Save Water, Save Lives

Rasha Abu Dayyeh came to the San Francisco Bay Area from Palestine as a participant of the TechWomen mentorship program. She expressed a passion and interest to learn more about water treatment and conservation techniques to bring back to Palestine after the Program ended.

I am a capital program director for the City of San Francisco, I have worked with the city for over 30 years. I started my engineering career with the benefit of having strong mentors to guide me. I have participated in the tech women program as a mentor for the last two years.

While Rasha was in San Francisco I was her mentor. I worked with her to expand her knowledge of innovative treatment, conservation and communications techniques. Rasha embraced these practices and hopes to bring what she learned back to Palestine, via a project designed to spread of water usage and needs called Save Water, Save Lives “SWSL”

Tens of thousands of Palestinians suffer through droughts every summer; by which they could sometimes go weeks without water. Israel retains control of all underground and surface water resources in the West Bank and Palestinians are only allowed to extract a total of 20 percent of the "estimated potential" of the Mountain aquifer under the West Bank.

The average of Palestinian daily water consumption is approximately 70 Liters (18 gallons); while the World Health Organization (WHO) minimum standard is 100 Liters (26 gallons) per capita per day. Some Palestinians hardly get 20 liters, which is below the minimum recommendation, even in humanitarian emergencies. For comparison in San Franciscan average usage is 50 gallons per person each day.

One part of the solution is to use the available resources carefully and wisely to make the best of the limited resources in the most efficient way.

Save Water Save Lives “SWSL” aims to educate families and change water use behavior to preserve the very limited water supplied to the Palestinian.

From the funds raised in this GoFundMe campaign Rasha and her colleagues will implement a water savers toolkit in 5 target schools throughout Palestine, which will include a brochure about best water conservation practices, shower timer, and stickers.

Your donation will also fund development of a mobile application that allows families to scan their printed water bill, monitor their own water consumption, and provide them with tips on how to save water.

Additionally, SWSL will conduct a summer camp under the name of The Water Ambassador. This camp will target some selected school students to train them to be Water Ambassadors. The participants will be trained on some skills that will enable them to foster water conservation culture among their classmates, families, and neighbors.

With the help of friends and colleagues, SWSL could truly make a difference in how Palestinians think about their limited amounts of water.

I was so impressed by Rasha and her commitment to water scarcity education. Thank you for supporting this important work. Contributions will be transferred by myself to Rasha and her team so they can implement their vision to help to educate youth and adults about water consumption management.

Thank you all! The funds collected will be deposited into Karen Kubick’s account and sent to Rasha using money gram.
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