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Discover, Connect, Explore - With Just One Search

Welcome to Nearby Nearby: A Seamless, Single-Search Local and Destination Travel Experience
Imagine a world where discovering local treasures and planning your next adventure is as simple as a single search. This is Nearby Nearby - a revolutionary patent pending platform with our 'One Search' feature revolutionizes local and destination travel planning by effortlessly connecting you to nearby businesses, parks, events, and more. Simply choose your primary location, and let Nearby Nearby reveal the world around it, organizing options by proximity and streamlining your decision-making. We invite your support to make this innovative vision a reality. Whether it's a donation or social media engagement, your contribution is pivotal. Join us in crafting a world where every adventure is just a single search away

Nearby Nearby transforms local and destination travel exploration, offering a user-friendly interface to effortlessly connect you with diverse local experiences. No more juggling between apps or drowning in a sea of browser tabs. Our platform simplifies your journey, whether it's navigating city streets or exploring rural hideaways. By consolidating all travel-related information into one comprehensive, easy-to-navigate platform, Nearby Nearby is your gateway to both local gems and far-flung adventures, saving you time and transforming the way you travel.It's more than a search engine; it's your digital compass, bringing the world closer and redefining the travel experience. Be a part of this transformative journey and help us redefine the essence of exploration.

Our Vision: Empowering Exploration for Everyone
We believe the best innovations are those built with and for the community. Steering clear of traditional funding avenues, we're championing a grassroots approach with crowdfunding. This ensures our platform remains free for users, where discovery isn't gated by fees, and where local businesses can thrive without hefty costs.

Revolutionizing Exploration: The Nearby Nearby Solution
Navigating the world of travel and local discovery often feels like a maze of apps and outdated information. That's where Nearby Nearby comes in – transforming travel planning into a seamless and enjoyable journey. We've pinpointed common hurdles in your exploration adventures and are excited to introduce how Nearby Nearby's innovative features effortlessly turn these challenges into opportunities for effortless connection. Discover how we're redefining your experience with just one search.

One Search - Your Passport to Local Discoveries
  • The Problem: The modern dilemma – endless searches, multiple tabs, and the frustration of irrelevant ads and outdated listings. The quest for a simple coffee shop or a hidden trail often turns into a digital maze, leaving you more exhausted than excited.
  • The Nearby Nearby Solution: Enter the world of 'One Search' – a patent-pending feature designed to revolutionize this process with a comprehensive, all-in-one platform. Imagine entering your destination and instantly having access to a curated list of nearby businesses, events, parks, and more. This seamless integration of information consolidates your planning process into a single, efficient experience, significantly reducing time and stress. With Nearby Nearby, the days of toggling between multiple sites and apps are over – welcome to streamlined, stress-free travel planning. 'One Search' is more than a feature; it's your personal guide to authentic, hassle-free discovery, transforming local exploration into a journey of simple pleasures and new discoveries.

Effortless Itinerary Creation - Simplify Your Planning Process
  • The Problem: Planning an outing, especially in lesser-known or rural areas, can be a daunting task, requiring extensive research and multiple searches across various platforms. This often results in a time-consuming and exhausting process.
  • The Nearby Nearby Solution: Enter the 'One Search' feature of Nearby Nearby, a game-changer for efficient planning. Our platform automatically displays all relevant nearby points of interest around your chosen location, organized by proximity. Whether you're looking for an adventure in the countryside or exploring urban hidden gems, Nearby Nearby reduces your research time significantly. This feature not only simplifies the planning process but also opens up a world of possibilities right at your fingertips.

Seamless Exploration - Discovering New Places with Ease
  • The Problem: Traditional search engines and platforms often fall short in helping travelers explore new locations, especially before their arrival. Results are frequently influenced by the user's current location or cluttered with irrelevant sponsored ads, making it difficult to plan effectively.
  • The Nearby Nearby Solution: Our platform addresses this challenge head-on. When you search for a location on Nearby Nearby, we automatically populate a map with relevant secondary points of interest, all organized by their distance from your chosen spot. Our focus is on providing clear, tailored information specific to your intended destination, free from the confusion of sponsored content. This ensures a seamless and informed travel experience, whether you're planning a local outing or an adventure in a new city.

Tailored Discovery - Customized Searches on a Unified Platform
  • The Problem: Typically, users must navigate a myriad of different platforms to find specific information, and many of these platforms lack the ability to cater to individual user preferences. This results in a challenging and often fruitless search for tailored information, such as pet-friendly events or unique dining experiences within a desired vicinity.
  • The Nearby Nearby Solution: Nearby Nearby transcends these limitations by offering an all-encompassing platform that integrates an array of options including Parks, Trails, Events, Activities, Businesses, and Services. Leveraging advanced AI, our platform delivers personalized search experiences, finely tuned to your unique interests and preferences. Whether you are in pursuit of family-friendly activities, seeking pet-friendly locales, or exploring new culinary delights, Nearby Nearby intuitively aligns with your individual needs, all in one convenient place. This approach ensures a more meaningful and enjoyable discovery process, eliminating the frustration of combing through irrelevant information and streamlining your search experience.

