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Hey all, my name is Natalia, I’m 30 years old and I live in New Jersey. For the last year there has been challenge after challenge in my life and I've been doing the best I can. It's a long story but I'll start here...

Over the course of my childhood and earlier, I was very sick and conventional doctors couldn't tell me what was wrong. But eventually I was 21, I was told I was experiencing narcolepsy and sleep apnea but that's about all they could tell me. Through my mom, I found my first holistic practitioner and right away I noticed even the smallest of positive changes from the get-go. For 8 years I have deeply researched, committed huge lifestyle changes and improvements and have worked with some of the best doctors to heal the root cause holistically.

For much of my life I experienced short and long term memory issues, brainfog, lethargy, anger issues. I later realized I was experiencing biotoxin illness from living in moldy environments which was remediated and I had to detox for years to get that out of my system. During this time, I lost my period for 2 years along with all libido so I all of a sudden identified as asexual for two years (Poisonous mold aka mycotoxins deeply affect the endocrine system), I experienced multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) and wore a mask for 5 years before the pandemic even started, I shaved all of my hair very short because I dealt with detoxing issues and a strange puss would come out of my skin and it made it very difficult to clean my hair/scalp with longer hair, there were pussy and bloody cysts the size of grapes on my face and body which were very painful and dug deep into my skin, and many more things I experienced...

Working with these holistic practitioners, I found out growing up in a moldy environment as a child with a dampened immune system due to several modern "conveniences" and some unfavorable genetic mutations set me up for a bumpy road ahead. I also found out I am a highly sensitive person (HSP) which affects approximately 20% of the population. It's where a person (or other animals) has heightened senses which have been found to give animals an advantage and ability for better survival--that they sense things before others. But in a modern world...sometimes it can be difficult to exist with all the “noise” we sense.

"A highly sensitive person (HSP) is a neurodivergent individual who is thought to have an increased or deeper central nervous system sensitivity to physical, emotional, or social stimuli. Some refer to this as having sensory processing sensitivity, or SPS for short." (Very Well Mind)
Elaine Aron's website has a ton of information on this.

So, I transformed my body and mind to become resilient over time and I have completely cured narcolepsy and sleep apnea through functional dentistry and using an ALF appliance to improve the way that I breathe 24/7. Some big things I did were thoroughly detoxing, clearing the body of any parasites (difficult to test for), practiced self-love and meditation with reiki, grounding outside and healing the gut. I have been able to grow my hair back, have way more energy and I don't wear a mask anymore. Everything seemed to come together on October 19th, 2022 when I woke up and realized I gained wonderful short and long-term memory and cleared brainfog for the first time in my life.

My true passion is video game development. I was on hiatus for years and I realized I could finally resume my journey with creating video games. I got a bachelor's degree in Game Design but I realized I still could not make a game on my own because I needed the programming experience.

In April 2023, I enrolled in an online school called GameDevHQ for video game programming.

I lived with a roommate for two years till August 2023 and it was a traumatic and taxing situation. I also walked out of a job where my boss was a holistic medical doctor and behaved in a very abusive behavior. March 2023 I was scrambling for a month to get work and my funds were running dry. I found a job where I got paid half of what I used to make and I traveled far because it was an a healthy environment. Then I realized after 4 months I needed to move back to my parent's because I couldn't sustain living at the apartment anymore. I moved out of the apartment on 8/1/23 and slept at my parent's for 4-5 days. Each day and night, I felt increasingly more sick. I spent tons of money clearing out the space of mold and ensured we have very clean water.

I wondered what could it be?

The symptoms I was experiencing were shakiness, horrible insomnia (I usually sleep very well), a feeling like someone was tightening their grip on my heart, brainfog came back...I knew something was terribly wrong. On the 5th morning, I had heart palpitations for the first time in my life. I had to evacuate. I remember I experienced trouble breathing—gasping for air as I hauled all of my things out.

