficult journey.

As treatments, weekly doctor's visits and prescriptions increase, so does the cost involved.  He has Medicare but it only covers so much.  We have had to move in with our son and his family in order to help us with medical expenses but the bills keep mounting.  I am asking for donations to help pay for the costs involved with this battle.  Any amount will help and I will be truly grateful for your generosity.  Thank you!

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Norma Perez-vasquez
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