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MJ fam - here we are over 11 years since of my Uncle Michael's passing. Instead of being able to mourn and properly celebrate and honor Michael Jackson, we are, again, being forced to educate the media and the general public with the evidence-based truth about him.
Once again, we have to defend Michael Jackson's name and legacy from vicious and calculated lies. We can no longer sit back and wait for the 'right thing' to be reported or for someone else to step in and champion our cause. This is on us – fans, friends and family. I know that the unanimous acquittals and the FBI's on and off 10-year investigation (resulting in my Uncle’s complete exoneration) should have been enough. The worst thing we can do is let this continued slander go unchallenged. Especially since my uncle is not here to defend himself.
I know that when we as a group are united, we are unstoppable. 
So I am asking for your help.


Michael Jackson is regarded as the greatest musical entertainer of all time and one of the most famous people who ever lived. His success and influence was global and his music broke racial barriers and changed culture forever. His philanthropy was equally international and his desire to help others comprised the fabric of his loving soul.

On the outside, his life read like a fairy tale—talented, successful, beloved, honored, and wealthy. The King of Pop was royalty adored by countless fans and revered by various world leaders and dignitaries. He reached incomparable levels of success that made him an icon, and, unbeknownst to him, a target of extortion, ridicule and salacious false allegations . The media scrutinized him and chased any and every story or piece of information that could be perceived as negative or damaging. The power of Michael Jackson became a high-stakes commodity to the media, and it was well known that newspapers, magazines, and tabloids would sell if Michael was the feature. High prices were being paid to photographers, associates, and “insiders” to uncover anything that would discredit him and dilute his power and societal influence.

Michael’s life was filled with predatory people seeking to be a part of the Michael Jackson magic and all the perks that went along with him. Michael was overly generous and open to people. His naivety made him vulnerable to those with bad intentions. Time and time again, Michael would be betrayed by people within his own camp and used by many as a means to an end.

The last 15 years of his life, Michael was subjected to false and malicious allegations of child abuse. Though he successfully defended himself against those allegations, and died an innocent and exonerated man, reckless and maligned efforts continued to destroy him and his legacy. All of these public attacks took a great toll on his life and the life of his friends and family.

After his death, opportunists and haters alike came out of the woodwork to vilify Michael. They worked tirelessly to paint Michael as a deranged child molester who had spent his entire life navigating and heading up a sophisticated pedophilia ring. The media feasted on headlines and stories like these like starved animals. Every eccentricity that made Michael unique, was now perverted and misrepresented. Not once did any media outlet or public influencer come to Michaels defense. Little by little the public began to adopt the lies as truths thus the legacy of Michael Jackson became diluted and defiled.

This series will uncover the real Michael Jackson. The larger-than-life entertainer grew up in ways no other human could ever imagine. The viewer will have the opportunity to step inside Jackson’s world through the stories and recollections of the people that truly knew him best. Michael was human like the rest of us; flawed and imperfect. He was eccentric, uber talented, philanthropic, sensitive and traumatized. All of these things made Michael who he was. He was not weird, he was unique. He was a man who believed in the message of love, in a world that didn’t appreciate or understand him.

Two very important and basic facts:

● Michael Jackson was not some fictional character from a book or movie, he was a human being with emotions and feelings.

● Michael Jackson died an innocent, vindicated man.

Sensationalized stories about the King of Pop earned billions of dollars. But at what cost?

Michael died over a decade ago, but many of the most damaging unfounded and unsubstantiated stories remain part of the public consciousness, causing continual damage to his legacy and to his children, who have had to grow up watching the world embrace and perpetuate these horrific falsehoods.

This series will also dive into the unreported side of Michael Jackson’s life.. his humanitarianism and how he dedicated most of his life and earnings to charity.

The time has come to take action and formally correct the record before it's too late. The history books are already being written and many of them read like bad fairy tales. Provable falsehoods are recycled time and time again as facts.

Remember, we only know Mozart, Bach, Debussy or Beethoven by what we have read from available resources. Hundreds of years from now, people will look up Michael Jackson's name and music. We owe it to future generations to provide a resource built on the truth.


“Why should I donate? Can't so and so fund this?”

While trying to secure funding, I have looked into several alternative opportunities and scenarios. Unfortunately , any corporation and/or outlet with the available funding would, most probably, want creative and editorial input. The purpose of this project is to present a factual delivery of events from people that lived it and knew it - including me. 

Unfortunately, experience have left me mistrustful of external influences and I know the majority of you feel the same. Michael Jackson's true history needs to be told without manipulation and restrictions. We need to be able to tell the story, free and clear, without biased media.


I am the oldest nephew of Michael Jackson. I had the privilege to have grown up extremely close to my uncle and was always a loyal friend and ally to him throughout his entire life. I also had a front seat to what the negative media and allegations put him through. I lived with him during the whole 2005 trial. 

As a sexual abuse victim (from my uncle Chuck on my mom’s side of the family), I know what it means to be a survivor. I also know what kind of damage sexual misconduct leaves upon the victims. This unique position makes me even more determined and qualified to make the truth, the whole truth known about my uncle Michael’s false allegations. 

My uncle’s last words to me were… 
“After this, we’re doing films.”
Never did I think that a decade later necessity would require me to direct a film about his proven innocence.


As many of you will know, a series of this size and scale will not be cheap.

What will your contribution help to fund?

- Hiring key players for the production team.
- Travel expenses for filmed interviews and meetings.
- Verifying stories and new information. 
- Securing licensing and video clips.
- Video and audio editing.
- A comprehensive, international marketing and PR campaign (live and digital) that will make it impossible for audiences, targeted and otherwise, to ignore.
- Distribution, locally and internationally.

MJFam, this is what we have been waiting for and the time is now. Join me on this crusade to bring justice, once and for all, to the legacy of Michael Jackson. 

“Lies run sprints, but the truth runs marathons.”—Michael Jackson


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Taj Jackson
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