Heidi’s fight against Breast Implant Illness ❤️

My dear friend Heidi has been fighting a long hard battle with her breast implants.  They have caused her to become very ill, and not herself.  Please read her story below, and if you have it in your heart please donate whatever you can even if it is $1!  And if you can't, just pray that we can raise enough money to help her get her implants removed to get her back to her healthy self again!!  


I’ve been trying to find the right time to share my story but there really isn't a “right time”. So, bear with me because this is gonna be a bit long winded. It’s difficult to be so open and vulnerable on the internet but I feel like I need to share in hopes of helping other women who might need to hear this.
10 years ago I made a decision based on my insecurities not knowing the damage it would later cause.
In late 2017 I started getting a pain in my neck. I originally wrote it off as a kink, thinking that I had just slept wrong and that it would go away. A week goes by and the pain is still lingering and getting worse. Around the same time I started to experience other abnormal issues. I was getting piercing headaches and major fatigue. I was also feeling depressed and anxious. In January 2018 I made my first of 7 emergency room visits. They did x-rays and an ultrasound on the back of my neck and found nothing. I returned to the ER 5 more times for the pain in my back, neck and headaches. Had MRI’s and CAT scans and still, nothing. There was 1 ER visit I made due to the uncontrollable shaking and weakness in my arm. I couldn’t grasp anything. They thought I was having a stroke. I wasn’t. Once again, I left without any explanation. I had also been seeing my primary doctor during this time as well. I was beginning to lose my hair and was gaining weight that I could not lose no matter what I did. My doctor did extensive blood work twice and it came back normal except for an autoimmune marker that came back “slightly elevated”. She explains that it’s nothing to worry about because none of the other indicators for autoimmune disease are elevated. But of course, I was worried. At this point I am starting to feel like all these doctors think I’m crazy or making this stuff up because they are unable to find anything to associate my symptoms too. All the while my pain is continuing to get worse and worse. After realizing the doctors aren’t going to do much to help besides throw muscle relaxers and antidepressants at me, I decided I needed to try other ways to try to relieve my pain. I tried physical therapy, a chiropractor, pain management doctor, massage, trigger point injections, CBD oil, THC, stretching, lidocaine patches, heat, ice packs, etc.…NOTHING helps. I was starting to feel hopeless. I was so sick but I had no idea why (and either did the doctors). I had made a post on Facebook in regards to my pain and shaking and by what I believe to be the grace of God, a friend of a friend somehow came across my post and reached out to me. She said “I know this is a personal but I somehow came across your post and I was wondering if you have breast implants?”. I thought to myself “that’s a strange question” but I replied and told her that I did in fact have implants. She goes on to explain that she had similar issues and it turned out her implants were the cause of her problems. She also had them removed and 99% of her symptoms went away. I was floored. She pointed me in the direction of a FB group, with almost 60,000 members, called Breast Implant Illness & Healing by Nicole. I couldn’t believe what I was reading/seeing! These women had similar stories! I was convinced - I had Breast Implant Illness. It was a relief to have some sort of answer to my health problems but also discouraging to not know what to do next.
So, what is Breast Implant Illness? There isn’t a simple answer. Any time we implant a foreign object, our bodies naturally begin to fight it off. Our bodies immediately begin to form a capsule around the implant as well. When women go in to get a breast augmentation, we are told that “they are safe”. What we aren’t told is the truth. Regardless of whether the implant is filled with silicone or saline, the SHELL of the implant is still made with silicone and 40+ toxic chemicals (similar to pesticides) and heavy metals! No breast implant is “safe” and nobody with implants is exempt from the affects of the toxins. Replacing implants every several years will not save you from getting sick either. Matter of fact, a lot of women have experienced a quicker onset of symptoms following an implant replacement. I will be posting much, much more info about BII now that I have put my personal journey out for the world to see.
I have now been sick for over a year and am continuing to decline with every passing day. My immune system is compromised and weak. So, let me tell you all what I now deal with currently and daily, 24/7--

▪️Muscle Pain. My most severe issue, as I mentioned earlier, is my neck, back and shoulder pain. It is beyond words. I have not been able to manage it and have tried just about everything to find relief. Its getting REALLY bad now. I am afraid I will not be able to get out of bed soon.

