Robert “Sponz” Szponda

It is with a very heavy heart that I am writing this to let everyone know that “Sponz” is beginning his final journey to eternal rest.
  “Sponz”, Robert, Bobby Szponda landed at Yale on April 24, 2018. At the time of his arrival, he unfortunately was admitted into Yale and  his medical status was very grim. In the matter of a few days, Sponzy shocked the entire medical world and made a complete turn around! Proving  he is the fighter that he is from the inside out, Sponz baffled nationally recognized surgeons and other medical professionals! We had quite the ride as Sponz went medically in a full circle three times. Many tears and celebrations happened in not only the MICU unit at Yale but as well as the 10-7 Pulmonary floor at Yale!!! His care workers were nothing short of amazing!!! Unfortunately, during Bob’s stay at Yale he was forced into having a tracheotomy. This was a necessary procedure to give Sponz a fighting chance. Through this process Sponz was reliant on a ventilator to breath. With hard work, Sponz became independent from the ventilator and was able to breathe independently for almost 48 hours. This was amazing news!!!! Sponz then received his cap and gown and was moved onto the next step where he was admitted into Gaylord Rehabilitation Hospital in Wallingford! Sooo excited to have the past 11 weeks begins him, we moved into a Physical therapy regiment. Bobby was super excited to get back to his own life and regiment. He fought immensely utilizing some of the tools that Gaylord had to offer him. He was making great progress and we couldn’t be more proud. Just last week he  was his happy go lucky self breaking chops and admiring the anatomy of many of the nurses that he was blessed with caring for him. Unfortunately, this week, his body decided to quit on him. It has been quite a long 4 plus months for Sponz. This is quite devastating news for those of us who have been at his side daily and assured him that he would be home soon. It is with tears that I write this to all of you, his family, that unfortunately Sponz will never be coming home. Sadly his lungs have quit on him. He currently has 33% usage of his right lung and 50% usage of his left.  Sadly the daily deterioration of his lungs will not allow him to survive without a continuation of life support.  Sponz’s own medical wishes are to never live hooked on life support for his remaining time here with us. With that being said I regret to say that we are days away from fulfilling his wishes and providing him with comfort care that will allow him to be comfortable here for his last days before his journey back home to his Holy Father.   At this time, We are not financially secure with providing Sponz with the burial that he deserves.  Sponz, as you know, is someone who would give you the shirt off of his back. He does not have living relatives and as some of you may remember, there were few of us at his mothers funeral many years ago.  I ask, you, the people who Sponz has considered his family over the years, for your help. No donation is too small. I would love to send this New Haven Legend and Superstar off with the respect that he deserves!!! If anyone is in the area and is available,  
Sponz is still currently at Gaylord Hospital in Wallingford and able to receive visitors. He is on The Milne Floor room M216, if anyone would like to say their goodbyes. (He is sleeping a lot but has moments of clarity  and I am sure would love to see everyone) I just ask for everyone to keep the conversations light and positive. He is very confused and scared as you can imagine. 

Thank you soo much in advance! Tammey
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Tammey Nicholas Emerling 
New Haven, CT