Maintenance & Upgrade of whitejeep

I just had to increase my goal because just found out, I needed a part for the jeep so until part comes in the jeep will be sitting at my apartment parking lot in Ipswich MA and I will be getting rides from my friends to get around the next couple of days. So any help on this would be most welcome, and any donations are welcome as well.

I was able to take photos of work being done on the jeep the fenders are on the jeep, they look great, I want to thank everyone that help to make this possibly, by donating to the jeep fund still coming up short like 100 dollars.

The jeep is getting new fenders on it, I put the last bit of gofundme money which was 400.00 dollars, this means I am short 500.00 dollars, this being said a friend of mine said if 100 people freinds of mine donate 5 dollars each that is 500.00 dollars which is what is needed. Please help spread the word and help me with this.

A couple donation have come in over the last couple days, I will be sending out thank you personally to those that donated to the jeep fund.

I am just a little under the weather right now mending from the surgery I had a few days ago where large cancer tumor removed from my forehead.

Past posting:

I can not believe it made it to my 66 years of age, I am officially retired, according to social security, but that is not going to stop me I will still be volentering to number of non profit organization, God's good work is never done.

Please if you can find it in your heart, to make a small donation to the jeep fund so that the left and right fenders on the jeep can be replaced and painted. I have a eastmate of 900.00 dollars for this work to be done.

Please donate what ever you can, to keep the jeep running and on the road, I thank everyone that has made a donation in the past or now or in the future.

The following have been done before, and thank everyone about the donation in the past.

Like when I found out that the upper steering column and lower steering where the shaft connects to the steering gear box needs to be replaced it will be 160.00 and 209.00 just for the two parts and then labor to put part in jeep the poor jeep, it is hard to keep jeep on road with part broken this is very important part. It unsafe for me to drive with out parts being replaced. This was unexpected for this to happen to the jeep and through the kind donations from several of my friends which made off line donations to the jeep fund. I will be able to these parts shipped in to me and put in the new parts in jeep. Thanks to all the wonderful donations that have been made in the past and in the on going to keep jeep on the road.

I have had more unexpected repairs and more needs to be done but the list is getting shorter thats good it least i can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I just had to pay off all the parts up to now on fixing the jeep, still have more stuff to do but the fund is now short of cash so more donation are need so if one can find it in their heart to donate more to the jeep fund at this time please do and thanks !

My jeep needs some work on it the recently broke down in Danvers, was able to get it out of danvers and to the shop in Ipswich. Hector came out and got the jeep started.

I am on a fixed income with a long term illness which i have been dealing with well over 20 years or more. Because of this long term illness I need to maintain my mass health standard, also with pre-existing conditions with health care changes that could be or not happen federal policy changes. I have been faced with the situation the fact I cannot work period but I am allowed to volunteering all my free time in a number of nonprofits. I scrape up and get by best i can on a small social security check each month.

Any small donation will help and keep this jeep running on the road being right now my own means of transporation.

Some of the things need to still be done plus have to still pay off some of the work that has been all-ready done on the jeep.

The starter was bad that is why the jeep would not start and so it needs a new starter.

I have to replace the transmittion mount and transfer case mounts the parts are baught and need to be put on the jeep.

I have to replace the wire going to the starter and hope the starter is fine after that is done.

The real problem is the a swith that is controls the key when you try to start car.

Still need to fix the rust spot under the on the right hand side where the brace is see the photos, have to still do some more painting on the passenger side front fender did the drivers side in early fall.

Recently was able to get two new tires for the jeep but jeep still needs alignmnet done in the front.

The switch for high and low beems need replacement
New coil and spark plug wires
New cap and rotter
New Seat Covers

Small other things need to be done and have to pay my mechanic for some of the work all ready done.

The whole purpose is to keep #MADFRANK "whitejeep" maintained so frank can make it to his existing doctor apointments, he can keep volunteering his free time in a number of non profit organizations in and around Massachusetts.

Got to keep the old jeep running as long as possible i have now choice ! :)
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Frank H. Shaw 
Ipswich, MA