Please help keep this Vietnam Veteran from becoming homeless, help him get his house back, and help him to be able to get extremely critical medical care as soon as possible,

Do you believe in miracles? RJ does. If you do too, please share this link in social media and with others.

The below information has been updated to include additional clarifying details. Thanks to Veterans Administration generated referrals, I now an attorney who has agreed to assist me.  Updates are for the benefit of an insurance adjuster and investigator. I am trying to get my house returned to me, and to stop the apparent violations of my civil liberties.

Aside from their doing so, nobody else is presently helping this Vietnam Veteran prevent his once again loosing his possessions and personal property. If evicted he will be homeless. As a result of being in Vietnam and other incidents, he has PTSD. Instead of dogs, he has properly Certified Emotional Support Animal Indoor and Outdoor Cats. Additionally he has critical surgeries that are required for life threatening medical conditions; such as tumors, traumatic kidney damage, and continuing situational brain damage. They are all way past their date of needing surgery. This ongoing housing issue has been and continues to be part of the medical problems. It has prevented all of this from being done.

On Monday, July 15, my attorney and I went to Court to face eviction for feeding my Certified Emotional Support TNR Cats. As a result of my feeding them The Mews terminated my lease. On May 1st, my online rent auto-pay was disabled. They also disabled the manual option. Now they are charging me double "hold over" rent. To stop this court proceeding I need to pay them just under $10,000, to be able to pay them double rent. I also need a violations of Civil Liberties attorney. My present attorney indicates that I should have been able to pay my monthly rent without the additional holdover amount. As it turned out, the Court agreed that I was not required to pay the double rent. The Manager of The MEWS stated that a letter written by a former Leasing Agent stating that the TNR Program is something The MEWS will always abide by, was not written with her knowledge or approval. In the Mediation Hearing The MEWS Management and their attorney forced me to agree not to feed or even put water outside for my Certified ESA Outdoor Cats. He repeatedly stated that a fox, bird, or vulture would not know that the food or water are not meant for them. It was agreed that I could open my front door to allow the cats to come inside to drink water and eat their dry food. I started to do this. Then reading the form he created, I discovered he had not included that option. During the hearing The MEWS Manager admitted to personally asking new tenants to turn me in if they saw me feeding my outdoor cats. When asked she had been doing this, she replied, "Yes, you were feeding the cats." Her doing that has created an environment in which I find it unsafe to live.  I have been verbally attacked while riding the LINK bus for feeding stray cats. A new tenant, with whom I have almost no contact, went to the Police telling them I am scaring them. A policeman contacted me in a very accusatory manor telling me they new the individual and that he new I was doing that. I told them I did not know their name, and guessed it is a tenant with a similar name living near me. I told them that I avoid interacting with that tenant. Thinking it was the tenant living near me, I called the Manager telling her that I want the tenant to stop it, I avoid them like the plague as I do not trust them. Subsequently, during the Mediation Hearing the Manager asked me if I new that tenant  had filed a criminal complaint against me with the police. I told her it was not that tenant. Rather it was a new tenant with whom I have had minimal contact. After returning home, I saw one of my cats out my bedroom window on my patio. Since I had been told I could feed her inside my apartment, I had placed food and water inside my doorway with the door open. I went out to go around to call her. As I stepped outside, I was startled to find the  tenant the Manager had referred to standing out there with a video camera. They were obviously trying to video tape my inside apartment feeding area.  Apparently my mistaking that tenant for the new one at another end of my complex, has resulted in that tenant's filing of said complaint. Now when I open my door an alarm goes off in their apartment. As I walk around to my patio another one goes off, and then another as I get to the rear of my patio. I have observed that tenant's mother video tapping me as I went to my nearby garage. This is not the first time the tenant has had a beeping alarm go off when I stepped out of my apartment. During the winter there was a much fainter beeping alarm that would begin as I stepped out my door. After a few days, realizing they were probably also tape recording sounds and voices, I simply stated "Turn off the beeping or I will call the police." It stopped yet was once again activated a couple of days later. I repeated the request to turn it off, and had not heard it since then. I do not have the microphones on my security cameras turned on. To record a conversation to which you are not a party is a violation of the One sided Consent Law of New Jersey. Not finding our agreed to statement allowing me to feed my ESA Outdoor Cats indoors, I am no longer able to feed or provide them water. Given my interactions with accusatory policemen, and their department's refusal to allow me to file a theft report for my Prius, plus having been previously attacked while sleeping, continued gas-lighting, and other interactions with aggressive tenants, I no longer feel safe staying in my apartment. 