Businesses and Services - Empowering Local Economies
  • The Problem: Small businesses often get lost in the digital shuffle, overshadowed by search terms and pay-to-play advertising models. This imbalance leaves users with a skewed view of their options, often missing out on the unique and local offerings around them.
  • The Nearby Nearby Solution: We're leveling the playing field with our Businesses and Services feature. It's not about who has the biggest marketing budget; it's about bringing you closer to the heart of local economies. Our platform shines a light on the diverse range of businesses in your vicinity, from that artisan bakery to the family-run hardware store. By prioritizing proximity over advertising spend, Nearby Nearby fosters a more equitable and inclusive local marketplace. It's about empowering communities, supporting local entrepreneurship, and enriching your exploration with authentic, local experiences.

Youth Calendar - Your Guide to Youth Activities
  • The Problem: Balancing work and family life is a tightrope walk. Parents often struggle to find reliable and convenient information about local events, camps, or after-school programs, especially when they're away or pressed for time.
  • The Nearby Nearby Solution: Our Youth Calendar is a lifeline for busy parents. This feature offers a comprehensive week-by-week of youth programs, summer camps, and after-school activities, all in one user-friendly interface. Find the perfect fit for your child's interests and schedule, and rest easy knowing that enriching their life is just a few clicks away, no matter where you are.

Outdoors - Discovering Trails and Parks with Ease
  • The Problem: Whether it’s finding the perfect trail for a morning hike or choosing a park for a family picnic, nature lovers often grapple with the lack of detailed, reliable information. This scarcity can lead to missed opportunities for fully enjoying the outdoors, whether due to unclear trail information or insufficient details about park amenities and activities.
  • The Nearby Nearby Solution: Our parks and trail listings are your ultimate guide to embracing nature’s magnificence, effortlessly blending the exploration of trails and parks.
  • For Trails: We provide in-depth details about trailheads, including locations, difficulty levels, scenic points, and amenities. This feature ensures that whether you’re an avid hiker or a casual nature walker, you have all the information you need for a well-informed and delightful journey.
  • For Parks: Simultaneously, our comprehensive coverage of parks gives you all the essential information about park facilities, accessibility features like wheelchair-friendly paths, and the variety of activities available. Whether you're planning a peaceful day out or an adventurous excursion, our platform makes your visit to any park a well-planned and enriching experience.

Events - Dive into Local Happenings
  • The Problem: Finding local events is one problem, but getting detailed, practical information about them is often another challenge. Lack of comprehensive details can lead to a less than optimal experience.
  • The Nearby Nearby Solution: Step into the heart of your community's events armed with all the information you need. Our Event Calendar feature provides detailed insights that go beyond the basics. Whether it’s a local festival or a workshop, Nearby Nearby turns every event into an opportunity for connection and enjoyment.

No Login Wall - Access Freely
  • The Problem: The frustration of mandatory account creation just to access basic information. This barrier often deters users from exploring further and connecting with their local surroundings.
  • The Nearby Nearby Solution: With Nearby Nearby, exploration starts instantly. Our no-login-required access means you dive straight into discovering local gems without any hurdles. It's about offering an open, welcoming platform where information is freely available to everyone, fostering a spirit of exploration and inclusivity.

Personalized Profiles - Personalize Your Journey
  • The Problem: The challenge of keeping track of your favorite spots and personalizing your travel and local exploration experiences.
  • The Nearby Nearby Solution: Personalized profiles on Nearby Nearby put the power of customization in your hands. Create and save lists of your favorite places, plan your visits, and tailor your discoveries to match your unique tastes. This feature is about making each exploration a personal journey, reflecting your preferences and interests.

Verified Listings - Reliable, Up-to-Date Information
  • The Problem: The common frustration with outdated or unreliable information on other platforms, leading to wasted time and misinformed decisions.
  • The Nearby Nearby Solution: Trust takes center stage at Nearby Nearby. Our verified listings ensure you're working with the most current and accurate information. Make informed decisions with confidence, knowing that our listings are regularly updated and validated for accuracy.

