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Welcome to the Go Fund Me Page for a documentary film Ricochet (pronounced Rik-uh-shay).

Ricochet highlights the importance of the Amazon Rainforest and the knowledge held by the indigenous people risking their lives to protect it.

The intention of this film is to give these indigenous people a voice and share their message with the rest of the world.

Funding will go towards the production, post-production, and distribution of this film. 

Once we reach our first funding goal, filming will commence straight away. 

Image Source: Amazon Frontlines 

Ricochet refers to the potential ricochet effect deforestation will have on the rest of the world. 

Currently, a football pitches of Amazonian Rainforest is lost due to deforestation every minute. It has been estimated that if deforestation continues at this rate by 2050 over half of the tree species in the Amazon will face extinction. 

Climate experts are warning that if the Amazon reaches 22% to 25% deforestation then it will be unable to sustain itself.

Currently, deforestation in the Amazon is at approximately 20%. This crucial tipping point would cause droughts and wildfires, turning this ecosystem into a savannah.

Thus, destroying the biggest climate regulators on the planet: The potential ricochet effect would spark a global catastrophe.

The devastating truth is that right now the people of the Amazon Rainforest are fighting for their homelands!

Human rights violations are running rampant, as these indigenous people are not just protecting THEIR forests, they are protecting OUR planet.

These cultures hold a deep understanding of how everything in nature is interconnected. The protection of their ecosystem as a whole is essential for their survival, as well as the rest of the world's.

These indigenous people hold a comprehensive knowledge of rainforest plants. Ethnobotanist, Mark Plotkin, who has studied these cultures and their relationship with the environment, understands the significant role that they play. He states that these people and their knowledge of the rainforest “Hold the answers to questions the rest of the world are yet to ask”.  

Today, approximately one in four pharmaceuticals are derived from plants found in rainforests. Yet under 1% of those tropical species have been studied for their medical properties. These plants have been found to have antimalaria, antidiabetic and anticancer properties, along with other compounds known to treat common diseases known in the west. 

It is time for the rest of the world to stand up and protect those protecting us.

These Amazonian people have a message for the rest of the world that needs to be heard. The intention of this film is to share their story with the world before it is too late.  

Image Source: DW News 

This film will include a series of interviews with leading scientists on climate experts, to anthropologists and ethnobotanists who work closely with indigenous communities. Interviews will also be conducted with indigenous medicine men and women, along with people affected first hand by deforestation and human rights abuse.

The goal of this film is to educate and inspire much-needed change around our worldview of indigenous rights and rainforest conservation.  While the film has an aspiration for global impact, at its heart is the cultural significance of the Amazon. By preserving the Rainforest, we are preserving the indigenous cultures and their knowledge of the plants that hold the cure to physical and psychological strain within Western societies.

Kellie Ralph
Director & Co-Writer

Ricochet is Kellie’s passion project. The vision of this film came in 2012 after spending with an indigenous elder in Peru.  Since the change in the Brazilian government last year, the pull to produce this film has become urgent. Kellie’s intention is to give the indigenous people a voice and share their message with the world.

Kellie is an Australian photographer and aspiring filmmaker. 

UPDATE: Kellie has just returned from South America (12th August 2019) after completing the first round of interviews. 

Nathalie Vera
As a Documentary Filmmaker and Producer, Nathalie has spent much time immersed in the Amazonian cultures, bridging the South American ancestral and modern culture. Nathalie’s vision is to create permanently protected forest areas as a means to preserve native flora and fauna – including humans. Nathalie is the cofounder of United On Earth.

Emma Culver
Production Coordinator/Project Manager

Emma works with indigenous people to help them share their ancestral knowledge. Emma has been visiting the Amazon and bringing travelers from different backgrounds with her for the past five years. Emma’s vision is for the western world to learn from indigenous cultures to create more balance in the fast-paced world.

Image Source: The Telegraph 

A small window of time has opened up to begin filming by the end of June with a gathering of medicine men and women from different tribes throughout the Amazon.  We have been invited to this gathering with permission to film and conduct interviews for the purpose of this documentary. 

Once funds are secured we intend to start production straight away. 


This will include:

 ·      Travel expenses for approximately 40 days
·       Crew
·       Technical Equipment
·       Insurance
·       Permits/Entry Fees
·       Secured Raw Footage
·       Reordered Interviews
·       Film Trailer Completion


This funding will go towards further production in secured footage and interviews, along with post-production including:
 ·      Equipment
·       Software
·       Cinematographer
·       Audio Technician
·       Editor
·       Music
·       Animation
·       Graphics
·       Video Editor
·       Film Score
·       Audio mixing
·       & additional items that are the essentials for completing this film.


All additional funding will go towards producing a higher quality film.

 ·       Higher Quality Equipment
 ·       Access to Editing 
 ·       Larger Team
 ·       Higher Quality of Interviews
 ·       Access to Interviews
 ·       Wider Distribution

Your support means EVERYTHING to us. We wouldn't be able to get this project off the ground without you. 

As a thank you, we have the following rewards:

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A Tree Planted in a Rainforest, Plus the Above

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Choice of Traditional Amazonian Beaded Bracelet (available to all donations placed before 10th of August 2019)
An Additional Tree Planted 
Plus the Above

Sloth Level
$500 or more
Your Name in End of Film Credits, Plus the Above

Jaguar Level
$1,000 or more 
Signed Print from Ricochet Approx “12” x 17” Unframed, Plus the Above

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Thank you for your support. 

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Without your help, we risk not starting the film, let alone finishing it. We have interviews lined up, a script is written, people who are willing to help and be a part of this project. However, the biggest challenge we face is getting funding. Furthermore, what is really important about this film is sharing this film will have an impact on how we view not only the importance of the Amazon, but the indigenous people defending it. The impact of this film could potentially change the future of the planet. Imagine a world where our biggest climate regulator and it’s people are protected and respected?

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