Returning to work (in Afghanistan) after cancer

The best and wisest help you can offer Afghan women-owned companies, is to go to Afghanistan and work with them to resume export of their products to your country!

In July 2018, accompanied by a medical doctor, I was urgently transported from Afghanistan to Italy. 
A few minutes after landing at Milan airport, I underwent an emergency surgery, and in the next few days I was diagnosed with a rare and 'devastating' cancer that would have killed me if I hadn't given my consent to equally devastating surgery and chemoradiotherapy.

Due to cancer surgery I lost my natural voice, I became a disabled person, and I had to get my body and mind used to the new life.

The long interruption of my activity as self-employed, the fact that I had to spend all my savings to overcome the health emergency and the pandemic make it quite difficult to resume my business. But I still have the will to return to Kabul, to resume the activities of my sole proprietorship registered with the Ministry of Industry and Commerce of Afghanistan, and to move some of my ideas from concept to Projects aimed at helping local businesses to export Afghan products to Italy and Europe.

Thanks to your donations, I will be able to reopen my office in Afghanistan and help local companies (especially those owned by women) to resume exporting their products.

I started this GoFundMe as an individual, and it is my intention to carry on my activities in Afghanistan with my sole proprietorship, excluding the realization of any of my projects on behalf of NGOs, as I believe this will bring donors closer to Afghanistan, and will create a direct dialogue between them and the Afghans in need, leading to more transparency during the implementation of the projects.

All my activities will be described with the utmost transparency on my web site, and you can always have a look at my finances, so you feel confident in how I invest your money.

If you love Afghanistan and decide to become one of my donors, you have my gratitude and I thank you warmly.

My Projects:
  • Douglas Chin 
    • €100 
    • 1 mo
  • Gastone Breccia 
    • €20 
    • 2 mos
  • Manoochehr Gobar 
    • €20 
    • 3 mos
  • Douglas Chin 
    • €150 
    • 3 mos
  • Arzo Nayel 
    • €50 
    • 5 mos
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Ivo Toniut