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Last week, fans of MTV's "Stranded with a Million Dollars" (#MTVStranded) saw two selfish, entitled members of this Millennial cast tear up and burn tens of thousands of dollars. Standing there watching, I felt sick. Not just because that was money I wouldn't win, but because we'd just spend weeks walking through jungles of Fiji, on an island where local children own nothing but shorts. No shoes, no proper sanitation, nothing we would consider essential to a healthy life.

Filming in Fiji, I saw firsthand what a third world country looks like, and that was a HUGE motivating factor for me. I had the idea that if I could win the $1 million dollars, not only would I be financially set for life, I would be able to use some of that money TO DO SOME GOOD FOR OTHER PEOPLE. That was my goal going into the show, and thanks to my despicable cast mates, the money literally went up in flames!

Fans of Stranded with a Million Dollars went crazy on social media after MTV showed the money burning. Yeah, it's real – and it's disgusting. Be angry. I am.

If you haven't been watching, here's the deal in a nutshell: Ten Millennials are trying to survive for 40 days on a South Pacific island to win (and split) as much as a $1 million. We have opportunities to spend the money during the 40 days, reducing what the people who last 40 days will get at the end. A group of spoiled Millennials known to fans as "the campers" have blown literally hundreds of thousands of dollars having pizza and burgers delivered to themselves in the jungle. When the last two campers realize they're not likely to make it to the end, they started tearing up and burning what I'm sure was well over $100,000. We will see on Tuesday the exact ammount and I'll adjust this Go Fund Me accordingly.

As a member of the Stranded cast, and a member of the Millennial generation, I'm mortified at their selfishness. How many children all over the world are starving? How many children in our country are sick and need money for medical care? Homelessness and unemployment rates are serious problems. If Alex Apple and Gina Lam hadn't destroyed all that cash, everybody who won could have donated a portion to a true charitable cause.

I've been losing sleep over this, so we have to fix it. The best way I know how to make up for this disgusting behavior is to make my own effort to raise money for a VERY WORTH CAUSE related to the show.

Baby Asher, son of MTV superfan Nick Oates in Crestview, Florida, needs our help to pay for cancer treatment. His dad Nick is a fully disabled veteran, and the costs of saving Asher are tremendous. I became aware of Baby Asher's plight when I encountered Nick on social media – he's a big fan of Stranded with a Million Dollars. Following his own efforts to save his baby on Twitter, I got the idea to raise money for him. After I saw how the outraged tweets from fans about the burning money, I realized that a LOT of you might be willing to help me.


This TV show set out to show Millennials in the worst possible light – to make us look selfish and entitled, and all the other words that people use to characterize our generation. Thanks to Alex and Gina, MTV succeeded. Their behavior was deplorable, and it reflects on all of us. But we can make a difference, and we can change people's opinions of us. And we start by paying attention to others in need. By looking out for those who cannot fend for themselves. And by reaching into our pockets to help fund the cancer treatment of a baby boy who deserved the money that was burned on the show.

Because let's face it – that was a despicable and disgusting a waste as any of us has ever seen.

Learn more about Asher's story on his dad's Twitter page: @NOaddiLA



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