Richard and Anne - A Novel by Jacqueli Finley

Richard and Anne

A Novel

By Jacqueli Finley

Presenting the outline for ‘Richard and Anne – A Novel’ which will be a historical biography of the lives of Col Richard Lee and his wife Anne Constable, who progenerated of the famous Lees of Virginia. This novel will encapsulate the timelines of when and how they met, the circumstances of their back stories, the background of their ancestry. Their journey to the New World, Jamestown Virginia in Colonial America. Their personal growth, struggles through devastation and taming of a wilderness, the establishment of their life together with their children, their acquisitions of wealth, and the creation of their Lees of Virginia family Legacy. Lastly, an examination of the history of their surviving heirs and the effects of their lives upon the history of America to the state of the current affairs and struggles affecting their descendants today.

This novel is the collected research of Jacqueli Finley over a period of 40 years which has been scrutinized through documented evidence, DNA confirmations, and a culmination of compiled research and publications, which also includes contributions of past predecessors of the best Lee genealogist and historians that had gleamed through evidence as what was fact or disregarded as myth, which has enabled Jacqueli to have acquired one of the most accurate and largest genealogical databases of the Lees of Virginia family, descendants and ancestors.

This outline is just that – an outline of what the published result will reflect – due to the threat of plagiarism.

This Novel is a necessity for the preservation of the accuracy of the descendant lineages and ancestry of the Lees of Virginia offspring as many of the Lee family descendants have suffered because of the dissection of lines, mis-information in regard to Y-DNA that greatly affected true Lees of Virginia descendant recognition, and the purposeful mis-representation of facts and truths regarding the entire Lees of Virginia history and genealogy.

This novel presents the fact finding research that presents the truth discovered in the attempt to set things right and to preserve the life stories of our Lee Ancestors for our generations to come.

“Ever Mindful of the Future”...

My personal note and request:

I am a senior who has been deemed fully disabled from an accident that occurred almost a decade ago. I live on a modest income, and because of this I have limitations in making this a reality.

I have been doing genealogy – primarily on the Lees of Virginia as I am a direct descendant of 5 direct lines from Richard and Anne – for most of my adult life, over 40 years. I did so, as many of my Lee cousins have, to find out who I am and who my ancestors were, as I was raised knowing I was the grgrgrgrand-niece of General Robert E Lee but was also instructed never to speak of this as it was dangerous to do so. Many of us Lees of Virginia have experienced the same and know of the dangers involved in seeking the truth, and the mysteries of all the false information and discouragement we face in doing so.

I am seeking a publisher, as I need one to be able to fulfill this commitment to my family members and our future generations. Besides a publisher, all assistance to get this novel about Richard and Anne’s life story and the truth surrounding them to become a realty will be appreciated as well. Please as I have no clue as how to go about this. I do not have the resources as to consider the ‘self-publish’ avenue. I do not have the resources to put out a large amount of cash, as has been suggested, to a publishing company for the consideration of obtaining a few copies that may or may not be marketed properly. I will need editor(s), marketing help and who knows what to do this right.

I am only trying to do what is right for everyone involved by publishing the truth so that things can be set right for the public can see and make the choice between what is and what is not, to put an end to the censorship that we Lee descendants have faced for decades, if not centuries now. All of the information that will be associated with this novel is well researched and documented, as well as descendant linear DNA confirmed – Linear DNA confirmations use both male and female Lee descendant DNA and is all inclusive, not limited to just male Y-DNA.

It is based on fact, not propaganda, as is a necessary contribution for the majority of Lee descendants who know who they are, from where they descend, but have been told they are not a part of who they belong.

Thank you for your consideration,

Jacqueli Finley

My direct email contact: [email redacted] or [email redacted]

Part One -The Journey Begins

“According to the ancient Chinese proverb, "A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step." My fellow Americans, let us take that first step. Let us, if we can, step back from the shadows of war and seek out the way of peace. And if that journey is a thousand miles, or even more, let history record that we, in this land, at this time, took the first step” ~ John F. Kennedy

Chapter 1 - A Rose Is A Rose

…. Ring around the rosies,

A pocket full of posies,



We all fall down ….

Whenever children join hands in a circle, they sing this song of posies. The origin of this rose-colored ditty is something far more sinister — the Great Plague that swept through Europe in the 1600s. A rosy rash is the first symptom of the plague. The posies are herbs and spices carried to sweeten the air. The “a-tishoo” sneezing is another fatal symptom. (Later versions replace the sneezing with “ashes” from the cleansing bonfires.) When children fall down on the last line of this rhyme, they are unknowingly acting out their ancestors’ disease.

