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My ask is simple - if you've added $10,000 to your bottom line from our videos(one $150 logic board repair per month since we started uploading board repair videos), I would request you consider a one time donation of $10 to help us with moving.

EDIT: I edited the budget sheet with a "bare minimum" column and changed the goal of the campaign to match a more realistic goal. Column B was original, column F is updated.

We run a for profit business. In my spare time, I create educational content to teach small repair shops how to profitably expand into Macbook logic board repair. I have found the content we publish has made it more difficult to secure the funding required for doing a "proper" move. Over the past five years I have heard from everyone from investigators, law enforcement, hospital equipment repair personnel, and teenagers who opened their own stores from watching our videos. I also travel to cover legislative events of note that affect all involved in the independent device repair industry and testify on behalf of the repair industry. 

To be clear, if this even makes fifty bucks I will be ecstatic and appreciative of every last dime - my budget for moving & renovations is here and will scale back if we don't hit our target. I used to meet customers in a park and do repairs in a house filled with termites, and had a patio door on my store for six months before I could afford a proper storefront.  What I posted are approximate figures for us to outfit the place "properly" and act like a "real company" for a change, rather than a hole in the wall where the clean room bench for data recovery sits right next to the nightly garbage and the floor the BGA rework table sits on is as level as a pinball machine. We've done world class work in spite of our circumstances, and will continue to - but I'm curious what we could do with a properly fitted shop. 


a) We still intend to continue producing educational content available to all, free of charge, regardless of the outcome of this fundraiser. This could raise $0, and after moving, all old videos will remain freely available, and new videos will be produced(perhaps on a slightly slower schedule until we get situated). 

b) We still intend to move to the new location regardless of the outcome of this fundraiser, it just may result in a more half assed move and/or going the route of more toxic financing. 

c) We would like to create a wall - whether digital or otherwise, with all of the names of the people who contributed, and have it in the store as a way to immortalize my thank you to everyone who contributed.


Louis Rossmann
New York, NY

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