Requesting help for MS treatment

I ask you to imagine....

Imagine that you are in your 30’s and your body is failing you.

Imagine that you can’t feel your arms or legs most of the time.

Imagine that ending up in a wheel chair and worse case scenario, a care-home in your 40’s, is a very real possibility. 

Now imagine that you have two young kids to care for and that this really is happening to you. 

This really is happening to my best friend and that is why I am here. 

It’s often not until something happens to our very own near and dear loved ones that we lay  ourselves bare enough to ask for help. So here I am, asking for help. 

I know there are so many worthy causes out there to get behind.  I humbly put this out there because, selfishly, this circumstance affects me personally to my very core so I am doing my damndest to take care of a woman who has taken care of so many.

My cousin Tanya Ginet-Elliott has recently been diagnosed with Relapsing/Remitting Multiple Sclerosis.  This amazing woman is an extension of my own heart and my very being (to the extent that we were born 8 days apart, have been best friends/soul mates our whole lives and we have vowed to die on the same day - reminiscent of Thelma and Louise or the sweet couple in The Notebook. Personally I would rather it be more “Notebook” style after we have lived a good long life rather than “Thelma and Louise” style in a blaze of glory over a cliff....but I digress) 

So here’s the story. After suffering an incredibly traumatic health scare with their infant son, where they spend months in the children’s hospital unsure of whether he would survive, Tanya began to notice (and ignore, as many parents/care-takers do) the ways in which her own health was suffering.  8 years later her incredible son is doing well...but she is not. 

Tanya has recently had to take a medical leave from work in order to attend to bettering her overall health.  Self care and stress reduction play a huge part in halting the progression of this terrible disease which can potentially put her in a wheel chair. We are trying to keep her out of one and stay on the course of a healthy, happy quality of life. 

In working with her medical team (Doctors, nurses and her neurologist) Tanya has learned that a combination of alternative methods, along with Western Medicine, is the best approach. The cost of alternative treatment is tremendous of course.  Things such as supplements and oxygen therapy have been shown to work wonders. Some costs are partially covered but what I would like to do is to try to assist in her families financial burden as they have their hands full enough with the emotional and physical challenges to this new adjustment. 

I am hoping to raise funds for Tanya and her family to aid in her healing in the following ways:

-a gym membership with personal training specific to keeping her mobile 

-essential oil therapy 

-a therapeutic pet

-hyperbaric oxygen therapy 

-vitamin supplements 

If you can contribute, I would be incredibly grateful! We can make a difference my friends. Let’s work hard to help our girl get well!  Tanya has been overwhelmed by the meals, the prayers and support that many of you have shown her already and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. She is a rock and joy to so many of us. Let’s show her our love now, when she needs it the most.

My immense gratitude to you for reading this and for whatever help you can give. Truly ❤️ 


  • Ashleigh Deis 
    • $50 
    • 45 mos
  • Keeley Cyr 
    • $25 
    • 46 mos
  • Krista Nugent  
    • $50 
    • 46 mos
  • Naomi Hartery 
    • $50 
    • 47 mos
  • Angie Pangie 
    • $100 
    • 47 mos
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Organizer and beneficiary

Angela Haroldson Price 
Port Alberni, BC
Tanya Ginet Elliott