Return the body back home

This is our hero, Yannick Deumeni Ngaleu, who died saving a son and his father from drowning.

He was in myrtle beach celebrating his 21st birthday. According to the Myrtle Beach Chief Deputy Coroner we spoke to, at that time he witnessed a father and his son struggling attempting to escape the strong current from the ocean. Our brave and courageous brother/son without thinking went in and decided to help them. He managed to help the son get out and went back in to also assist the father. Unfortunately, after helping the father get out, he couldn’t manage to save himself and got caught up in the current.

Yannick was born June 13, 2001 and God decided to bring him back home on June 13, 2022. Yannick was a selfless, funny, caring and loved individual. He was always the life of the party, always making jokes and had an amazing personality. He was always willing to help anyone that he could. He had dreams of becoming a professional soccer player, and each day he would get up and work towards making his dreams come true.

He left behind his twin sister, family, friends and loved ones. He was born in Cameroon and that’s where he will be buried. We are asking for donations to assist with returning his body back to Cameroon. Yannick was a truly loved individual with an amazing heart. He will truly be missed.

John 15:13
”Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends”

In case you are wondering, my name is Thierry Pouassi Ngaleu and I’m the brother of Yannick Deumeni Ngaleu. My family wanted me to set up this GoFundMe because Yannick was a well loved person and people were asking how they can help and contribute. We will be using the funds to assist with the cost of the funeral arrangements as well as the cost to help ship his body back to his birth place (Cameroon).

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you all for your condolences, prayers, and contributions. 

Update: We thank you all for your donations and prayers, our hearts are full from all your kindness. After much consideration and discussions, the family has decided that it will be best to bury him here in the U.S. It is normally our tradition to bury him in his birthplace, but in this circumstance we felt it was best to bury him here so that his immediate family, friends, and loved ones can visit him as well. The total cost of the funeral including all expenses still equate to the same if not more as going back to Cameroon. We want to be fully transparent and ensure that no one is being mislead. Thank you all once again!


Thierry Pouassi
Silver Spring, MD

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