Your Impact: Building the Nearby Nearby Legacy
Your support fuels more than a platform—it ignites a global exploration movement. Here's where every dollar contributes to innovation:
  • Platform Development ($600,000+): Your contributions create a robust, intuitive platform, marrying cutting-edge technology with simplicity, setting a new benchmark for travel planning.
  • Legal Compliance and Intellectual Property ($X): We're committed to legal diligence and protecting our unique design. By supporting these efforts, you ensure a trusted environment for all adventurers.
  • Marketing and Outreach ($X): To spread the word and build a community, we need your help. Your support amplifies our message, attracting explorers and partners to join our cause.
  • App Development ($X): Post-web launch, we're bringing Nearby Nearby to your fingertips with a mobile app. Your backing here expands our reach, keeping us connected on the go.

The Three Options to Launch Nearby Nearby
  • Option 1 - Fallback Plan: A Stepping Stone to Our Vision If our initial funds are modest, we have a WordPress website ready as our starting point. It's a humble beginning, with challenges like map functionality tweaks and plugin conflicts needing expert resolution. There are limitations—we'd be launching in a single county within one state, with the vision to grow as resources allow. This phase requires $75-150K, a sum of this our founder, Rhonda, can provide. Yet, we're hopeful to channel these funds into the next phases for a more robust launch.
  • Option 2 - Scaled-Down Yet Solid Foundations: Building for the Future With a more substantial budget, we can break free from WordPress constraints and opt for a headless CMS solution, engaging BairesDev's sister company and specialized freelancers to construct a sturdy, scalable website. It won't have all our desired features initially, but it'll be a solid foundation to grow from. We'll focus on perfecting the basics before expanding.
  • Option 3 - Ready to Expand: Full Speed Ahead Achieving our full goal of $880K means we can go the distance. We'll have the means to develop Nearby Nearby precisely as envisioned, with the infrastructure to scale rapidly and a dedicated team ensuring smooth sailing from development to launch. This phase is where our dreams and your support synchronize to create a platform ready to take on the world from day one.

Your Role in Our Phases Your backing decides our starting line. Whether it's the initial step with our WordPress site, building the foundation with a headless CMS, or diving into the full vision—your support at any level brings Nearby Nearby closer to reality. Your investment in our crowdfunding today is more than funds; it's a vote for how boldly we step into tomorrow.

Join the Movement: Be Part of the Nearby Nearby Story
Every contribution, large or small, is a cornerstone of our journey. To express our gratitude:
  • Stay Updated: Backers receive updates, sharing both triumphs and challenges.
  • Exclusive Access: Early supporters will be first to experience the beta version of Nearby Nearby.
  • Special Recognition: Our backers are our heroes. When our site is live and you make an account we will have a special icon to symbolize our users who all helped make this site possible.

Ready to Join Us?
With a goal of $880,000 thats only 44,000 supporters each contributing $20, we can make Nearby Nearby a reality. Help us hit this target, and be a part of travel planning history.
  • Contribute Now: Every $20 takes us one step closer—be one of the 44,000 changemakers.
  • Spread the Word: Share our vision with your network, and let's make this dream a reality together.
  • Engage with Us: Follow our journey on our Website , Facebook , Instagram , TikTok, Twitter for live updates and behind-the-scenes looks.

The Journey Begins with You
Your involvement is the heartbeat of Nearby Nearby. Together, let's redefine the way we all explore. Thank you for your support, your enthusiasm, and your belief in a seamless travel future.

Inspiring World Peace Through Local Engagement: The Role of Nearby Nearby
Nearby Nearby’s vision extends beyond simplifying local exploration; it aims to foster peace, both at home and in the wider world, by alleviating stress, encouraging active engagement, and facilitating community understanding, unity, and ultimately contributing to a world of peace. Here’s how our platform contributes to this grand vision:
  • Peace at Home through Stress Reduction: By making the process of finding and planning local activities effortless, Nearby Nearby significantly reduces the daily stress associated with organizing outings, whether it’s for personal leisure or family entertainment and travel. This ease brings a sense of peace into homes, allowing individuals and families to enjoy quality time without the anxiety of planning and searching.
  • Fostering Community Connection and Understanding: Our platform actively encourages exploration within local communities, allowing users to gain firsthand understanding of their neighborhood dynamics. This direct engagement challenges misconceptions, strengthens community bonds, and offers a more nuanced perspective than often divisive media narratives. Nearby Nearby transcends traditional barriers, fostering an environment where everyone is welcome to explore, discover, and learn from one another. By promoting inclusivity and open-mindedness, we strive towards a world where unity triumphs over division.
  • Advocating for Change through Informed Engagement: With greater awareness and understanding of local issues, users of Nearby Nearby can become informed advocates for change in their communities. By experiencing local conditions themselves, they are better equipped to identify areas that need attention and improvement, driving positive community action. Each interaction, each shared experience, is a step towards a brighter future.
  • Encouraging Active and Healthy Lifestyles: Nearby Nearby promotes activities that encourage an active lifestyle, which is linked to better mental and physical health. Happier, healthier individuals contribute to a more positive and peaceful community atmosphere.
  • Building Bridges Across Communities: Our platform encourages exploration beyond one's immediate locality, fostering interactions across different communities. This exposure to diverse ways of life and cultures promotes tolerance, understanding, and peace on a broader scale. By seamlessly connecting individuals to diverse experiences, cultures, and communities, Nearby Nearby plants the seeds of empathy and appreciation. We believe that fostering connections, one exploration at a time, lays the foundation for global understanding and harmony. By understanding and appreciating different cultures and communities, we can collectively move towards a more peaceful world.
  • Celebrating Diversity: Embrace the rich tapestry of our world. Our platform celebrates the diversity of cultures, traditions, and perspectives. By enabling travelers to delve into unique experiences, we encourage the celebration of differences, fostering respect, and empathy towards others' ways of life.
  • Reducing Environmental Stress: By supporting local businesses and eco-friendly practices, Nearby Nearby contributes to environmental sustainability, which is essential for global peace and well-being.

