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Recni Video Drive Starts- 2/16/2018

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Attn: Potential Green Supporters of RECNI, LLC!     :  )

UNTIL NOW (2/16/2018) Our Go Fund Drive was simply a "Non-Active" Landing Page, as our Organization was still undergoing final internal structuring as a new LLC start-up...

This Go Fund Page has basically been sitting dormant, since June 26th of 2017, No seriously, it has.
RECNI, LLC simply implemented our Go Fund drive long before we were able to launch operations, until now...

We're pleased to introduce our awesome new Business Outline Explainer Video on 2/16/2018  with our "NOW ACTIVE" Go Fund Drive!!

Please take a moment to learn all about RECNI's goals, missions, and climate saving cause by watching our outline business video above! 

Many Thanks for your consideration in giving to our cause...

Recni, LLC is an "Ideological Corporation" that strives to eliminate massive income in-equality worldwide by fixing mankind's most daunting 21st-century challenge of preventing catastrophic climate change in the next seven years... 

Recni mission goals are to create a synergistic cooperative union of all green renewable energies companies (Similar to O.P.E.C. or N.A.T.O. or N.A.F.T.A.)

By working together, we can drive down renewables energies cost's even further than current levels, and thereby increase investment and financing options that will accommodate all income demographics worldwide so that anyone can afford to go green as easy as 1-2-3...

It is Recni beliefs and goals based on over five years of market research and hundreds of interviews that our consistent weekly full-time presence out in the public's eye along with our uniformed Recni team members promoting our spectacular "Recni Green Galley Showrooms" that we should help spur an overwhelming accelerated interest in the general public's curiosity about the latest renewable energies products and services nationwide !

Recni, LLC will accomplish this by hiring and training a large workforce nationwide of highly knowable “Green Experts” who will participate in both weekly and Bi-weekly actives such as:

• Engaging the public in very casual no -pressure engagements at:

• Coffee Houses

• Grocery stores fronts

• Special events

• Tradeshows

• Green Expos

• The Recni Members will be providing an introduction to our newly founded company while handing out our company’s brochure and inviting the prospect to one of Recni’s:
Weekend Donor showroom galley's exhibit of today’s Green renewable products & services will be displayed:

(Electric Car models- Charging systems- Solar & Home Battery Displays - LED Systems to be on display, etc... )

Galley's to be held in a large-scale Commercial Building that will also be showcasing's spectacular exhibits from over a dozen countries worldwide that are now over 80% percent green already!!  (free to the public)
• All Recni’s members will be wearing the corporate uniforms show on Recni’s website for a professional uniformed corporate appearance.


Some of RECNI, LLC Unique Company Structures are laid out below:

• Employment Opportunities Part or Full-time (Present)

• True Living Wage pays $15 to $22 hr once were funded.

• A "Hybrid" Future 5 Tier Cooperative Membership
(in planned near future)

• How to get involved –  Our 90-min weekend program

• How Cooperatives Differ from Traditional companies? (Future)

• A) Employee Ownership and Voting Power

• B) Above Average Earning Power

• C) Voting power on Company directives...


RECNI, LLC has already established all the Formal Legalities needed:

• Filed and Established an LLC with the State Secretary of Nevada on February 27th, 2017

• Established an EIN with the IRS for RECNI, LLC in the state of Nevada.

• Established a Commercial Checking Acct with Bank of America

• Established a “1 Million-Dollar Umbrella Policy” with State Farm Insurance Co.

• Established a Business Relationship with all marketing Materials + (website) with Vista Print.

• Conducted Extensive Market Research interviews for over 5 years to establish the program.


There truly is no other company structured quite like Recni, LLC in tackling massive income in-equality worldwide by addressing our looming catastrophic climate change issues... 

For over 5 years we conducted extensive market research interviews to establish our program... 

We need your help to get off the ground running at full speed towards sustainable energies policies here and abroad while paying millions of people a true living wage in the green industry sector and saving all humanities one true home... Earth

Thank you for any help you can provide during Recni's;

 Tier 1        (1st 45 days of funding)
 Tier 2        (45 to 90 days out of funding)
 Tier 3        (90 to 120 days of ongoing funding)

Crucial funding drives are greatly appreciated!

Any interested parties can request our official Excel formatted Tier 1 Funding Drive spreadsheet by email... (Just Ask us for it)


Gloria J. Flynn
(Investor Member)

Albert J. Ceniceros
(Managing Member)

Recni, LLC


Albert Ceniceros
Las Vegas, NV

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