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THE ROSIEPUPS™ PROJECT by Mama Rosie, Super Steve & Kaptain Kaylee | Narrated by Super Steve

The Issue |
There are far too many kids in hospital and seniors left in homes, either sad, lonely, bored or hurting.

The Fix
 | As an organization, we gift super-strength through personalized puppy care packages and visits. Our love and donations are gifted by magical superhero therapy dogs, known as "The Rose Pack", during their visits to kids in children's hospitals and seniors in assisted living. Specifically, these gifts are Rose's stuffed super "babies" left to watch over and learn from recipients called "Hero-BFFs". These individuals inspire and ground us while allowing us to appreciate what we have in our lives and re-evaluate what means most within them. These heroes truly light up the earth in the dark places their symptoms have gotten them. In response, it is our job to answer their calls for relief, connectivity and distraction - and do it is the MOST fun and impactful way possible...

To make this experience as fun, impactful & engaging as possible for those we serve, creating a brand identity that is uniform and well-thought-out was key. Once we developed our brand voice and design, we were able to come up with wonderful, unique products that we could create and distribute on top of our therapy dog visits. These included capes, comics and trading cards (seen below). With our uniform super-voices projected and the various goodies passed around, our beneficiaries were better able to understand who we are, how they can relate to us, and most importantly, how together we can improve all our lives.

The Preface | But interaction and understanding of our project goes beyond's welcoming our stakeholders to be a part of our story. For these individuals to be a part of our story, they must know its beginnings. So, we chronologically packaged our project's events into a tale that could be told to all ages; ROSE & THE LITTER OF LIGHTS™. The piece allows its readers to journey from Rose's birth to her and Super Steve practicing therapy work to finding ways to improve their overall visits' impacts.  The real-life excerpts were written with a tone of make-believe so that we could captivate our young demographic base while allowing them to dream. We are believers that imaginations and forward-looking  metaphysically help them get through treatment or recovery. Specifically, they'd be able to imagine a better future than their present.

The Story | The following is a synopsis of our 1st RosiePups™ comic, ROSE & THE LITTER OF LIGHTS™, which leads us to the days were RosiePups™ roam the Earth. Again, let your imagination run free as it helps you follow along....

>>>We begin our journey wading through a frosty blizzard, on an eventful northern winter night in 2017. Through the storm lies an enchanted cabin, just at the edge of the magic forest of lights. Through its doors, we find ourselves huddled around a wood-burning fire, next to an extraordinary white-light Golden Retriever, named Aurora, & her two super-human sidekicks. Aurora, rumored to come from the skies above, visits rarely, only to deliver supernatural gifts that make our world a better place.

this trip, she came with a special kind of delivery; her babies, A litter of canine supers sent to brighten the world in the darkest of times. After a hard night, including an emergency room visit for her last 2 babies, she gave birth to 11 hungry puppies! After Aurora's labor pains subside, we shift our attention to the puppies. All but the youngest (and smallest) E.R. puppies were now able to get milk. As minutes turn to hours, these smaller puppies continue to be forced away from their mother by their growing, stronger brothers and sisters. Just when they felt like they  couldn't fight for milk on their own, special superhuman guardians turned their gaze unto them, bottle feeding them and giving extra nurturing. Sadly, days later, despite all the love and dedication to the litter, these guardians weren't able to save Aurora's youngest puppy, who passed peacefully from continued birth complications. This puppy, who was later named Ms. Angel, began her peaceful rest much too early. However, through in her peace she found a purpose; her job on Earth was not done. Angel was to begin watch over her special brothers and sisters. Most immediately, she was called to protect her next youngest sister, "Rose, The Runt".

In coming weeks, Rose would, indeed, need Angel's special nurturing from above . She was the smallest surviving puppy, by far. She was half the weight of her biggest brother. Lots of attention and nutrition were invested into Rose. Days became weeks and Rose pulled through to eat on her own and gain weight to survivable levels. Once she was able to stand, she was allowed to begin her superhero training lead by her superhuman guardians. It was here that she began to play with her brothers and sisters for the first time, despite being much smaller. She often felt weak in training as she always fell down being accidentally pushed around.