In essence, Nearby Nearby believes in the ripple effect of peace – starting from the individual and the family, extending to the community, and ultimately contributing to a more harmonious world. By reducing everyday stresses, opening avenues for enjoyable and meaningful local engagement, and fostering understanding and active participation in community life, Nearby Nearby stands as a beacon for how a digital platform can be a powerful tool in the pursuit of world peace.

Nearby Nearby: A Timeline of Innovation
2016: The Spark of an Idea Relocating to a new state, Rhonda, our Founder & CEO, encountered a common frustration: the challenge of discovering local events and parks. Often finding out about activities too late, she envisioned a solution. Thus, Chatham County Events was born - a simple yet revolutionary website aimed at unearthing and sharing local gems.
2019: A Community Hub Emerges Rhonda’s website rapidly evolved into an indispensable resource for nearly 2 million unique visitors. It transformed from a personal project into a vital community platform, extending beyond events to include local businesses and parks, fostering deeper community engagement.
2020-2021: Expanding the Vision The onset of COVID-19 posed unexpected challenges, but Rhonda’s determination didn’t waver. Meeting developer Barry Costa marked a pivotal moment. Together, they envisioned taking the local platform global and initiated the development of Nearby Nearby, focusing on a unique 'One Search' feature.
2022-2023: Building the Dream After filing a Provisional Patent, Rhonda and Barry partnered with BairesDev to start creating a platform with global ambitions. Their vision was clear: to connect people with their communities in ways never before possible.
2024: Realizing the Vision as we step into 2024, we are on the cusp of bringing Nearby Nearby to life. With an ambitious fundraising target of $880,000 by April 8th, we invite you to join us on this journey to redefine community engagement and exploration.

Our aim is to initiate a beta launch covering a select area by the end of 2024. This strategic approach will allow us to thoroughly iron out any kinks, ensuring that everything operates smoothly before we proceed with a larger scale launch and the release of a dedicated app.

At Nearby Nearby, we're committed to transparency and honesty in every step of our journey. As with any ambitious endeavor, we recognize that our path is paved with both opportunities and challenges. We want our backers to be aware of the potential risks and obstacles we may encounter along the way. From technical hurdles to scaling challenges, data security, user adoption, and beyond, we're not just anticipating these issues but are actively preparing strategies to address them. Here are some of the key risks and challenges we foresee, and our plans to navigate them successfully:

1. Technical Delays: Developing a technology platform can encounter unforeseen delays. Issues like software bugs, integration challenges, or adapting to new technology can push back launch dates.
2. Scaling Challenges: As the user base grows, the platform might face scaling challenges. Ensuring that the infrastructure can handle increased traffic and data without compromising performance is crucial.
3. Regulatory Compliance: Depending on the nature of the platform, there may be regulatory considerations, especially if it involves local businesses, events, or travel recommendations.
4. Partnership Reliability: For features dependent on partnerships (like event listings or local business features), there's a risk of partners not fulfilling their commitments or withdrawing support.
5. Financial Constraints: If the crowdfunding goal isn't fully met, there may be financial constraints that could limit the scope or functionality of the platform initially.
6. Market Competition and User Habits: While Nearby Nearby offers a unique platform unlike any other, we acknowledge the challenge of entering a market dominated by established giants like Google Maps and TripAdvisor. Gaining traction in a space where users are accustomed to certain platforms requires us to not only innovate continuously but also to effectively encourage users to embrace a new way of discovering local attractions. Our journey involves both staying competitive and altering established user habits to favor our distinctive approach.
7. Exclusive Rewards for Beta and Initial Launch: Please note that our initial launch, including the beta phase, will commence in a select region of North Carolina. We understand this might mean Nearby Nearby won't be immediately available in your area. Rest assured, expanding our reach is a top priority, and we are diligently working towards bringing our innovative platform to your location as soon as possible.

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