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Rachel Busch's Recovery Fund

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Dear friends, loved ones, and fellow humans, our incredible friend Rachel desperately needs our help! 

A little over a week ago, Rachel Busch was sexually assaulted and brutally attacked in Houston, TX. The attacker did so much damage to her face, that the plastic surgeon in the ER said it looked like she’d been in a high-speed car accident. He broke her cranial bone, both her eye sockets, her left and right jaw, her left cheek bone, and knocked out most of her teeth.

After hospital bills, multiple eye and facial surgeries, dental implants and physical and psychological rehabilitation, the financial expenditures from this attack puts Rachel over $300,000 in debt. Our ultimate goal is for Rachel to at least be provided with relief from these financial costs by raising as close to $300,000 as possible. 100% of the proceeds will go to Rachel Busch.

I met Rachel a little over a year ago and can tell you that she is one of the most kind-hearted, warm, and positive minded women I have ever met. She is always ready to be there for anyone and is loved by many. She teaches ballroom dance and is a freelance yoga instructor. She is also without health insurance. But in spite of this incredibly tragic experience and situation she finds herself in, she is determined to recover. “It may take 6 months or year or more” she said, “but I AM going to be back.” 

Please join me in helping Rachel through her long painful journey back to recovery by contributing whatever you can to get her back on her feet....No amount is to small!

Organisator und Spendenbegünstigter

Abigail Raye
New York, NY
Rachel Busch

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