I have an amazing, wonderful friend that has been letting me stay at her place for the last two months. Although I appreciate her compassion and opening her home to me, I've been sleeping on the floor and don't have a room where I can be by myself. All of my belongings are out and a mess. I can be easily distracted and I miss having my own space where I can take a break from all social interaction—especially as an empath and a highly sensitive person.

I hired an EMF (electromagnetic fields) specialist to thoroughly test the home. She found several huge issues. My father became very sick once he stayed home a lot and my mom is convinced a big part is the high radiation levels in the house. She also experiences symptoms. The EMF specialist gave us a report and direction on how to solve all of the issues. Thank God I can solve them. But the solutions can be tricky to find the right person who's willing to help, are very expensive, and take a lot of my time. I’ve noticed the longer I’m not in my own space and my life is in disarray, my body gets pushed deeper and deeper into fight-or-flight mode. It feels as if my body is on fire everyday. I was a person and still deep down am a person who smiles and laughs much of the time, who felt as light as a feather...but for the last few months, I seldom laugh or smile anymore and my body inside and out is screaming and is in pain.

You can check out a movie I learned a lot from called Earthing Movie.
Here are over a thousand abstracts and scientific researched articles on EMFs.

I was never sensitive to EMFs before. Over the last 2 months, it’s been trial and error to figure out what is causing the most pain. It’s probably a combination of issues. I've solved all of the little issues which involved so many changes (listed below in the financial breakdown). On 9/27/23, 1 of 3 big hazards were solved. The problem was current coming in through the copper pipes. Unfortunately this is a common issue for older houses. The copper is conductive and because utility companies want to save money with little regard for health implications, they have electricity that would ordinarily be sent back on the powerlines to be sent right into the ground instead. So whenever neighbors nearby used an appliance, all of that current would compound and come in on our waterline and affect all the wiring in our house as well.

The solution involved a plumber and an excavator to dig 6 feet down into the front yard. They turned the water off, found the waterline, cut out a portion and replaced it with a dielectric union which is made of a non-conductive material so the current cannot pass beyond that point anymore. This cost $3,000.

I slept at my parent's again for one night once the current was sealed off and I noticed a difference but I still experienced brainfog, other issues and did not feel myself at all. I knew if I stayed, it would get worse for me. So I left again, with tears in my eyes and said "I'll be back".

The next two big problems are:

1. The powerlines are unbalanced and are emitting crazy levels of magnetic field radiation. Only about 5% of houses have this issue.
2. There is a high level of dirty electricity in the walls which can be lowered with a PQ2 dirty electricity filter. This filter has an add-on so I can safely (without being a fire hazard) turn off specific breakers in my room where I sleep so I can heal and feel well when sleeping and when I wake up. Our bodies are more vulnerable when we sleep and need to recover from the day before so when we get bombarded with radiation which is highly inflammatory, it keeps people in a state of dis-ease.

I am an empath and I can feel the energy from trees and nature outside when I ground. I feel the energy into my's beautiful. The energy I feel radiates outwards from my chest cavity—my heart chakra. But when I'm around very high radiation, it feels as if the energy pulls into my chest cavity...the opposite of nature. We are natural, electrical beings that run on a negative charge and so does the earth.

Unnatural radiation runs on a positive charge and causes crazy inflammation and promotes autoimmune dis-eases in natural beings. Of course radiation is affecting us. Some people don't notice it but I'm one of the people who do. I am one of the canaries in the coal mine. Here is an insightful article on which is a credible source with a huge scientific article database.

For a few weeks, I was working a slightly higher paying job for a holistic nutritionist. I quickly noticed I started feeling very poorly at work and I got the same sort of oppressive feeling I get from my parent's house. The symptoms were shakiness (especially from my neck and head which is nervous system related), chest tightness, dyslexia, memory issues, buzzing feeling in my brain, and I felt something moving in the front of my forehead. I don't feel that way at my friend's place or many places for that matter.

My brother stopped talking to me for a while, my ex who was my friend for 7 years dropped me, a close friend of 9 years disappeared and never talked to me again with no explanation. The list goes on and on.

