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Reduce Roadway Fatalities

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A New book is coming out in a few months and it will give drivers who read it many tips on how to avoid collisions and situations where injuries and death are a certain outcome.

I will leave the text that has been here since it aptly tells our story.

Letter from a recent supporter:
 "In Tennessee, they practically give DL’s away. I found this out when I took a young man to get his [test] in Sumner Co. I’d given him a few months of driving lessons in my then wife’s car. I hoped he was ready. After, I approached him concerned he’d been flunked. When I ask him what has happened he told me the test was a short drive up to the highway and back. I couldn’t believe it. I’d paid for driving school when I was getting my license up in Kansas City and I’d never been in an accident that I had caused. I’ll definitely read it and pass it on." 

Note: The above testimonial is unsolicited but does reflect a common situation with many U.S. States especially the southern ones, that being inadequate road tests for licensing.

The 2019  2nd Edition of The Careless Driver covering the DUI Driver and innovative remedies for that type driver is published on Kindle and now soft cover. The driver that texts and drives is also in it.  Hundreds of copies are in the hands of lawmakers in several southern states.  This was the initial target set in October 2018.

Our goal and target now is to introduce legislative bills that each State, starting with Tennessee can pass. The nature of each based on the recommendations in The Careless Driver book  is aimed at establishing statues which 1) require comprehensive road tests to ensure newly licensed drivers have demonstrated the skills necessary to avoid collisions with pedestrians, animals and other vehicles no matter what the conditions.  2) Those drivers who are involved in a collision where a person or persons have been injured or killed do not pay a heavy fine and go to traffic school to be lectured verbally.  The judge is mandated to levy the fines and send the person to Driving Academy Training. for complete personal remedial handling, despite any protest, justification or alibi the student may present to the instructor.  They  do not pass until they can do correctly and then show that they understand why it is the correct procedure that they failed to perform. 

As stated in the book's Preface, "We as a nation have  sunk into complacency about vehicle death and homicide on our roadways, while many states require little in the way of driving skills to obtain a driver’s license." Our campaign reverses this complacency through skillful use of legislation enacted and designed to put more 'competent' drivers, both mentally and skill-wise on our U.S. roads.  If necessary remove major violators that have or will undoubtedly kill or maim others if they keep driving offensively and in violation of good sense and traffic regulations. That's the goal.  

I am committed to seeing this through to complete success.   And,

Consider this:  one in four drivers in their lifetime will have a collision, some fatal.  And, that is the rate now.  If nothing but citations are given out for traffic violations, and few if any violators are instructed properly / professionally to practice the correct way to drive that they failed to perform, there is no hope that in a few years the rate will be 30% to 40% of drivers will be involved in a vehicle collision with proportionate increase of deaths.

*Now all donations go to funding transportation to and from state assembly addresses, soft covered copies gifted to key legislators, plus the usual letterhead, postage, business cards for volunteers, and much needed fees to keep the campaign website up and renewing every week with campaign progress data and wins. Alternatively it takes only $12 to get the ball rolling with your legislature with 2 copies of the 2nd Edition. Calls also can be  made  to lawmakers by volunteers as well as personal visits such as I have done recently.  We can introduce bills this year and get them to be read and get them voted in law,  if we act now. Or have the two copies of THE CARELESS DRIVER Edition #2 ,  one each delivered to a your district lawmaker, one for your district State  Senator and one for your State Assemblyman. 

Contact information for each of the southern states is provided below.

Either way, contributors receive a copy (PDF) of the latest, updated edition, and further expanded editions, as well as the most current NHSTA data along with campaign updates. 

Starting with the State Senate legislator's lists since they are the leaders that enact state laws, we target the first states that historically have drivers with the worst records (circa 2018) and skimpy license road tests.  We realize that we can not deter or escape all possible deaths from collisions, since there are also common causes of crashes, i.e. blow-outs from defective tires, roll-overs, steering mechanism malfunction etc., but we can reduce the number of drivers who are careless drivers or distracted and /or impaired drivers by thorough instruction at their expense when they violate traffic laws and good sense.   There are many groups doing seminars and trying to do something about these mounting unnecessary fatalities, but without also putting more attention on skills for driving we as a nation will still fall far short of the goal.

Our campaign motto is: "No more careless driver  fatalities."
We now have six full rosters of State senators, names, shipping addresses, email addresses, tel/fax #, and committees served on.

Lend a hand, participate in a life saving, life changing activity, and rest at night more peacefully as we move toward the end goal as embodied in our campaign motto. And, also experience the joy and pleasure again of driving without nervous attention on the other drivers'  

*The Federal Government has granted us recognition (but not 'formal recognition') as a 501 (c) 4 organization (Social Betterment).  This requires $600.00 paid to get a letter of formal recognition. Wouldn't you know?  Will you help?
C. Van Heyden
state senator lists  

Campaign address: Reduce Roadway Fatalities Campaign  (For sharing)



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Chaz Van Heyden
Nashville-Davidson, TN

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