This was the world of the Lee and Constable families, as well as many others, during the Great Plague – or Bubonic Plague in London, England ... The only escape, or promise of life, was safe passage to travel far, far away from the affected Countries of Europe.

But as greed goes, as well as “supply and demand”, safe passage to places such as the New World or Virginia Colonies became rather pricey for most, as well as the wealthy for most estates had been gravely affected financially and England had been suffering a great economic loss from the devastating disease.

For Young Anne Constable, there would be no season in London, no coming out balls to welcome her to society. The Plague’s “Black Death” had devastated England’s economy and was non-discriminating of the Rich, Royal, or poor. The skies of London and out lining parishes cast in grey, even when the sun was present, it was not present … instead of rain, and ashes fell from the burning bodies of family members and friends. The stench, ever present, not for days, nor months, nor years, but for decade after decade, over hundreds of years, the fear, pain, and devastation that the disease brought upon mankind in England has never been matched to this day by any other disease, cancer, war, or disaster.

Of fifteen children born to Francis and Alice Constable, by the year 1635, only five had survived. But with a failing estate because of the poor economic conditions, the family purse could only afford safe passage for one of their remaining children …

Can you even imagine, as a parent, having to make such a choice of what child’s life to save?

(… this is just a sample, more to follow to be added to.)

Chapter 2 – Richard

The Story of Colonel Richard Lee …

"…an honorable ancestry is a gift of God and should be regarded as such by those who possess it. Position and learning are desirable gifts. Possession of wealth cannot make an ancestry "honorable” unless the rights were gained honorably. “ ~ Emma Lee Bettis

Among the "Virginia Lee" ancestors were men of learning and high position. They were bishops of the Church of England, the lords’ chief justices of England, the sheriffs of Shropshire and London.

The name Lee occurs very early in the list of the landed gentry of England, and of the Lord Mayors and Sheriffs of the counties.

The name often appears as "de Lee" before the reign of King Henry VI. In that reign the "de" before names began to be left off, and " Knight" and "Squire" took its place.

The Lees of England were men of large wealth, as well as distinction. Nowhere is it recorded that they ever wronged man or woman. They won their worldly goods honorably, used them beneficently, and laid them down cheerfully when duty demanded the sacrifice, and when it pleased God to call them out of this world…"

And these high standards of learning, integrity, wealth, and distinction were also inherited and reflected in the life of Richard Lee and his descendants. He was a man of great vision, who came to a land that was untamed, even hostile, yet where opportunity abound, he moved onward fearlessly…executing a well thought out plan - almost methodically and strategically implemented - his natural skills at networking, his undiscriminating abilities at diplomacy, his brilliance in politics and business could put today's politicians and entrepreneurs to shame.

(... more to follow, this is just a sample to be added to.)

Chapter 3 – The Ancestry of Richard Lee

In this chapter I will present the research and evidential proof of Col Richard Lee’s parents and Lee family ancestry.

Chapter 4 – Anne …

The Story of Anne Constable...

In 1636, when Richard Henry Lee embarked on his historic passage across the Atlantic Ocean. The same voyage that set the course of the history of America for generations to come, he was to discover his destiny in the new world. Richard Henry Lee was indeed a cornerstone in the establishment of the first English colony in this untamed land - a place called Jamestown, Virginia - and as fate would have it, embarking upon the same voyage for this destination was Sir Francis Wyatt - the man King Charles had appointed to preside as the new governor of the colony, carrying with him the first written constitution for an English colony.. Now this little twist of fate had a much unexpected perk for Richard Lee, for you see - as part of Sir Wyatt's entourage was a very beautiful young lady named Anne Constable.

Anne Constable, the daughter of Francis and Alice Constable, had been made the ward of Sir John Thoroughgood, a personal attendant of Charles I, King of England - and this wardship was then transferred to the Wyatt's - Sir Francis and his wife, the niece of Sir Edwin Sandys of the London Company so that she would be in proper company to travel to the new colony of Virginia to begin a new life in Jamestown, residing with the governor's family. It was during this journey the Richard Lee and Anne Constable met and fell in love. Richard continued his courting of Miss Constable after their arrival to Jamestown, and not long afterward, asked for her hand in marriage. But who was Anne Constable? Obviously, she was a Lady of good parentage and in favor of the King to be placed as a ward to families of such prestige... yet her story has been lost in the recounting of history, despite her contribution to the success of Richard Lee and their children.

