Healing Rebecca Williams

If you have ever searched online for beautiful homes, for beautiful photography, for beautiful styling.. Well if you have ever searched for just beautiful vibes all round, there is a fair chance you have met Bec. Rebecca Williams, aka Bec from the SugarShack Styling Co , is one of those women who you find it hard to forget.

She is a woman that has an undeniable style and an enticing energy that just draws you in and leads you begging for more. She is the owner of Naughty Shorts, a brand selling folk-inspired dresses she makes by hand from the giant collection of vintage fabric collected over the years; she is a stylist and she is also a brilliant photographer working under the name Sugarshack Photography , creating ethereal scapes for very lucky brands, and capturing memories for individuals & families all throughout Australia.

Career accomplishments aside, Bec is a devoted mother to a vivacious young girl named Zavian and a loving partner to Clay Foster. 

Bec is the kind of person that can make you feel completely at ease as soon as you see her bright smiling face, can take away your sadness with the warmth of her big mamma bear hugs and have you laughing at her silliness within seconds. There is not a mean or judgemental bone in her body, she is the most authentic and love filled person you will be lucky enough to meet.

Our beautiful friend Bec has also just been diagnosed with cancer. 

Mid July this year, she travelled to Exmouth for a holiday with close friends and on the last two days of her trip she experienced an unusual pain in her stomach. She went to the doctors and an ultrasound was ordered followed immediately by a CT scan. Within 24 hours she was admitted into hospital via the emergency room for a biopsy.

The results indicate she has a Primary Bowel Cancer, that has now spread to her liver, lung and lymph.

'The second that diagnosis was handed to me I realised that there was no room for fear in my body any more. I felt my strength and determination swelling up inside of me. I feel stronger than I have ever felt in my entire life. Watching my family and friends come together around me. I am filled with gratitude for the love I have.. I am the luckiest girl in the world. Right now I am living and breathing love, gratitude and positivity. My heart could literally explode".

As her family, friends, and now the wider community online hear about the news of Bec's diagnosis, we have all been floored and feel like this is some surreal experience that can only happen to other people - not a woman so vibrant, so full of love and so young  (33 yrs old) who has a whole beautiful life full of adventures ahead of her.  We are all feeling helpless and wondering what we can do next to help her on the journey she now has laid out before her.

With an overwhelming amount of love around her and so many people offering to help, there is something you can do right now to help. 

Being self employed, and with the very expensive treatments that will be coming up we have set this gofundme page up to allow the healing process to be embraced completely and wholly by Bec and her family to at the very least take  some of the worry and financial burden out of Bec and Clay's hands.

We are asking you to please donate whatever it is you can, big or small, every single dollar will help. As we know Bec, she is going to give it every thing she can, and is embarking on all the alternative and complimentary therapies she can, to go alongside all the miracles that western medicine has to offer as well. These therapies add up.

So lets hold that worry for her, and help Bec and Clay with whatever financial aid we are able to give.


We also ask that with every donation or even if you're unable to help financially, is to please move with Bec and her powerful positive healing thoughts. 

This is what we want you to carry with her.

She is worthy of all the love you can muster.

She is worthy of all the prayers you can send.

She is worthy of all the energy and light and fierce, protective, healing energy you have within you.

We've got you Bec. We've got you, we love you and we are holding you.  All the love to our girl!


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