Ring Warriors: Story Of Redemption and Resiliency

Hi my name is Shaun Grant and I would like to welcome you to this page for my film Ring Warriors (IMDB). As an actor for over 14 years, filmmaking has always been a passion of mine. It's been my absolute joy to take inspiring stories and empower the human spirit. My brother Kevin and myself wrote this story to do one important thing with the creation of this film:

Inspire humanity through the creative vehicle of film, rooted in a lifelong, heartfelt expression of love of filmmaking.

It is a labor of immense love and joy. With that being said, let me happily tell you about our story, Ring Warriors!

Empower Productions and Uplifter Entertainment proudly presents, in association with Heart of Christ Ministry, Ring Warriors!

A riveting film about faith, inspiration, and one's ability to truly believe in themselves when they discover the truth that's been within all along. The story takes place in the world of boxing where we follow the challenging lives of one time heavyweight champion, Barry "Haymaker" Holmes Shaun Grant and current world champion, Duke "Riverboat" Riggins (Kevin Christopher Gillen

Duke finds himself on a downward spiral, which leads him to return home in order to regain the form which made him the greatest fighter in the world. He soon discovers that has to come to terms with demons he has buried long ago. Only his faith, resolve, belief in himself, and the help of his mentor and brother, Barry, will enable him to get back on track.

But Barry has his own problems, and after trying to be the rock for everyone else for such a long time, his foundation begins to crack in the process. Barry and Duke need each other now, more than ever before. Neither Fame, prestige, success, or money can give them the message of truth that can only be found along their journey of self-introspection and self-discovery.

Our Vision For Ring Warriors

Ring Warriors will focus on the inspirational side of boxing and the life lessons it presents.
Storytelling, self-awareness, filmmaking, and uplifting the human spirit has been an enormous part of our lives. In creating dynamic scripts, it has always been our objective to enhance the lives of others through our films.

Ring Warriors has been an indelible vision in our lives for the past five years, yet the timing has always been off. But when it comes to a passion that burns deeply within your heart, you never give up. You keep going!Now that everything has come together, it is time to bring this film to the masses! We are not only excited to do this, but we're excited to have you play a role in it as well. We want you to help bring this vision to life!

Our vision is to raise the capital we require to offer the very best product to the public. Filmmaking should be professional in every capacity, and we will stop at no cost to make sure we have secured the very best for this production. In life, you get out what you put into it.

With that being said, our tentative goal is to raise $10,000 in capital by September 8, 2022 through private investors, donations, and GoFundme accounts.

-The plan is to begin principal photography one month later (tentatively) on October 8, 2022.

-Principal Photography will range from 3-5 shooting days followed by ADR sessions and pickup shots as/if needed.

-Editing will follow directly after, in adddition to taking the time to score the film.

Production is also happy to inform you of the following:

-The final script has been drafted.

-IMDB page is up and running.

-A director and high level producers are in place.

-The main cast has already been brought on board.

-We've chosen the Greater Los Angeles area to be our shooting location, which potential shooting locations have already been chosen.

-As mentioned beforehand, dates of production are already selected! WOOHOO!

What's in it for you?

1. A unique opportunity to support a film that prides itself on contributing to the empowerment of humanity.

2. With any financial gift you contribute, you will receive an acknowledgment in the film's ending credits.

3. Potential Tax write-off depending on the size of your gift.

4. A personal invite to the screening of the film in Los Angeles.

5. An executive producer credit on our IMDB page, as well as the film. (with a gift or donation of $1000 or more).

Here comes the fun part!
-Each gift allows you to be a part of this film in different ways. Whatever gift you decide to give, make sure it's in alignment with something you can truly feel good about.
It's important that you are well aware of how grateful and appreciative we are for your contributions, in advance.

A gift of $25 or more: Contribution/Acknowledgment
A gift of $50 or more: Contribution/Acknowledgment in closing credits
A gift of $100 or more: Contribution/Acknowledgment in closing credits/Invite to Los Angeles Screening
A gift of $250 or more: Contribution/Acknowledgment in closing credits/Invite to Los Angeles Screening/IMDB credit
A gift of $500 or more: Contribution/Acknowledgment in closing credits/Invite to Los Angeles Screening/IMDB credit/Associate Producer Credit
A gift of $1000 or more: Contribution/Acknowledgment in closing credits/Invite to Los Angeles Screening/IMDB credit/Executive Producer Credit

In closing, I would just like to encourage you to go for your dream with everything you have. The world needs what's in your heart, and you have to believe in yourself. Even if the resources are not present, take the first step and have faith that it is all working together in your highest good. Just know we are rooting for you in every way. You deserve it!

Ring Warriors would like to thank you for choosing to invest in our film, but more importantly, investing in our dreams.

All the best,

Shaun R. Grant
Kevin C. Gillen
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  • Anonymous 
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