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We are Michael & Sandie Bryant, and we live on the tiny island of Saint Lucia. We are both crazy animal lovers and have witnessed the plight of horses, dogs, and cats on the island over many years.

Number One Priority

Before reading our story, we do have an immediate emergency. One of the rescued horse Isaiah, probably the sweetest natured horse we have ever encountered had an accident with his eye.
We are not sure how but his eye lens is punctured and has glazed over. He is blind in his left eye.

The vet reckons we are in with a chance to save his sight but it will cost a lot of money. We have put aside what we can from the fund but it will not be enough.

Being a prey animal. To lose sight in one eye is catastrophic. As well as the obvious discomfort and bumping into things, being blind one side can lead to terrible depression in a horse.
We pray we can mend him.

Our Story

Twelve years ago, we purchased some land to build a house and stables. Subsequently, we turned our home into a sanctuary for any dogs, cats, and horses that needed to be rescued and deserved a better life. 

Every one of the many animals we have rescued has its own sad, heartbreaking story. It has come naturally to us to help, nurture and give each of them a loving, safe forever home; some say it's 'a calling'. 

We have done this willingly, and we will never turn away an animal in need as long as we are here at Rainbow's End.

To watch a frightened, abused, and malnourished dog blossom into life and play happily amongst other newfound dog friends or carefully nurture a sick and dying kitten found sitting at a bus stop searching for help has rewards beyond words. 

How Rainbows End worked pre-COVID

We did not plan this as a charity. We funded our "sanctuary" from Michael's one-man marketing business targeted at the hospitality industry. 

Some additional income came from utilizing the horses in the Equine Journey program under the name Rainbow's End Natural Horsemanship. This program was designed to help people with depression and similar conditions. It was offered to tourists on wellness retreats, and it was a way that the horses could "earn their keep."

The Pandemic

COVID devastated the island's economy. As tourism is the primary source of income, the island was extremely vulnerable, and income from Michael's marketing quickly vanished.

The Equine Journey, although never profitable, disappeared altogether. Only by dipping into savings have we been able to keep the wolf from the door. Our savings are now exhausted.

Since the pandemic took hold, there has been no available cash for a helper either. As a result, Sandie (62) spends every day taking care of all the animals by herself. Michael (67) has had open-heart surgery, and recently, a hip replacement has left him unable to help much more than covering the stable work two mornings a week. Aside from that, he must work every day to try and get some business back on the books, so we can be self-sufficient once again..

Although money is of critical importance, the fact is that we are both too old to keep on at this pace for very much longer. We need physical assistance too.

We have never asked for help before and have continuously funded the Sanctuary from our earnings. Now that funding has disappeared with the pandemic, our animals face a crisis. We know there are many like us struggling to make ends meet, but one way or the other, humans understand the problem; animals don't.


We need your help to support our Sanctuary over the next few months until the economy has recovered sufficiently for Michael's business to have enough revenue to take the strain. 

Objective number one is to be self-sufficient once more.

Everything we receive through this page will be spent on feed, supplies, a helper, veterinary bills, and to avoid foreclosure. If that happens, the horses will certainly have no place to go.

Our objective number two is to have enough resources and help to enable us to take on more animals.

We have a website, and there you can find several stories about different animals that have come our way. (Rudi, a stallion with a broken leg, has a story that is particularly heartwarming;) take a look.
To all you beautiful people who have generously donated to date, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. To those contemplating a donation, we assure you it will not go to waste and promise much love coming your way too.

With much love

Michael and Sandie

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Steven Bryant on behalf of Rainbows End . 
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