The police refused to allow me to file a theft report on my Prius for ts having been driven during a night to its GPS indicated location in Pennsylvania and back during a stated night in 2017. Explaining that is stated, was unopposed, and is viewable online in my last brief before the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit did not matter to them. I also explained I had not reported it right away as I had first been trying to get experts to verify the resultant hacking of its computer with repeated remote access  had resulted in its gas engine making nosies that indicated I should not drive it, and had stopped doing so. It was my hope that with the proof of the online statements by hacking experts of a same year and model Prius having been remotely hacked would enable me to convince GEICO to repair it for me. Unfortunately it was not until recently that I was able to finally communicate with the experts, Although one of them placed all their hacking tools, they used to remotely access the same year Prius by them online, he stated he did not have the time to examine mine. Since then a command by Management to move it from and back to my paid for parking space, or they would have it towed resulted in in the failure of its gas engine to work. I had to have other tenants help me push it back into its paid for parking space. Now as a result of no Police report, GEICO fefuses to repair it. The online verification before The United States Court of Appeals does not matter to them, and i continue to pay insurance for a vehicle that I cannot drive. 

The MEWS knows my cats are properly Certified Emotional Support Animal TNR Outdoor Cats. Prior to submitting The MEWS my ESA Certification for them, I  had received a written statement indicating that, after consultation with their attorney, The MEWS had decided I could feed my outdoor cats, and even bring them inside for taming, for a fee of $55 per cat per month. Subsequently, their attorney had written stating that I have a legal right to have them. After submitting his ESA Certification for his outdoor cats, The MEWS and their attorney changed their mind, giving him a Cease and Desist Notice to stop feeding his Certified ESA Outdoor Cats. They have refused to  honor or abide by the state and federal laws regarding Emotional Support Animals (ESA), Veterans and American with Disabilities rights. In their court filing they are referring to the Trap Neuter and Release (TNR) cats as stray cats.

The New Jersey Trap Neuter Release was done as a result of The MEWS and Morgan Properties holding and donating to a fund raiser to purchase St. Hubert's Voucher Contracts for the Trap Neuter and Release (TNR) of numerous originally feral, stray cats. That was done on February 15, 2014. Subsequent to that The MEWS arraigned for different tenants to feed the released TNR cats. They also issued a written statement that they will always abide by the TNR requirements. When I moved in one of my neighbor TNR feeders had left, and I took over for them. The Voucher Contract states that using it requires the cat to be provided shelter, care and feeding. Of course this includes traping them when doing so is required. The State of New Jersey TNR requires the cat to be returned back to the area in which it was trapped.

I moved into The MEWS, a Coastal Property, to allow the repair, my cleaning it out to find things, and the return vis Court of my house, which was in the process of foreclosure. In my apartment at The MEWS a smoke detector, containing an infrared camera was placed above the end of my bed. It was used by the foreclosing company, for their subsequent forged "Writ of Possession", to show that I was sleeping in my apartment; not at my house. I was actually sleeping at my house during the day. The MEWS maintenance man told me it was normal to have a flashing red light go from left to right across the front side of my smoke detector. I used a cellphone to record photos and videos of the smoke detector's flashing red light. After a month or two it had been removed and replace by a nonflashing smoke detector. Then someone broke into my apartment, deleted my videos and pictures of it. In the process they destroyed my Note 1 cellphone.

The State of New Jersey Foreclosure Court recognized the case being before The United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit. As such they would not allow the foreclosure company to use a New Jersey State Superior Court's Order of Writ of Possession. That resulted in the foreclosure company's creation of a forged Writ of Abandonment and Possession for my having "abandoned" my house. Using the videos, of me nude and sleeping in my bed at my apartment, as one of its proof's. In their forged "Order of Writ of Possession" it was falsely claimed by the foreclosure company that I had abandoned my house, and my personal property in it.  They simply changed some of the text of the Writ that was not being allowed to be enforced. Without using whiteout they simply typed over a line in their revised forged "Writ" indicating:  I am not living their. Additionally they claimed to have met the legal requirements for foreclosure, when in verifiable fact they had not.  Its date of possession was made to be on September 8, 2019.  To "sign" their forged "Order for their Writ of Possession" they used a Judge's State of New Jersey Foreclosure Court's rubber stamp, with its realistic looking blue rubber stamp signature. That was done without any Notice or Hearing. Prior to the time of possession, I filed a Motion for Reconsideration with the Third Circuit. The foreclosure company told the Sheriff's Department and the local police department that they should ignore my timely filed Motion, and they did. The locks were changed and I was told I could not longer enter upon my property.

A standard practice by the State of New Jersey Foreclosure Court is to use the rubber stamp. Doing so makes it basically impossible for a pro se litigant to find out what judge actually issued an order. Having used it would seem to make an order appear to be a legal document, to anyone not knowing the circumstances, including the Court. The forged Writ resulted in the theft of my house, including my personal and military history with its records and medals.

