Rosemont High School Music

As a growing program we have encountered 2 major obstacles: Funding for new instruments and transportation.

This year we have seen growth in all Rosemont Music ensembles and our String Orchestra more than doubled in size, leaving us with more students than we have instruments.  Specifically, we are short on violins, flutes, and alto saxophones, and are anticipating other shortages in our inventory in the near future.
Another issue we have encountered is transportation.  While Marching Band has carpooled to competitions in the past, at over 50 students currently (and anticipating more down the line) we are in need of buses for this season and beyond.

Contributions to this fund will go to the Rosemont Music Boosters account, which also funds sheet music purchases, music supplies, instructor stipends, and meals/snacks for our students.

Please know that we will gladly accept instrument donations.  If you have any instruments you no longer play or need they would be put to good use at Rosemont!

Your support is greatly appreciated!  Any questions you may have will be answered by Patrick Neff, Director of Bands, Choir, and Orchestra at Rosemont High School. Thank you!!!

Visit Rosemont Music's website at !

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Patrick Neff
La Riviera, CA
Holly Foell

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