Roovy's Plea to Pray for Izzy

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Over the past year I have proclaimed on a multiplicity of occasions that the effects of the homicidal Leukodystrophy has begun to make slow but steady advancements in its attempt to annihilate and completely obliterate Izzy’s presence from upon this transient earth. Perhaps, this is the proverbial (HW) fork in the road, whereby the Omnipresent God is attempting to procure who will concede to the seemingly obvious conclusion, that Izzy’s increasingly failing health, and cataclysmic medical diagnosis and prognosis, which gives him a 0% chance of recovery, and view it as a fatal death sentence, rather than apply the age old adage, “when the going gets tough, the tough get going”, and beseech the Almighty God even more fervently and with even increasing passion, realizing that (irrespective of conventional medical wisdom diagnoses and prognoses), that it is only the benevolent God, who can cure those two have been classified as incurable by the medical community, based upon the general medical laws of nature. It is incumbent upon me, rather than surrendering and accepting what medical experts deem to be a regretful, but absolute reality, to reach out and extend my grasp even further to the Omnipresent God, in the hopes that he will opt to cure my angelic Izzy, shocking the medical community at large. Wow I am not living in a life of denial regarding the facts on the ground, I am also quite cognizant of the facts that emanate from the Almighty God above, and feel compelled to intensify my efforts on behalf of my angelic Izzy. God is unequivocally just in all of his decrees, and even as Izzy undergoes the horrific effects of the advancement of Leukodystrophy, the merciful God, continues to serve as his protective shield from the angel of death, as well as oversees the welfare of Izzy’s loved ones, as they forge ahead towards the finish line, hand in hand in unification.


In both 2014 and 2016 I was meritorious to attend my synagogue’s “Journey of Torah“, whereby we spent an entire week in the holy land of Israel, commencing hour day by praying for all of our desires and requirements at the famed Western Wall, (Click on Link:  ), and subsequent to spending the entire morning steeped in study of God’s holy Scriptures, we typically spent the afternoons and evenings meeting Torah personalities, spiritual hallowed landmarks, and visiting several of the world renowned rabbinical luminaries, in the hopes that I would procure a blessing from there holy lips, on behalf of the current medical status and future prognosis of my angelic Izzy. During the 2016 Journey of Torah, there were three individuals who were accompanied by their 13–14-year-old son’s, making the experience significantly more meaningful for both father and son. Roovy had indicated a strong desire to attend the 2018 Journey of Torah, having recently Celebrated his bar mitzvah day. (Click on Link: This, rather than a trip to Disney World, was his single wish for a Bar Mitzvah present from his parents, an opportunity to spend a week with his father pleading on Izzy‘s behalf, serving as a junior emissary with me by his side. However, due to scheduling logistics, “Journey of Torah VIII” will likely be deferred until 2019, and given that Roovy will be attending high school next year, he will likely not be afforded the opportunity to attend this spiritual voyage on behalf of his brother Izzy.

Upon being notified that the Journey of Torah was being deferred, he had actual tears in his saddened eyes as Roovy’s pleas for Izzy, would likely go unheard, at this critical juncture in Izzy’s tenuous life. Therefore, I have undertaken project ROOVY’S PLEAS FOR IZZY, with the objective of raising a minimum of $2500, which would cover airfare for both Roovy and myself, as well as for traveling expenses, during our week in the holy land, as we visit some of the most emotionally spiritual landmarks in the country, such as Rachel‘s tomb (Click on Link: ), and the burial site of the Jewish patriarchs and matriarchs (Click on Link: ). we intend to stay by my in-laws, which will afford is he Roovy and opportunity to spend a week with his aging grandparents, who he meticulously respected and served during their recent trip to Chicago to attend his Bar Mitzvah. Given that my father-in-law is a man of prestige, being the dean of a high school and post high school in Israel, he has connections to arrange to have us meet with some of the world’s leading luminaries, including but not limited to Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky (Click on Link: ), arguably the single leading rabbinical luminary of today’s generation, whose blessings have been known to periodically seemingly miraculously alter what had allegedly been medically determined as forgone conclusions. Additionally, through the connections via other family and friends, as well as additional personal contacts, I envision spending a week that will serve not as a recreational vacation of leisure, but rather as a spiritual mission on behalf of our angelic Izzy.


Over the remaining 16 days of January, we are seeking to raise a minimum of $2500 for this most worthy and magnanimous cause, enabling a 13-year-old to pray with tears in his eyes, in front of the Western Wall, on behalf of is terminally ill seven-year-old brother. Given our financial situation as a family, we are appealing to the general public, especially to Izzy’s regular readers, to help sponsor this Bar Mitzvah present for Roovy, which is not a recreational week in Florida, but rather a spiritual odyssey in the holy land of Israel, on behalf of our angelic Izzy.


Thanking you in advance,

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