My brother and I shared a start-up video game business and when my brother stopped talking to me, I just gave him the business and created my own business: Star Force Games.

I want one remote high paying job so I'm more focused on one thing where I feel good and healthy. Where I'm at my best, I can grow and create what I want and what I care about. Right now I am furiously applying to jobs. My body needs to recover from all the heavy-duty, long term stress for practically 2 years or more...

An issue right now is I need to make the time (even with all of this) in order to hone my video game programming skills and work on my schoolwork 4 hours per day every single day so I can actually get that job. I have been putting so much time into fixing my parent's place, relationships falling apart, work nonsense and hauling tons of stuff back and forth from my parent’s place to my friend’s place. How can one focus?

Once I have that safe space without distractions, I can finally do my work and recover my health and financially.

I have always been the person to pay my credit cards ahead of time. During this season of my life, I’ve needed to charge so much on my cards and I’m nearing the cap on both of my credit cards. So here’s the breakdown of what I’ve spent and what I will need to spend to claim my home (I will update this list as I find out more information):

Charged on my credit card:
  • $495 mold swab testing
  • $2,369 mold sanitization
  • $800 EMF specialist to travel to us, do testing and create report
  • $207 ferrite beads aka chokes (prevents dirty electricity from going back into the wall from dirty electricity products)
  • $278 low EMF router
  • $198 gaussmeter to read powerlines (includes tax)
  • $1,400 gaming laptop (I only had a desktop computer and couldn’t bring it over to my friend’s place. This was so I could work on my school work and anything on the computer I need to do)
  • $900 supplements (like nattokinase that keeps the fibrinogen lower in the blood to avoid heart palpitations/blood clotting from EMFs, magnesium glycinate, CBD and more to help my body calm down. It’s in a state of HIGH ALERT right now)
  • $474 Ebay: RadioShack AM radio to test for dirty electricity products, dozens of incandescent light bulbs as they’re being phased out. They emit the lowest EMFs
  • $120 electrician work to ground a graphite painted room and change dimmer switches to flip on-off switches
  • $212 mattress grounding mat for earthing (includes tax)
  • $30 grounding mat for sitting (use for feet)
  • $479 state business registration, domain, website/SSL/etc through SquareSpace
  • $250 Trademark for Star Force Games logo
  • $500 last teeth retainer for finishing my functional dentistry work
  • $150 EMF Services (consulting with an electrician in Florida who knows what needs to be done for my health and corresponds with EMF specialist)
  • $34 (6) shielded power cords
  • $163 (2) gas/water meter guards and (1) smart meter guard
  • $59 low EMF 100% red light lamp
  • $66 Klein Tools CL220 digital clamp meter to test for current coming in on the pipes and wiring
$215 (5) power strips with individual on-off switches for each outlet

Paid/paying cash:
  • $3,000 installing a dielectric union in waterline which seals out current coming in on the pipes ($1,500 was paid and I owe $1,500 left to be paid over two months)

Will need to pay:
  • $2,309 PQ2 whole house dirty electricity filter with breaker turn off remote control
  • $107 body voltage meter
  • $300 RF acoustimeter (after tax)

  • $3,000(?) for solution to balance powerlines or shield home from unbalanced powerlines (I’m waiting to hear from the electrician in Florida to see what solution he has but he says it will be expensive

$18,115 TOTAL. I marked my goal to be $20,000 because of GoFundMe fees and also bills I’ve been trying to uphold like my car payment ($524 /mo), phone bill, car insurance, food. I’ve cut out as much as I can so I can get by with minimum spending.

This is my list of modifications and fixes I’ve been making to the house.

I am able to perform reiki, I spend much time in nature and have evolved closer and closer to my Higher Self as much as I can. I highly value personal (emotional, physical, spiritual) development. I have the absolute knowing and faith that I will get through this season of my life and I am fighting with everything I have.

Thank you for your time.

Be well,

Natalia DaLomba


Natalia DaLomba
East Brunswick Township, NJ

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