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Nearly five children reportedly die each and every day in the United States due to abuse and neglect and 80% of those deaths  of involve at least one parent. Each of us sees stories on the news about children who are abused and neglected. We  think about what we would have done to help save that child if we could. Well, I am choosing to do something for an innocent, beautiful angel that I love. If you know her, you likely love her too, you can’t help but love her. Anayeli has faced and survived child abuse and neglect since before she was even born.  Since before Anayeli was born her grandma has worked tirelessly to protect her involving medical and community professionals to try to help her parents be successful. When these efforts were not successful and state agencies refused to protect her, Anayeli’s grandma, Angelina, took on the juvenile court system to protect her.  Angelina raised Anayeli for two years and during this time Anayeli thrived.


Since the court returned Anayeli to her mother in July, 2015;  she has moved six times, suffered near constant lice infestations to the point where lice have eaten holes in her scalp, suffered multiple episodes of bedbug bites, shared bedrooms  with her mother and her boyfriends, been subjected to physical, mental and emotional abuse,  second hand drug exposure, left alone and routinely goes without food and exposure to anyone outside her immediate family that could be a voice for her. Her mother knowingly associates with numerous felons and has Anayeli around them. All of the therapeutic supports that her grandma, Angelina, worked to get in place were stripped away when CPS/DCS returned her to her mother’s care. Anayeli was recently taken to Phoenix Children’s Hospital where she was checked for internal bleeding after being beat with a stick across her spine by her mother.


Angelina is in the midst of her fifth legal effort to protect her and raise awareness to the suffering and the life threatening circumstances that Anayeli faces daily. Angelina has invested nearly $50,000 to date, selling plasma, working second jobs in addition to her full-time job and full-time student responsibilities, she, with the help of friends, has held other fundraisers that have helped in the past. She is immersed now in trying to learn as much about the law as possible to be successful but is terrified that her lack of knowledge may mean that this critical chance with a judge willing to listen may be lost. It is important to know that teachers, child care staff, medical and mental health professionals, law enforcement and community members also have concerns. Angelina feels that this is the best chance she has had in court but is so worried about the abuse and retaliation that Anayeli is enduring in the interim.  Anayeli cannot afford for Angelina not to succeed. Angelina has now petitioned the court for full custody and legal decision-making for Anayeli. She has assured the Court and the Court Appointed Advisor that she will welcome the involvement of Anayeli’s parents as long as it is safe and healthy for Anayeli. Angelina is a pillar in the community who has sacrificed more than many know to try to keep her grandaughter safe and healthy. She is the first person to offer a hand up to people and has never asked for anything in return. 


What can you do? Please contribute. Share this fundraiser with others. If you are a family court attorney or know one willing to champion their cause please help. Angelina has worked as a children’s advocate for all of her adult life. This situation is devastating for her but she will continue to be a voice for Anayeli and other children like her.  All funds will be used to obtain a family court attorney to help get Anayeli into a safe and loving home, for good, with her Grandma Angelina!
Bedbug bites that continue to be a problem. 
Angelina and Anayeli

Angelina hired a Santa to bring Anayeli her presents early for Christmas 2016 after being denied time to giver her gifts during the actual holiday. Anayeli was also not allowed to bring many of her educational toys back to her mothers and lost many of her new clothes, which were badly needed, because her mother returned them to the store .

This is Anayeli completing some Equine therapy which was provided by her Grandmother to help ease some of her emotional stresses. 
This is a fall festival Angelina took Anayeli to.She wanted to be a kitty. 
This is Anayeli with her Grandmother!
These are the bruises on her spine that she told medical professionals her mother had caused with a stick. She had to be checked for internal bleeding because the bruises were so bad and long lasting. 
This is a lice comb after passing through her hair only once for the continued lice problem.

These are the lesions on her scalp from the constant lice infestations.

If you cannot donate please share the link and also Pray for Anayeli's rescue and safety throughout this this process. Thank you in advance for all of your prayers, contributions, and support for Anayeli !
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