Roger Sweetman Medical Bill Fund

On Saturday, June 17, 2017 Roger Sweetman and his 9-year old son Riley Sweetman were out on the motorcycle having a great time.  While waiting to make a left turn off Route 1 South in Spotsylvania County, an automobile driver who wasn't looking up watching where she was going ran into the back of their motorcycle at an excess of 55 miles per hour.

Riley was thrown from the motorcycle.  He suffered cuts, abrasions, and bruises and needed ten staples in the back of his head to close a wound.

Roger was trapped on the motorcycle and the driver - who according to multiple witnesses to the accident didn't look up from whatever she was doing inside her vehicle that was more important than driving safely until after her collision with Roger and Riley's motorcycle -
STILL did not apply her brakes and continued hitting Roger on his motorcycle until she finally turned her wheels to the right, crossed the ditch, and ran into the trees.

According to all evidence and witness statements, this distracted and reckless driver never hit her brakes.  

Riley is out of the hospital and recovering at home with his mom.   Our family was blessed that this little boy's outcome was not a complete and utter tragedy.  We thank God constantly.

Roger remains in the Critical Hospital Trauma Intensive Care Unit at VCU Hospital in Richmond, Virginia.  He has fracture and crush injuries to his right side including his femur starting at his hip, his shoulder, multiple ribs, multiple vertebra, his liver, his spleen, and he has two brain injuries - a subdural hematoma and a sub-arachnoid hematoma.   He also has a fractured left hand, multiple road abrasions, multiple cuts and bruises, and facial injuries.

Roger has had one surgery to repair his right femur with metal rods. A second surgery on his shoulder is now scheduled and at only 35 years old he may have to have his shoulder completely replaced - a surgery most people never have to consider before their late fifties or even older.

Roger cannot stand yet but is beginning to perform basic self-care functions from the bed.  He cannot get out of bed alone or  bear any weight on his right leg.   All because someone decided to drive their vehicle without paying attention to the road.

Due to the brain injuries and internal injuries, Roger has already had eight expensive CT Scans and has so far spent six days in costly trauma intensive care at VCU Hospital. 

Insurance will not cover all the costs that will be incurred in Roger's recovery and rehabilitation so he will be able to return to his job as a Ford Senior Master Technician at Sheehy Ford in Ashland, VA.  This careless driver ripped his livelihood and his life as he was living it completely away from him and his family.

We are humbled to ask for assistance from friends, family, and caring people we don't actually know.  

If you can give, please do.  Every dollar you donate will go towards Roger's medical expenses not paid by insurance.  Every dollar is so very greatly appreciated.

If you can't give, we ask for your prayers for recovery for Riley and Roger.  Please pray for the healing hands of the doctors who will be operating on Roger and the therapists who will later help him regain the ability to overcome his injuries.  

Hug your loved ones.  Never forget that distracted drivers damage lives.  Ride and Drive Carefully!
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    • $250 
    • 56 mos
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    • $25 
    • 57 mos
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    • $20 
    • 57 mos
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    • $50 
    • 58 mos
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    • $10 
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