But in time she discovered she was anything but weak. Indeed, what didn't kill her made her stronger. She was never hard on herself and always managed to get back up with a smile. This made her outgoing, social and through her tribulations built up a strong resistance to pain, negativity and fear.  And after 8 seemingly hard weeks being in the superhero hospital and camp, she was cleared to leave for her new forever home. What was most exciting about this was that she would not only gain a new home, she'd gain a new super sidekick named Super Steve! As she was still a super puppy-in-training, he would be her new guide, keeping her safe while she developed and harnessed her powers further...

After getting to know each other, things really began to brighten up. Rose and her new BBF handler built a strong bond. After months and months of superhero, obedience and therapy training, Rose and Steve set out to test their skills in strengthening and loving those in need. They found themselves outside of one of the Twin Cities' largest senior living facilities, providing assisted living, short-term rehabilitation and hospice care. During their "Puppy Parade" events, Rose and her handler impressed many with their demeanor and dedication to serving others. They did it well! So much so that they were invited weekly to serve up some strength and smiles to their senior residents.

As each week passed, the rapport Rose built up made her a hot commodity. But with volunteer hours limited, it was hard for Super Steve and Rose to see everyone without rushing visits for a growing list of seniors. This made Rose want to leave each of them with something to make them feel special - like they’re part of her super family. Miraculously, in that moment, Rose’s puppy powers radiated and then morphed, transforming her into “Mama" Rose! She was now magically able to gift her own white-light babies - she named Rosiepups - to senior "Hero-BFFs", their new guardians. She was proud and felt fulfilled! She had done just like her supermom before her, and now, she’d earned her cape! 

As the duo saw the power of the RosiePups for brightening spirits, mental acuity training and day-to-day something to do, they wondered where else might benefit from such a powerful program. And POW!!!, it hit them; children's hospitals. There are already so many super individuals at these facilities, why not learn from each others superpowers, trade strengths and form one heck of a team? It was here that all supers were able to trade powers to one another and earn heir capes. These capes, boasting the seal of their new alliance, which was named "THE ROSE PACK". The Rose Pack™ - made up of other therapy dogs and handlers - now walk the halls of their favorite homes-away-from-home to give out their magical superheroes-in-training (RosiePups™) to new "HERO-BFFs", the name given to patients or residents showcasing their strength in unimaginable ways. Their friend Peyton (below) was the first hero to join the pack...

Despite steady growth of their Rose Pack™ therapy dogs and handlers, the group decided that there were too many heroes out there that could use a boost of strength and not enough time! They wanted to make the Rose Pack™ bigger and better but how could the heroes connect with these bright individuals if they were far, far away? Then Eureka!!! The team came up with plan. They'd craft and build magical kennels that would be shipped directly to those, both in-patient and out-patient, bringing RosiePups™ and their gear to their new forever homes and the hands of new Hero-BFFs™. Once their kennel carrier is opened, hugs and smiles await, for the RosiePups™! More than this puppy love, the pups are to be trained in the art of superhuman strength by their Hero-BFFs™. Conversely, when our Heroes are distracted or busy resting, the RosiePups™ return the favor and watch over their Hero-BFFs, day and night. Each and every new day, we look to have more and more of these shining stars welcomed as a part of our on-going story - a story that began with ROSE & THE LITTER OF LIGHTS™,. THE END.

Where will our heroes take us next? | Nothing in life is certain, however, no matter where The Rose Pack™ decides to go, they will bring strength and smiles through their RosiePups™. However, they can't do it without you. RosiePups™ production is expensive and training these super plushies on being superheroes is no small feat. The $9500 is the cost to produce a minimum order quantity of 3,000 RosiePups, which Rose Pack™ handler Super Steve has put on a magical credit card. Help Super Steve spread joy to thousands of patients, residents & their families by getting more RosiePups™ into circulation.

Thanks for reading,

"Super" Steve & "Mama" Rose Coonan
Caped Co-Founders | RosiePups Project | A MN Non-Profit | Tax-Exempt EIN: 82-5464730

featuring Callie "Cowabunga" Fiddler
Caped Cuddler 


The Breakdown* | Appendix | The $9,500 will cover the minimum run of RosiePups toys, which Super Steve put on his credit card. Any fundraising over the $9,500 goal will go straight to programming costs for our Hero-BFFs (our kids and seniors beneficiaries). $10 will provide a kiddo or senior with (1) gift package, which nearly covers (1) toy, cape, comic, container & shipping label**. 

*Graphic design and web services donated by Super Steve
**Trading cards are donated separately; funds raised by Rose Pack Handlers and/or parents.


Steve Coonan
Minnetonka, MN

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