A Refugee Wedding: Mohammed & Butha

Hello friends,
Please consider financially helping my refugee friend Mohammed get married in July with a small donation of $25-$50. Here is his story.

My friend Mohammed Rajeb came to America in September 2013 due to the civil war in Sudan. Mohammed was granted immigration to the US because of the refugee lottery system. He literally won the lottery.

Refugee Services of Texas set him up with 90 days of an apartment, rent free, and ensured all of the paperwork was complete as a legal immigrant. Within that 90 days a refugee is expected to set up life and get a job.

I met him on day 2 in America. All of his possession consited of 2 suitcases of clothing. The first thing we did was go to Wal-mart and furnish his apartment with sheets, towels, and pots and pans, and yes- food. His apartment was equiped with a bed, a kitchen table, and a chair.

Day 3 consisted of driving Mohammed around to hotels looking for a job. A local hotel hired Mohammed at $9/hr to  provide supplies for the cleaning maids. Mohammed is a hard worker and has been regularly employed since he arrived into America. He has now moved up to a better hotel for $10/hr.

Day 4  Mohammed signed up at the community college for English as a Second Languange. He has subsequently completed ESL 1 through 4 and is now able to minimally converse, read, and write English.

Mohammed is a Green Card holder and looking forward to becoming a US citizen in 2018. As I spend time with him, we are starting to prepare for his citizenship test. Mohammed is greatful to  America to call this great nation his new home.

What is missing from Mohammed's life is a good woman. Her name is Buthania and she still lives in Sudan. Mohammed desires to be married to Buthania  and this is where you can participate in making this marriage happen. 

Buthania still lives in Sudan. Mohammed as a Green Card holder cannot travel to Sudan due to immigration law. But Mohammed can legally travel to Cairo, Egypt, to get married. Buthania can travel to Cairo from Sudan.

Mohammed has received his travel visa to Egypt and desires to go marry his bride, Buthania, not later than July this year.

I am asking all my friends to contribute $25-$50 to send Mohammed to Egypt for 2 months for the wedding and honeymoon. I estimate the cost to be approximatley $5000 for round trip airfare and all expenses in Egypt for 2 months. I will oversee the distribution of these funds to Mohammed and any money over and above the amount will be given to Mohammed upon his return for the purpose of purchasing a used car.

Mohammed loves his new country and I am asking you to show him a little bit of love back with a donation to help Mohammed go get married to Buthania. We anticipate Buthania being able to immigrate  to America within 2 years after the marriage.

I am going to make a giant card and will add names and congratulatory messages for Mohammed and Buthania for anyone who donates to this cause.

Thank you so much in advance for helping,
Jim Miller

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Jim Miller
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