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Remembering Penny Scandall

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This Go Fund Me campaign will now be going towards the Kelly OMay creative writing scholarship at Avon High School 

As a cabaret hostess Penny Scandal was a silver tongued princess of the Rochester Burlesque and performing arts community. Her very presence lit up every stage she set foot on. She was greeted by the delighted cheers of any crowd she interacted with and she was loved by all who had the privilege of witnessing her performances. Her smile was infectious, and we loved her for always speaking her mind and her amazing creativity. She not only hosted countless shows, she also created many of the amazing stage set pieces used in the Siren and Stilettos Cabaret shows, as well as many of the costumes she and the other performers wore on stage.
Her quick wit and charm captured the hearts of everyone who met her. She was an advocate for women’s rights as well as the LGBT community. She was all of these things but most importantly she was our friend and our family. We will keep her memory alive in our hearts. May she look down on us with glitter covered wings and may she rest in power.


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