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Hello there,
My name is Kathrine Shepard, I live in Oslo, Norway and I have been working as a professional musician for the past 11 years, focusing mainly on my solo project called Sylvaine. Since 2021 I have been doing extensive touring with Sylvaine, together with my 3 live musicians, that has brought us all over Europe and North-America to play my music live.

Last weekend, namely Jan. 26th - 29th, I was on a tour in Italy with 2 of my live musicians; Florian (guitar/vocals) and Dorian (drums). The tour brought us to Turin, Modena and Milano, where we had the pleasure of playing fantastic shows for wonderful audiences. The tour was a lovely experience in every way, thanks to all the professional crew and talented local bands involved however, the morning we were all leaving Italy to go back home, the van we had been using to drive between the 3 shows got broken into and all of our belongings were stolen. Thieves broke one of the windows on the passenger side door and from there proceeded to unlock the slide door on the side of the van, as well as the doors to open the boot, where all of our belongings were placed. Both Florian and I lost all of our gear and personal belongings, in addition to our Sylvaine backdrop and merchandise.

Even if we never wanted to ask for your help, as our belongings are our own responsibility and we would never want to put any sort of financial burden on our beautiful fans, we decided we might need a bit of help with a loss so substantial which led us to start this GoFundMe campaign to try to raise funds to replace my and Florian's stolen gear, to rebuild the Sylvaine live set-up before the next Sylvaine show take place at the end of Feburary, including guitars, amps, pedals, cables, backdrop etc. Here is a full list of what was stolen from us with serial numbers where applicable, that we hope to replace with this campaign:
  • Kathrine:
- Sylvaine stage back-drop 3m x 5m
- SKB guitar flight case 62
- Fender Toronado Deluxe electric guitar (1998) - MN8114166
- BluAmp 1 guitar amp - 2305180022
- Strymon Ojai power supply brick w/transformer - S21 -14210
- Morpheus DropTune effect pedal - DT1A008029
- EarthQuaker Devices Avalanche Run effect pedal - 6275
- TC Electronic Hall of Fame effect pedal - DR06111
- Boss T3 guitar tuner pedal - W9B1133
- Rolls PM55 personal monitor amp - 1551313
- Fischer amps volume control - 1127
- Pedal train Metro 16 pedal board
- SE Electronics V7 microphone
- OptoGate microphone gate
- Various cables (XLR, jack mono, jack stereo, patch etc)
- 2 x power supplies (1 9V + 1 12V)
- Various guitar accessories (capo, strap, strings etc.)
- Stage dress
  • Florian:
- SKB guitar flight case 62
- Fender Squire Paranormal Toronado electric guitar - CYKF20004948
- Line 6 HX Stomp guitar amp - (21)HXM0M6934008778
- Strymon Ojai power supply brick w/transformer - S21-67816
- TC Electronics Hall of Fame 2 effect pedal - S200902923CI3
- TC Electronics Flashback 2 effect pedal - S191001124CKR
- Digitech The Drop effect pedal - 12002607527
- Boss T3 guitar tuner pedal - L3A9027
- 2 x Behringer Powerplay in ear monitor pre amps - S210804127CH4 / S200705440CH4
- Behringer in-ear headphones
- Shure SM58 beta microphone
- Various cables (XLR, jack mono, jack stereo, patch etc)
- Various guitar accessories (capo, strap, strings, guitar conditioning products etc.)

This is a complete list of the gear stolen, in addition to all of our personal belongings that were also taken (mp3 player, clothes, toiletries, make-up, jewellery, hair dryer, power banks, medication, perfume etc.)

UPDATE 3rd of February: The locations of Kathrine's guitar has changed on her Find My apps to the address:
Via Como 12, 20024 Garbagnate Milanese, Italy
And Flo's guitar was last tracked on Feb. 4th at
Via Valassina, 20037 Paderno Dugnano, Italy

Thank you from the very bottom of our hearts for taking the time to read our story and for your generous donation. We appreciate it beyond words and can't wait to play for you again sometime in the near future!

  • A bit more about the story:
My drummer Dorian and our sound engineer for the shows Kevin had already left Italy early in the morning by train, so only my guitar player, Florian and myself remained in Italy, together with our driver Marino.

After checking out of our hotel at 11am and heading towards Milano Linate airport, we made a short stop to take in some fresh air and have a coffee, where we left the van for a very brief moment. It was parked in an area with lots of other vehicles, including other vans, with people out in the area. As a group, we have always been extremely cautious when it comes to our gear and our tour vehicles (to the point where one member would sleep in our van at all times on certain tours), and we didn't see any reason to be alarmed in the place we stopped for a short break, as it did not look sketchy in any way.

As soon as we got back to the van and noticed that the passenger side window was broken and all of our items stolen, we immediately went to the police to report the theft. Both Florian and I had AirTags in our guitar cases which we kept tracking and both of us got an actual address that we gave to the police (Via Costantino Baroni 254, 20142 Milan Italy), but the police were unable to do anything for us, except provide a theft report. We even went to the address ourselves and tried to contact the police again, but to no avail. Having flights that we did not want to miss to loose further funds, both Florian and I ended up leaving Italy that night with nothing.

Live photo captured at our show in Turin at Ziggy Club on January 26th by Isabella Quaranta

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