Robbert van den Broeke

Robbert van den Broeke started having paranormal experiences when he was a small child (4 years old). It took years before his parents understood what he was trying to tell them. Over time the entire family witnessed these events. From what we can tell, he's unique in the world.


I'm William Gazecki, an Oscar nominated and Emmy Award winning documentary filmmaker from California (Wikipedia) . Robbert and I are making an ongoing documentary series called "Miracles; with Robbert van den Broeke". The audience will be with him 24/7. With connections to life-after-death, crop circles, angels and ETs he has a lot to show us. We'll also be able to see that there's no fakery going on. This money will be used to produce the pilot (first) episode. I leave for the Netherlands on August 13th, where he and I will work together.

Robbert and I met in 2010. I met him though Nancy Talbott, the woman in the picture above. Nancy had worked for years in crop circle science. Her work is renowned Nancy's website . We're all trying to give back something that can make a difference to the world. We all need to wake up, and hanging around with Robbert will definitely help.
These are heavenly energies around Robbert. He took the photograph as a "selfie".

There are some serious skeptics in the Netherlands (Holland), which is where Robbert lives. He still lives in the small village he was born in. as do his parents and siblings. In the early days there was a lot of ridicule and rejection. It was very hard on the family. It's taken a very long time (most of his life), but many locals are starting to accept him. He's a good person, and super smart. 

For all the hassle, Robbert does feel there is a purpose to it all. These phenomena are based in, and are various expressions of, a loving spiritual consciousness. A higher intelligence. The purpose of the events is to startle humanity. We need to acknowledge that the spiritual realm is real, and that it wants us to honor it and incorporate it into our daily lives. 
This is a video clip I recorded of Robbert "making pictures", as he calls it. You will see as he points the camera towards the area he feels energy, taking a series of single shots. Then he plays them back to see what might appear. In this instance an inter-dimensional entity appeared. This was at his parents home,  with his mother just off-camera (you can hear her voice). This is exactly as it happened. I was there.

I've been studying and working with Robbert for 16 years. Many of his experiences have been carefully documented. Initially by his family (when he was younger), and then for well over a decade by Nancy Talbott. Nancy was meticulous in her work with Robbert, employing rigorous scientific method. She explains a lot in this Introductory Video. She's written and published dozens of Reports that explain in detail what she has experienced with Robbert: Robbert Reports  In addition, there have been a number of scientists that have worked with him, measuring his brain states, verifying both his extraordinary nature and the authenticity of the phenomena. We'll share all of this and more in the series.

Robbert is the only person in the world who can predict the shape and location of a crop circle before it appears. The video link below shows him doing so, recorded for the first time. In the Netherlands, it was the largest crop formation ever to appear. And I will say- from having been there- that it was an amazing experience.  The human experience part of this is profound. There's something going on here that's about us, is inexplicable, yet can be deeply felt.
This is a crop circle he predicted in June of 2018. The largest ever in Holland. Filmed for the first time:
Robbert Predicts a Crop Circle 

His family and a small number of people have witnessed and shared some of his experiences with him. There have been scores of events, and there are hundreds of photos. We'll be filming new ones all the time.  If you're a fan of Close Encounters, or Arrival, this is a real version of those kinds of stories. Robbert is in genuine contact (and interacts with) what he refers to as "inter-dimensional intelligences".  We hope to get some things on-camera that have never been filmed. So far, I've gotten more on my camera than any other filmmaker. They seem to like me working with him, which is a mind-blower.

If you want to see more, I'm posting pictures here: Robbert Pictures on Instagram 

Please contribute as much as you can. 

Thank You!
William Gazecki

PS- To see the science on Robbert, please visit Nancy Talbott's research

This is the Introductory Video (30mins)


William Gazecki
Los Angeles, CA

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