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Most people would like to believe that Man is not alone and that there is other life out there. What better way to prove the existence of life elsewhere than to reveal to you precisely how to see their crafts in Earth’s atmosphere, and tell you precisely why they are here. The aim of this campaign is to do precisely that.

The craft are part of a vast fleet of Radionnic Ships from all over Creation in the form of Radionnic Ships of Light. These are not the so called UFOs you have speculatively popularized since the early fifties. UFOs are of a lesser frequency and not tied to First Cause. Rather, the Radionnic Ships of Light are of a higher frequency, are tied directly to First Cause, and are called ‘The Radionnic Ships of the Heavenly Host’.

Radionnic Ships have been in Earth’s skies for many Millennia, hiding in plain sight bare-faced in the noon-day sun. The revelation about their existence now been given is in the form of an Official Disclosure prepared under the direction of the Heavenly Host themselves, and is being brought forward in the form of a website and Book in order to soft introduce themselves into Humanity rather than by disruptive shock. The website is at: www.radionicships,com, and the Book is titled, 'The Radionnic Ships of the Heavenly Host'. The purpose of this campaign is to raise the funds necessary in order to the print the Book in sufficient volume that it can be afforded by everyone.

Very few times in a lifetime does someone have a chance to benefit all of Humanity something they do. You have an opportunity today to contribute to a project whose beneficiary is all Mankind from all walks of life for centuries to come.

Radionnic Ships are not corporal. sitting in the Fourth Dimension. They are visible in the Third Dimension two ways. The first is by unique signature cloud patterns caused by their presence. The clouds are comprised of radial lines spread out the like the fingers of a hand. The line at the left go out the left, the lines in the middle go out the middle, and the ones on the right go out to the right. The other is by condensations. The water molecules in the area occupied by the Ship become electrolyzed and attract together into the shape of the Ship.

What you see in the Figure above is ordinary looking clouds, the kind you might see on any day in any part of the world. What you probably didn't notice is that the background cloud has a particularly specific shape. Namely, vertical, like a cone, which meets at an apex at the bottom. This is one of the many Radionnic type cloud signatures of the Radionnic Ships of Light. This is what is meant by sitting bare-faced in the noon-day sun. Who would ever think there is something particularly important about it. In actuality, a so-called Radionnic Anchor Ship is sitting in the Fourth-Dimension at the bottom apex of the cloud. The magnetic field of the Ship is producing a Radionnic reflection of itself in the water vapors of the atmosphere which is the particular Radionnic cloud pattern you see.

What you also probably didn't see is that the assorted cumulus clouds are peppered with little Mobile Radionnic Scout Ships. The figure below is a blow-up of the left side of the Figure above. As you can see, there are little spherical and saucer shaped ships all through the cumulus clouds. There are even a couple in the blues space between the clouds. This is how it works. You see a Radionnic Cloud, when you blow it up you see little Mobile Scout ships all over the place. That's what is meant by sic, 'Hiding in plain sight'. It's been like this for thousands of years and no one has even suspected. And now you have it. You now know for a certainty that Radionnic Ships exist. You also now know more about off-world craft than professional UFOlogists around the world. Radionnic Scout Ships come in all shapes and sizes. If you look back at the image above, you will now also see a couple of larger Radionnic Scout Ships sitting in the right side arms of the Radionnic Cloud itself.

Third Dimensional Sliver ships whizzing by are just the tip of the iceberg. Those who spend their lives waiting  for silver ships to whizz by are missing the whole rest of the iceberg.

This Disclosure has no Author per se', merely a Wordsmith who was given and accepted the responsibility to convert the information relayed to them into a form of English everyone could understand and enjoy. An initial presentation of a couple of dozen Radionnic Cloud photographs was made at ‘The Alien Cosmic Conference’ held in Brantford, Ontario in June, 2016. Afterward, this wordsmither was asked by the Heavenly Host to prepare a fully sanctioned fully detailed official worldwide Disclosure about their presence After two years it is finally finished and comprises over 650 photographs of Radionnic Ship Cloud presences from all around the world, plus a full and complete relevant explanation accompanying each, comprising over 400 pages in full color.

For those of you who are not sure of what is actually going on, this is very, very, big news, unprecedented in the annals of Humanity. Radionnic Ships of Light have been around for a long long time hiding in plain sight.
Mankind has been observing the ships for thousands of years, just not understanding what they have been seeing, and believing all long that they are alone in the Universe. It is still the same today, most people look at clouds overhead and see nothing. The official Disclosure is now being given to reveal to Mankind at large what to look for and why, also proving that Man is not alone. It is being given in the form of a teaching rather than an announcement, showing you exactly where and how to see them. It is also being disseminated to you softly in the form of a website plus book so as to not create a severe culture shock which would destabilize society forever.

In order to give you yet anther idea of how Radionnic Clouds behave, the following very brief video is of a Radionnic Cloud found on You will notice in the video that it does not move while the other ordinary clouds pass right on by. This is their most dominant characteristic. They can sometimes remain in the same place for weeks. The large white cloud slanting to the upper left is a part of the Radionnic Field in the middle.

The reason for this specific GoFundMe campaign now is that the book is currently printed on demand in full color on a laser printer by Consequently, the retail price is prohibitive, over $80.00. This puts it out of the reach of all but the most ardent. The other disadvantage is that laser printing tends to darken the color blue. Since nearly all of the photographs in the Disclosure are of sky images, this somewhat spoils the effect. The only advantage in the production is that the books are not paid for in advance, only as they become ordered one by one. The cost is the main problem.

Because of its importance, this is a book everyone in the World should be able to enjoy. The solution is to print it in bulk by normal offset printing but which has to be paid for in advance. This will both correct the sky color problem, providing a brilliant breathtaking book for everyone's lifetime enjoyment. Plus it will lower the retail list price to a comfortable $29.95 which nearly anyone can afford.

The funds will be used to also cover the cost of marketing and promotion, including travel costs to book signings promotions and other venues. The idea of a UFO based Crowdfunding campaign is not far-fetched. So-called UFOs have recently become a big Crowdfunding topic. Dr. Steven Greer ran a campaign last year to raise funds to market and promote a film and book pressuring authorities into admitting what they know about UFOs. The Campaign raised over $700,000. Similarly, the American Rock Musician Tom Delong was recently involved with a Campaign which raised nearly a million and a half dollars to expand efforts to uncover the truth about UFOs. Given the amounts of monies involved, the subject of UFOs is obviously not a trivial matter in the minds of many. The ready to go Radionnic Ship Disclosure of this campaign is far far ahead of the others in significance in that it is in fact, the very uncovered reality they urgently seek to uncover.

This is an unprecedented event in the annals of Mankind and needs all the help it can get. Even if you are unable to donate you will surely find the information more than interesting and certainly most informative. If you are unable to make a donation, please kindly share details about the campaign on social media, with friends and acquaintances, your website, or any other way that you can.

The video below is an interview with Dr John Stewart of DivinePhysics,com covering all aspects of the Disclosure and it's purpose.

For those of you who are still not sure, please see a review of the Book, 'The Radionic Ships of the Heavenly host' taken from Google Books, at:

Thank you and bless,

Delahnnovahh-Starr Livingstone.

The photograph below is the Radionnic Cloud projection of a large Saucer Shaped Radionnic Father Ship. Like said, hiding in plain sight.



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