▪️Fatigue. I am ALWAYS tired. Doesnt matter how much sleep I get, I still feel like I’m exhausted. Energy? What is that? I don’t remember what it’s like to be energized.

▪️Headaches. I get headaches that come out of nowhere and feel like a contraction in my head.

▪️Joint Pain. My joints get swollen and hurt all the time. Especially in my knees. Walking up stairs and for long distances cause me so much discomfort.

▪️Hair loss. I have lost patches of hair and I lose a lot when I wash my hair.

▪️Brain fog and memory loss. This has come on more recently and is frustrating. I can’t get words out right, can’t think of what I want to say, I lose my train of thought constantly (even in the middle of talking), I forget even the simplest things. That is not like me at all.

▪️Weight Gain. I have gained 40 lbs since I got my implants. I wrote it off to aging until I realized a lot of it is related to this.

▪️Inflammation. My entire body is full of inflammation. I see a lot of it in my face.

▪️Rashes. I get a rash on my face that comes and goes. (pic below)

▪️Neurological Issues. I get random, uncontrollable shaking. (video below)

▪️Numbness and Tingling. Every morning when I wake up, my arms and hands are numb and tingling. I have to shake them and wait to get the feeling back.

▪️Feet hurt. Also in the mornings, the pads of my feet hurt so bad. It hurts for me to walk.

▪️Eyes/Vision. I have very dry eyes and not as white as they should be. My vision goes in and out of focus randomly.

▪️Female Issues. I have had abnormal bleeding and tenderness. Irregular periods.

▪️Heart Palpitations. Sometimes I feel like I’m having a heart attack. It’s scary.

▪️Vertigo. Hate this. Been happening more and more lately. I feel extremely dizzy! Sometimes I have to stop what I’m doing and wait for it to pass.

▪️Nausea. Also, happening more & more. Just feel nauseated throughout the day.

▪️Depression/Anxiety. Self explanatory. I try to keep my head up but it’s getting harder and harder to do. Doctors have thrown antidepressants at me but I didn’t want them.

▪️Other symptoms include -ear ringing, food intolerance, dehydration for no reason, shooting pains in my breasts and gastrointestinal problems.

I think the most shocking medical issue has been the diagnosis of autoimmune diseases. I was first told I have fibromyalgia. Most recently, my labs came back with markers that were elevated to show signs of Lupus. Yes, LUPUS.

If you are still reading this - thank you. It’s literally taken me months to get the courage to write this. If you have breast implants or know anyone who has them, PLEASE share this information with them! Although BII (Breast Implant Illness) is starting to come to light, there are still thousands of women who have health issues and their doctors can’t explain why. Also, be prepared to have medical professionals tell you that “there is no scientific proof that implants cause these issues and that they are proven to be perfectly safe”…don’t believe them. 300,000 women had breast augmentation last year. Breast Aug is a HUGE money maker. At the end of the day, all they care about is the bottom line, not about our health. Sad, but true.

As for me, I am taking it day by day and praying that I survive until I can get my implants removed. This is not living. I am miserable and its getting tiring trying to hide behind a smile. I have no quality of life. I have pretty much put my friendships on hold because I am unable to socialize. I have not been able to workout and I loved going to the gym. I have a vacation coming up and all I keep worrying about is how I’m going to be able to enjoy it when I feel like I’m dying inside.

Ladies, be happy with the boobies God gave you! You are beautiful and perfect the way you are! Breast implants stole my health, my glow, my energy, my beauty, my LIFE. I am envious of all you natural, healthy women! I cannot wait to get back to a smaller, natural chest. Love yourself as is sis.

I know that someone needed to hear this and if I can influence even just one person to change their mind about getting breast implants or help someone figure out why they’re sick, then it’s all worth it.

Thanks for reading. Send positive vibes my way, I need them. ✨
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