Subsequently, without a deed my house and all of my personal property in it were sold. Although this sale without a deed was admitted by them in their written brief before The United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, my case there was dismissed. Without notifying me of a thirty day extension to answer, the Court's Clerk had my case dismissed. My motions had also been repeatedly dismissed prior to my submission of their supporting briefs. I discovered the forging foreclosure company was writing to the Clerk to ask for such actions as though the Clerk is a judge. Ultimately I need to get my illegally stolen house back. Technically it is still mine. Although I complied in a written reply for me to remove my possessions from the house, they refused to allow me to remove them.They were assisted by the local police, who informed me that I would be arrested for trespassing if I walked upon my property. As it ultimately was discovered during almost a year of the foreclosure company unlawful possession of my house and personal property, with their admitted lack of deed sale, the deed was always in my name; I had legally owned everything. I continue to assert that i still do.

There is much more to this story. Unfortunately, nobody has cared about helping this Vietnam Veteran and/or his Certified ESA Outdoor TNR Cats. I have contacted the VA, filed hate crimes reports, contacted the Department of Treasury, and have repeatedly contacted the State of New jersey's special  violations of Emotional Support Animals division of the Superior Court. None of them have replied to me.

There is much more to this story. Unfortunately, nobody has cared about helping this Vietnam Veteran and/or his Certified ESA Outdoor TNR Cats.

Nobody should be subjected to being video taped while in the nude and sleeping in their bedroom, or loose their life history via the use of forged documents..Please help this Vietnam Veteran pay for an attorney and keep him from becoming homeless.


UPDATE TO PRIOR GoFundMe:  Things had improved for RJ. As of September 15, 2015,  he had an affordable housing apartment. After 7 winters without heat and 5 without water he has both. Unfortunately, to have Meow Meow and Apricot living with him, the landlord for his apartment had required a nonrefundable $700 deposit and an additional $110 per month. So RJ continued to stay in his house at night. There the cats slept with or near him in the only room that had space heaters. RJ continued to hope to have his house restored so it can continue to be his primary residence.

To help him  cope with his post Vietnam and other PTSD, plus traumatic brain injury caused problems, RJ was able to get a doctor's Emotional Support Animal Certification. Although that would allow him to move Meow Meow and Apricot into his apartment, for months he continued to stay with them during the day. While at his house he would work at trying to sort through and find things. During the day he also slept there. Given his post Vietnam traumatic hording disorder there was a lot to sort through. He had gone from pre-Vietnam winning the yearly award for having the cleanest college dorm room to having a hording disorder. Seeing all the deaths and escorting his best friend's remains from Vietnam to his Illinois funeral had caused RJ not to want to let go of things.  It was not until people and companies failing to pay him close to a million dollars forcing him into bankruptcy that he discovered this. Just prior to being required to have an appraiser enter his home for the bankruptcy, that he suddenly realized why he had developed a hording disorder. That was an extraordinary emotional relief.

Unfortunately, the attempts to take his house followed him to his new apartment in The MEWS. While trying to submit motions and briefs someone was hacking into his computer, making it difficult for him to create them. Someone was also repeatedly gas-lighting him. The later interfered with RJ trying to get proper medical care. While sleeping he was even hit on his head, causing a skull fracture. Though visible on the radiographs, given his telling about having no memory of being hit on the head and the repeated gas-lighting, resulted in doctors not wanting to believe him.  Additionally his apartment was also making him sick, causing him to sleep a lot. He did not realize this until a State of New Jersey Department of Health Inspector confirmed it. It had also made it difficult to read and type text on his computer for his court filings, and he developed Dry Macular Degeneration. That has required numerous laser and cryogenic surgeries. Following the inspection, he has kept exhaust fans on 24/7. This has allowed him to once again begin getting over his hording disorder.


PRIOR GoFundMe "Miracle Worker Needs Miracle":  His battles with the courts, bank, and Sales Tax Certificate continued. RJ is now Pro Se before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third District. Hopefully the Judges there will be more understanding and equitable relative to what has transpired during the past 12 years.

Minus the monetary resources to do so, RJ continues to try to help charities with his, as well as helping others of various needs. An organic farmer had been providing RJ with vegetables to take to the numerous charities served by his SmilesByRJ dot org. Unfortunately, not having his Prius repaired by his insurance company has made his doing this impossible.

Apparently people do not like RJ's miracles or his seeming to be able to create them for others. Thus the stories of some of RJ's previous miracles, that were here, have been removed. He has never found or heard from Johnny Raines. Recently RJ did attend a reunion of the first ship he served on in Vietnam.

This rewrite is an update for those of you have helped RJ in the past and/or anyone else who has read his previous campaign that was here. Though he is very thankful to those of you who have previously donated, he has basically given up asking for monetary assistance. RJ continues to believe in miracles, and he hopes that you do too.
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