rescue dogs from dog meat trade!

Help us bring two stray puppies that were rescued from becoming dog meat over to a safe home! 

Blackie and White Paw were rescued from the dog meat trade in Indonesia. An industry were thousands of dogs gets brutally stolen and killed every year.  We have been taking care of them for the past month. When we found them they were so scared and in a very bad condition with both of them suffering from skin diseases and injured legs. They have gotten a lot healthier during the last few weeks thanks too the right medical attention and lots of love and cuddles.  Blackie and white paw has the funniest personalities and are the friendliest little dogs, we fell in love with them instantly.

We are leaving Indonesia soon and they have nowhere to go, all shelters are full and there is no foster home that can take care of them after we leave. If they go back on the street, they are not going to make it.
They require special medication and veterinarian care to survive,  they are too small and week to survive on the street. Being a street dog is also very dangerous and the chances of being taken to become dog meat is big in indonesia.  We cant leave them to this, so we have started the process of bringing them over to sweden. This is a very long and expensive process so we need all the help we can get to save them. 

White Paw and Blackie have become a part of our family and getting them safe over to our home in Sweden would mean the world to us. Leaving them on the street is just not an option.  Any help is greatly appreciated, every dollar goes a long way.  

What the funds will go towards: 
 - Medical care
 - Vaccinations: All vaccinations required to take a dog over to europe
 - Boarding: A safe place to stay while waiting for all the vaccinations and documents to go over to europe. This process takes 4-5 months. Its a great smal kennel specialized in getting dogs ready to go over to europe. There they will get the love and medical need that they need to become healthy and strong and ready to fly over. 
 -Transportation from indonesia to europe
- All documents needed for transportation

  • Marlene Gunnarsson 
    • kr200 
    • 46 mos
  • Matt Linder 
    • kr245 
    • 57 mos
  • Ines Kemperle 
    • kr240 
    • 57 mos
  • Simon Hitthaler 
    • kr239 
    • 57 mos
  • Jana Chaberova 
    • kr241 
    • 57 mos
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