Reunite Adoptees With Bio-Families

I grew up knowing I had an older brother out there somewhere, but had no means of finding him. His birth certificate was sealed and years of searching online turned up nothing. Then I stumbled onto .

Within hours of creating a posting looking for my brother, I had multiple emails from "Search Angels" with information including my brother's name, address, phone number and facebook page! What I had failed at for many years, these Angels game me in a matter of hours... completely out of the kindness in their hearts - FREE!

In a day and age where nothing is free, especially opperating a "free service website". I feel the least I can do is try to raise awareness and funds for the wonderful people at Gs Adoption Registry.

I now volunteer to help others find their birth families, and the stories I hear are sometimes tragic, other times heart warming. They are real stories from real people who just want to connect to their roots, and I believe its a wonderful cause to support.

Thank you in advance for any support you are willing to give - even a "share" on facebook or twitter or whatever site - is appreciated!

My search was FOUND #3934
The Total Number of FOUND cases from Gs Adoption Registry is: # 4,384

This is the G's Adoption Registry Story:
"10-12-1998 We started this website as a tool to help my wife, Danna, find her birth family and her medical history. We had looked at other web pages and there were good ones out there but most were a struggle to use. There were often costs associated with the search.

We made a lot of mistakes as we searched for her birth family, and we thought that there had to be another way. We decided to build our own site to find her birth family, and also, to have a resource for others who were at various stages in their journey.

The registry first started out with Minnesota births. That only lasted for a year and then we got the first request to add a new state. Before long we had all of the states in the USA. "

There are also MANY  wondeful success stories posted by people who have been reunited:

"My sister found us through your registry. Words simply can't express how thankful we all are.
After almost 10 years of searching, she found my registration on this site and sent me an email.
You have given my mother peace. Something I was afraid she would never find in her life time.
Our family is whole again. Thank you so much.
This thank you just isn't enough to show you the depth of my gratitude.
I thank God for you and everyone on your team. You are helping to heal broken hearts.
May God bless you all. Laura L FOUND #4130"

"SUCCESS!!!!! Yesterday, I received a call from my birth parents. Not one, but both! They are married,(They married a little over a year after I was given up for adoption.), now for 52 years. And what's best, is that I have 5 siblings....Not half brothers / sisters, but full brothers and sisters! I am meeting my parents for the first time this coming Sunday, and cannot believe this is actually happening. Thank you to ALL of you "ANGELS" that made this happen. What you all did in just a couple of days, I couldn't make happen for 12 years! YOU GUYS ROCK!!! Thanking you again, Stacy FOUND #3462 "

And MANY more (they make me cry just reading through them)

Another way to Donate is through the Gs Adoption Site:
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