Please help get Pipper home for Christmas

Since  October 5th 2018,  Pipper has been detained and kept in Quanartine in Georgina, Ont.   Isolated and separated from his distraught Owner, Mr. Cory Chartrand 

Imagine being homeless, and then imagine as you try to rebuild your life, being alone and prevented from being with your Pet dog.....for over a year!

Imagine not being able to visit, or even see your  pet during that time!

And then imagine how sad, confused and upset your Pet would be, if you couldn’t see him?

That’s what happened to one man and his dog here in York Region 

Back in Oct. 2018, Pipper was detained and had been facing a Destruction Order.
That’s when  “Inn From The Cold” , located in Newmarket, reached out to one of their donors & supporters Brian Morris , of Lighthouse Legal Services, to  ask if he ( Mr. Morris) would kindly help Cory by providing him with  Legal representation.

Brian responded quickly to the request and took on the challenge to save Pipper and to try and reunite him with his owner. 

It took a full year of Defence work and seven (7) Court appearances, but Mr. Morris has been able to help Cory and Pipper. 

On  November 21,  2019, Mr. Morris was able to secure  a Court Order to release Pipper back into the care of his owner, Cory . 
Pippers release is subject  to a number of reasonable, but strict  conditions set by The Court.

One of the conditions of his release, is that Cory must first pay the Georgina Animal Shelter for Pipper‘s stay and for medical treatments they provided to him during his time with them.

The amount the shelter requires to be paid to them  before releasing him, totals;
$6,354 Cdn.

For Cory, it may as well be a million dollars.
Because for him to be able to pay that amount by his own means, would be  an impossible task.
The only hope of getting Pipper back home with Cory, is if the community helps by making a donation to the Free Pipper fund

By way of background Mr. Morris has provided a copy of his submissions to The Court made during closing arguments . Some of which is shared below:
“Pipper is more than just a pet, more than just animal.  Pipper is Mr. Chartrand’s  family.  When Mr. Chartrand was homeless, it was just the two of them trying to survive.”,  said  Mr. Morris.

Mr. Morris went on to explain to the Court that ;
‘Mr. Chartrand always did his best to provide for Pipper, even though he had very little means to support himself.      Mr. Chartrand would even spend his last dollar on Pipper, before looking after himself. Needless to stay, they have both been through a lot together, and have survived ,even though the odds were against them.’
‘Mr. Chartrand has struggled in the past. But It’s very heartening to hear that he has made so many positive strides in his life. He currently works, and has now secured housing . But even though he has secured housing,.. it does not feel like home without his closest companion. ‘

“Pipper provides emotional support in Mr. Chartrand’s life, support which can be critical to those that find themselves in vulnerable life situations, which Mr. Chartrand has had to experience and cope with. So in a sense, Piper companionship acts a medical/therapeutic support for Mr. Chartrand.

PLEASE will  you help to reunite Pipper with Cory by making a donation to his “Free Pipper fund” ?

Pipper has been saved from destruction.  And the Court has ordered that he can go home to Cory.

But thus can only happen AFTER the Georgina Animal Shelter receives  Cdn. $6,345 from Cory.


By making a donation , now ... It means that Pipper could  be home with Cory for the Holidays

Thank  You  

** Cory Chartrand has waived his confidentiality rights with Lighthouse Legal Services Prof. Corp. and its Owner, Brian Morris, has given his permission to allow us to share his story,  in order for Caylee to help raise funds to FREE  PIPPER. 

* * Caylee James does not work as an employee for Lighthouse Legal Services Prof. Corp., but was asked to assist as a 3rd party in the matter, in order to fundraise for the release of Pipper

**Any additional funds raised above the goal to  pay the shelter, will be used to pay legal fees and other expenses incurred **.
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