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Recovering from a domestic violence relationship

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The story involves Mr Mark Webb (aka, @thewebbieshow), a professional BMX athlete from Portsmouth. For the past three years, he had been in an abusive and controlling relationship with a female who regularly abused drugs as well as alcohol. Over the course of those three years, she proceeded to brake him down gradually, both mentally and financially. She lived off of his money for the duration of the relationship, mainly money paid to him by his sponsors for representing them in such a positive way.

The ex girlfriend used to occasionally self harm in a very graphic and seriously harmful way, including smashing her head open on sinks, pulling out clumps of her own hair, smashing bottles over her head, etc. This of course then began to effect the mental health of Mr Mark Webb. He began suffering with anxiety and depression, he attempted to take his own life on three occasions because of how bad things got for him, having to deal with the emotional strain of seeing his girlfriend at the time, doing such terrible things to harm herself.

When things got much more serious, is one night approximately a couple of months ago. Mark and his ex girlfriend went out one night, his ex got completely drunk on Whiskey, and began running into the road nearly getting hit by cars, she had completely lost it. She then proceeded to take money out the cash till to purchase drugs.

As they began to leave the area, his ex girlfriend took her boots off, and began to smash them into her face in a very forceful way, to the point that they caused serious bruises. Mark of course attempted to prevent her from doing this by holding onto her but it only resulted in her physically assaulting him as well, punching him and giving him a black eye. In addition to this, she smashed glass bottles over her head in an attempt to further harm herself, as well as smashing one over Marks head as well.

In between him trying to prevent her from harming herself, he kept being assaulted and due to her previously making false accusations against him, he decided to begin filming what was going on. This later proved vital in showing his innocence.

He looked after his ex at home for the following two days, she even sent him to the shops to get a list of food she wanted there too. She was laughing about her injuries, posing and getting photos taken, putting up the peace sign and smiling about the state she had put herself in. After those days, she then said she wanted to goto her friends house so Mark dropped her off there, before she done this, she asked to wear his coat and his chain, and he felt sorry for her so he allowed her to as he thought it made her feel better.

As soon as he dropped her off and went back home, she then completely switched to like a different person and blocked him off of social media, and texted him saying he was a fucking freak and that she didn’t want to speak to him again. After this, he of course said he wanted his property back and he couldn’t understand why she had changed so suddenly like this. The next thing he knew is that she was in hospital with her friend, even though when she was with Mark, she refused to get medical help for her injuries despite him asking her repeatedly if she would goto hospital.

The next thing that happened is he went to stay at his friends house to be in company as of course, this was all such a big shock and a lot for him to deal with, very early hours of the morning, the front door was smashed in by the police who then arrested him on suspicion of GBH with intent. His ex girlfriend then took to twitter and instagram to completely drag Marks name through the mud in an attempt to destroy his image which he had spent his whole life building up, through his many achievements with BMX, drifting and more. It took a very long time to gain the sponsors, the respect and the titles and she was set out to attempt to take it all away from him.

The lengths she went to, to clout chase, make up lies and tear him down were absolutely disgusting and malicious. She even went to the trouble of messaging his sponsors photos of her face and claim that he was responsible for attacking her and causing the injuries. These online attacks became direct to Mark as well when people then began to message him threats saying he’s going to get smashed up etc because he’s a “woman beater”.

Finally, on the 3rd March, after weeks of him worrying about the whole situation, the police called him to say that they were taking no further action against him and that they had arrested his ex that morning for perverting the course of justice and making up the allegations against Mr Webb.

The damage this disgusting woman has done to him, emotionally, physically and financially is absolutely terrible. Some of the damage cannot be undone, especially to his reputation, however, what can be done is financial help can be given to Mark to help him recover his losses of earnings and help him get back on his feet again as this whole situation has had a detrimental affect upon his finances as he actually lost sponsorships due to his exs lies.

If people donated what they can, this would help massively and Mark is very grateful for all of the well wishes and support he has been getting too. Thank you for taking your time to read this and please share this story. Men suffer too!


Mark Webb

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