Many questions come to my mind as the reasons why a young lady such as Anne would be traveling to the New World, when it was still hostile territory, and without her parents. What happened in Anne Constable life that she became a ward of the Wyatt's and why it had been decided that she would leave England, her family and heritage?

I have found it a fascinating and yet bitter sweet the story of Anne, and sad that such a wonderful woman who obviously was a significant influence in such a great man’s life as Richard Lee, that her story has not been told and historians have overlooked her value, her worth in the success of the Lee family historically - obviously Richard Lee had to have some help siring the children that caused such great change in establishing our Country...

So why - I wondered - Anne Constable's life story has never been told along with that of Richards? So, I will attempt to bring her story to life - perhaps one of the first biographical recounting of Anne's life - although I found limited documentation that is available to us, yet - I have been able to piece together enough facts to present to you what are most of the answers surrounding the mystery of my 10th great grandmother's story and - as I do so - I do with love and admiration for she truly was as great a woman as Richard Henry Lee was a great man....

And Behind Every Great Man Is A Great Woman...

Perhaps you have heard of this expression before... a platitude yes - but as most platitudes go - quite very true. Throughout history - from the beginnings of mankind - as in Adam and Eve - a man’s love for a woman has been the influence behind the events that have molded and create our past to the present - such as Richard Henry Lee's love for Anne Constable and his devotion to her and their children - this was undeniably the influence that drove his success and caution towards his building of the future, for love is the strongest emotion of all that we as human beings can achieve... a romantic take on the historic past of Richard and Anne Lee perhaps - but also a true observation that is quite evident in the actions and steps taken by Richard, because of his love and marriage to Anne ... And it was because of his marriage to Anne and her association with Sir Francis Wyatt and other politically influential individuals of the time that Richard Henry Lee moved up the political ladder so swiftly - this has been documented as a fact - and who knows how history would have been changed or how Richard Lee's influence over all would have been different if he had not met Ann and had not been wise enough to follow his heart to marry her. This great woman, who gave birth to so many great Americans and raised such influential children... who was she and what is her story?

Chapter 5 – The Ancestry of Anne Constable

Here I will present the documented and evidential proof of the parentage and ancestry of Anne Constable.

Part 2 – Jamestown

This section will be thorough in the timeline of the arrival to Jamestown of Richard and Anne and the establishment of the Lees of Virginia family roots – this will include Richard and Annes interactions with the colonial community and surrounding area native American indigenous peoples, Richard’s political aspirations and climb, the birth of their children and certain tragedies and obstacles that the Lee family faced in their early years as a married couple.

Part Three – The Building of an Empire

In this section, I will elaborate on the collected wealth and land acquisitions by Col Richard Lee into becoming one of the wealthiest and largest land holders of the American Colonies. I will focus on his death and children, what became of that wealth after his probate and distribution of the Empire he had built and what happen to Anne Constable after his death as well.

Part Four – The Lee Legacy or Curse?

This section goes into more detail of what the lees of Virginia descendants have had to endure over time, the denials of their existence and the attempts to eradicate the majority of Lees of Virginia descending lines from Col Richard lee and Anne Constable through many means by those who claimed authority over the Lee Empire and Wealth. Most recently this has been done through the false Y-DNA Lee project claims which destroyed many Lee descendants' beliefs and lives on who they know they descend from but have been told they are not aligned. This has been an ongoing practice of genealogy platforms and so-called genealogy or DNA 'experts' who engage in the destruction of historic lineages simply by using the umbrella of obscure laws that protect ‘social media’ sites as private entities that can promote false information if they choose to so, as well as practice censorship towards anyone who presents or argues for the truth in these matters. This applies to the Lees of Virginia lineages and the historic ancestry associated with these lines, and the possible conclusions of why there has been such an attack on all who present or seek the truth of their history, genealogy of the Lee family members and the denial of the Lee lineages with what appear to be purposeful and organized campaigns designed to promote deceptive gas-lighting throughout the genealogical community. I will try to explain the motives behind the behaviors as an attempt to shed light on the truth of the matter in hopes of making it more difficult for these practices to continue, as these practices and behaviors need to be exposed and corrected, as well as the destruction that has been done made right.

This Novel is dedicated to all of us, that have been mistreated, ignored, mislead, bullied, and lied to, just because of who we are.


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