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On December 11th, 2018 a student and his mother at Chandler Woods Charter Academy, were in a terrible accident. Julian is currently a third grader at the school and his mother a constant presence at the school and in all aspects of his and his twin sisters lives. Our goal in this Go Fund Me is to help raise funds to assist with legal fees and other costs associated with this accident. Following the accident, Julian was rushed to the emergency room, where over 25 doctors fought to save his life. At this point, Julian remains in the hospital needing continuous care. The injuries he sustained proved to be a challenge for all the hospital staff. Julian's injuries were unique in that no one else has been able to survive them before. He is truly a miracle case. The overwhelming support Tiffany has received from the community speaks to her character as a  mother. Tiffany was thrown into the foster system as a child and that shaped her entire view on family. After having her children she experienced love for the first time. Now the same system that she had to deal with as a child is threatening to overwhelm her again.  For now Tiffany's priority is to get her family back together.  Her daughter back home, and her son home when he is healed. With your generous donations she stands a better chance at retaining legal representation that will give her a fair chance. Upon hearing that charges were being brought and she was being separated from her children there has been an outcry for justice for her and her family. Before the accident occurred Tiffany made her children a priority above everything else. Anyone who knows her, knows that Tiffany's devotion to her children was never a question. Tiffany's experience so far in the court system has been an uphill battle. Please help us reunite this family that does not need to be torn apart. Any amount big or small will make all the difference. Tiffany has not left Julian's side since the accident. Any money left after legal fees will go to the loss of income she has suffered.

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